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Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Small bathrooms; functional and perfectly formed they may be, but they can leave a lot to desire in terms of restyling ideas and ways to improve the look of the room. However, by giving some thought into the bathroom design, decor and lighting, you’ll be able to update your bathroom for a better environment you can enjoy everyday. Take a look at our following tips and tricks on bathroom lighting ideas for small bathrooms.

Get clever with storage

We all know how difficult it can be to find storage solutions in less than generously sized areas of our home. A lack of organisation can leave things looking…well, messy. Not ideal when you rely on your bathroom for your hygiene and beauty needs. A bathroom is a place that needs places for bits and bobs to be hidden away, but on hand should we need them. Cleverly incorporated storage will help you keep your towels and toiletries organised and tidy. Invest in bathroom storage, which can be in the form of a small cabinet which fits underneath and around the sink, or make use of the wall space by installing shelves which take up no precious floor space!

Bathroom decor

Often, people tend to go with water themed shades for their bathroom decor, such as light blue and teal, but why not try something new? It can’t be argued that the use of white can make spaces feel larger, so we recommend opting for white and light grey tones, and leave the colour to your bathroom accessories or towels. This neutral base ensures a calming feel to the room. The on-trend copper look and industrial finishes can be carefully intertwined with candle holders, toothbrush holders and lights.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Mirrors are your friend! Their reflecting properties not only give you chance to see yourself at all angles, which is ideal for when you’re getting ready, but they also reflect light, giving the illusion of a larger space. A mirror positioned on the back of the door can reflect light from the bathroom window to create a lighter, airier feel to the room. If you’re feeling daring and don’t mind catching a glimpse of yourself the morning after the night before, why not opt for a mirror which covers the width of the room? This will, in effect, double the size of the room to the eye.

How To Light A Small Bathroom

As with any room, lighting can really transform the interior finish. The right light can create the perfect ambience required for a long soak in the bath, or provide a brightly lit option for more clear visibility when getting ready. Whether you require illumination or a soft glow, we’ll have something to suit your needs with our bathroom lighting ideas. For a contemporary look, we love lights surrounding a mirror. Offering a classic, visually appealing look, the cabaret light bulb style bathroom light from Astro are perfect for those who love a statement lighting option. Have your bathroom mirror and light combined with the Dar Lighting LED illuminated mirror with shaver socket for a chic bathroom update. This saves on space and also adds a welcome decorative touch to the room. Wall mounted lights in a bathroom look luxurious and can give a hotel bathroom vibe. As well as being functional, they can provide a simple decoration option in a small space where big decorative pieces aren’t suitable. We suggest the LED wall lights by Eglo which feature frosted glass shades for a soft glow and modern polished chrome finishes.

Get on board with the spotlight trend with the range of bathroom spotlights and downlights we have on offer here at Dusk Lighting. By having spotlights in your bathroom, it’s a safe and discreet way to light up the room whilst giving a modern finish. Carefully placed spotlights can light up certain areas you wish to highlight, such as above a vanity mirror, alcove or over the bath. Our collection of Astro spotlights are perfect with their contemporary finishes of circular polished chrome and glass surrounds of the shower downlights.

Pick up some design ideas from Dusk Lighting for your small bathroom to see what you can achieve with minimal space. Browse our range of bathroom lighting today and try our bathroom lighting ideas for small bathrooms.

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