3 Lighting Brands You Need To Check Out in 2021

Here at Dusk Lights, we like to keep you up to date with contemporary and fashionable lighting brands and do we have a treat for you today! 

These are 3 of our favourite brands to watch out for in 2021, and we’ll be making some recommendations about some of our stand out lighting designer for 2021. We’ll also be showcasing some of their fabulous designs and be telling you in which room they should be displayed.

Let’s get into it. 

Grok Lighting 

Grok Lighting has been creating stylish light fixtures for over 20 years and they have struck just the right balance between crafting functional and fashionable lighting. Within their lighting designs collection, you will find Scandi-chic styled fixtures that will make any guests envious. 

The sleek and sophisticated lines of the designs from Grok Lighting make them the perfect choice for contemporary spaces which want to give their living environment an upgrade that has maximum impact.

Grok wall lighting 

Create an ambient feel to your home with one of the Grok wall mounted lights which can be installed in your hallways or in your stairwell. Each design within the collection of Grok wall mounted lights includes an LED lamp and if styled in an aesthetically pleasing way they can look captivating and refresh the space. 

Available in a variety of colours including gold, satin grey and matt white we are sure that you will be able to find a Grok wall light that will suit the existing decor of your interior space and take it to new heights of sophistication. 

Pretty in pendant

If you are searching for a stand out lighting fixture to boast about when you can finally host a gathering, then you should definitely consider a pendant light from Grok. They have a wide selection of pendant lighting fixtures within their design catalogue which have been crafted with intricately precise detail as well as designs that have beautiful curves and lines that are pleasing to the eye.

The pendant designs from Grok are ideal feature piece to be placed in your kitchen or home office (if you want to show off your sophisticated taste for lighting on your next zoom call). For more tips and tricks to impress your colleagues via video call you should consult our guide on How To Light Pictures and Wall Art


Lutec lighting is a lighting brand that will help you to enhance the exterior of your living space with ease, which is why it is one of the brands we have listed for you to watch out for this year.

Established in 1972, Lutec has been creating forward-thinking lighting which has established them as a visionary designer in the industry. 

If you are searching for a lighting brand to create a warm and inviting atmosphere to the exterior of your home, then this is the right brand for you. 

Lutec lighting fun and functional features

Within the range of Lutec fixtures, you will find designs that have quirky features that will impress all of your party guests when the sun goes down.

One of the stand out designs that we love is the Poppy Solar Bluetooth speaker and LED Light Post. Yes, you read that right, it’s a Bluetooth speaker combined with a light post, and it’s even solar-powered. Forget flying cars – this is the future!

The light also has 3 variable dimming features that allow you to raise or lower the level of brightness the light radiates making it a perfect party light trick to use as the BBQ dies and the night garden party begins. As the light fixture is solar-powered, it is a great addition for environmentally conscious households that want to lower their carbon footprint. 

Lutec lighting also has a wide variety of solar-powered lighting options for you to choose from including designs that can be dimmed with just a single touch.

Diverse outdoor lighting

Lutec Lighting caters to a range of aesthetic needs providing lighting fixtures that will look great in both contemporary and traditionally styled spaces. 

Traditionally styled lights

If your home is traditional in style, then you should consider installing a lantern style light that will enhance your property and create a warm glow to your pathways and entryway. The Lutec Kelsey Large Exterior Wall Lantern in Black has a water effect textured glass which allows the light to shine through in a soft and welcoming way. 

Contemporary styled lights 

Contemporary designs are also available within the Lutec range. One of our favourite modern Lutec designs for outdoor spaces is the Evans Minimalist 6W Exterior LED Up and Down Wall Light. The graphite finish creates a contemporary feel, and you can create a narrow upwards beam and wide beam down for a luxurious and stand out feel.  

Calex Lighting 

With over 50 years of experience in creating stunning lighting fixtures, Calex lighting has a stunning range of designs for you to choose from. Within the array of designs, you will find intricately detailed light bulbs which will give your home a refined edge that others don’t have. 

Dimmable Calex Lighting 

The quirky and fun shapes of the Calex bulb range includes LED filament which can transform your room with an incandescent glow into a contemporary space that will impress. Suited towards bedrooms (especially in a bachelor pad) and moody dark kitchens, the range of Calex lighting fixtures may be the upgrade that you need. 

XXL Alicante LED Lamp 4W 130lm E27 Gold 2100K Dimmable Lamp

Quirky lightbulb designs 

Explore the entire range of lightbulb designs from Calex today where you will find stunning additions to add to your pendant lighting fixtures. Here at Dusk Lights, we have a selection of pendant lights for you to install into your living space including single cord sets which give a dramatic look to stairwells. 

We also have pendant lights from Calex, which have 3 and 4 cables that look great in modern kitchen spaces. Pendant lighting highlights kitchen islands perfectly, and if you illuminate the pendant light with a funky lightbulb you will create a prominent feature to your room. 

Some of our favourite lightbulb designs from Calex include the following: 

If you would like to explore the entire lighting selection available, we have hundreds of stunning lighting fixtures, bulbs and accessories and more for you to choose from. Discover designs that you can add straight to your home from some of the world’s leading light designers. Installing a light from our vast collection of light fittings will provide your living space with a glamorous and refined finish you won’t find anywhere else. 

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