4 Modern Office Lighting Ideas

office lighting

Lighting is one of the best ways to create a workspace you feel relaxed and productive in. Whether you’re shopping for a chrome ceiling light or a statement-making desk lamp, the right lighting adds an elegant finishing touch to your office – creating the perfect backdrop for those video calls.  

Here at Dusk Lights, we’ve curated a selection of four modern office lighting ideas to suit any aesthetic,  perfect for retro fans and minimalists alike.

What’s the best office lighting?

When choosing the best office lighting for you, there are many things to consider – from the size of your workspace to the warmth of your light bulb. Here are some factors to consider when designing your office space. 


A warm amber glow – or a brighten white light? Consider the kind of lighting you’d like in your workspace: opt for warmer tones with amber glass, or try LED bulbs for a cooler, brighter light. If your office has plenty of natural light during working hours, you can add a cosy feel with a warmer shade. 


The size of your study is an important factor. A larger space will likely benefit from overhead lighting or spotlights to fill the room – while a smaller study may be perfect for single pendant lights or a compact desk lamp.


Do you prefer working with overhead lights or in rooms with lower lighting? A desk lamp is a great way to introduce focused light to your study, while a series of ceiling lights can provide whole-room lighting. Want to switch it up? Fit dimmable lamps to downlights and adjust your lighting level throughout the day – the perfect compromise!

4 Modern Office Lighting Ideas

From elegant pendant lights to understated desk lamps, here are some of our favourite modern office lighting ideas to inspire your shopping trip. 

1. Pendant lights

pendant lights

EGLO Rondo Small Opal White Glass Globe Pendant Light

Add sleek, modern design to your study with a pendant light. With clean, elegant lines and adjustable cable lengths, pendant designs are a simple way to add light to your workspace – whether you’re looking for understated lighting or to create the room’s focal point. 

For a classic aesthetic, choose a pendant light with curved lines – try matte black or satin white, or mix materials with domed glass or cool chrome – and suspend above your desk to work in maximum light. Want to add a bolder look to your office? Opt for a cage-style pendant light with geometric lines – its exposed bulb adds a rustic touch to your workspace.  

In smaller rooms, a single pendant light – choose a shade in amber glass, polished copper or gold – can make a minimalist statement and add a complementary metallic accent to a monochrome palette. Working in a larger space? Pendant lights can be clustered together or suspended at different lengths from your ceiling – both a stylish centrepiece and maximum light source for bigger rooms. 

2. Spotlights


ASTRO Ascoli Twin Recessed GU10 Spotlight in Bronze

Looking to highlight certain areas of your home office? Spotlights are the solution: shine a light on your desk space, bookshelves or framed wall prints with adjustable bulbs. They’re also the perfect way to create a professional backdrop for video meetings. 

Choose recessed spotlights for unobtrusive, subtle lighting – or go for simple shaded designs to add a modern, minimalist aesthetic to your workspace. For smaller spaces, spotlights are a great option to divide up a room, creating visual focal points like a lamp would – but without taking up any precious floor space. 

3. Desk lamps

desk lamps

VISIONARY LIGHTING Holwell Geometric Table Lamp in Brushed Gold

Vintage gold for retro-chic – or elegant grey concrete styles? Whether your office décor is traditional or minimalist, a lamp is a perfect addition to your desk. Swan neck styles add an instant classic look to your workspace, while glass shades offer clean, modern accents. 

For smaller workspaces, a single lamp can be an effective lighting solution for video calls at your desk – particularly if you’re facing away from a window. If you’re working at a bigger desk, add a lamp at both corners for stylish symmetry. Ideal for late-night working, a desk lamp is perfect for filling your study with softer light in the evenings. 

4. Downlights


ASTRO Taro GU10 Square Adjustable Downlight

If you’re looking for discreet modern office lighting ideas, downlights are your answer: less decorative than pendant lights, they add deliberately understated style to your room.

Each light is recessed into the ceiling for maximum subtlety and is designed to reduce glare, so there’s no need to adjust the lighting for video calls. Choose from round and square designs to match your aesthetic – and select matte black, white or grey for a classic colour scheme.

You can easily direct the lighting in your office with downlights’ adjustable bulbs – highlight certain corners of the room as you would with a spotlight, or adjust to face away from your screen. Many designs can also be fitted with dimmable lamps, so it’s easy to adjust the light level throughout the day – perfect for transitioning into late-night working. A sleek and no-fuss option, downlights are an ideal addition to any modern office space. 

Shopping for your study? Browse our full collection of office lighting for inspiration.

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