Adding Value To Your Home

If you’ve outgrown your home, plan to relocate or simply feel that as a family you’d like to move house in the New Year, your thoughts as a homeowner may be turning to how to add value to your home in order to get the most out of your initial investment. Depending on your budget, there are inexpensive ways of adding value to your home to increase its appeal to potential buyers.

According to TV property expert Phil Spencer, prospective buyers like plenty of natural light, with well-planned out kitchens, bathrooms and conservatories. Besides embracing neutral decor and fitting new, light coloured carpets to give the impression of space and light, how can you add value to your home?

Ways of adding value to your home

In this post we’re going to be focusing on how additional lighting can affect the look of your home and improve the value, but there are larger projects that can also be done that may appeal to those willing to invest more time and money into the process. It is a good idea to be aware of planning permission requirements and building regulations before starting any large scale home improvement projects to avoid wasted expense! Here are our top five ways of adding value to your home:

    1. Add an extension – Whether it’s an extra bedroom above a garage or extending the kitchen further back into the garden space, an additional or larger room in the home will no doubt add that all important value. A three bed house turning into a four bed house will appeal to buyers who need that all important space!
    2. Convert garage into room – If you have a garage incorporated into the build of your house, the process of converting a garage into another reception room or a utility room is relatively easy, and you’ll soon reap the benefits in terms of value.
    3. Kitchen remodel – A brand new kitchen can add up to 5% to the value of a house, and with the kitchen also being the ‘heart of the home’ it is often the first place people look to improving in order to add value. High spec appliances and a breakfast bar can look fantastic too.
    4. Build a conservatory – Conservatories are very popular among those seeking to buy a house as they have to power to enhance the feeling of space in the downstairs area.
    5. Opt for a loft conversionA great way to add an extra bedroom to your home is to convert the loft into a live-able space with fire regulation stairs and appropriate roof height. According to mortgage lender GE Money, a loft conversion has the potential to add 12.5% to the selling price!


With our large scale home renovations giving you food for thought, let’s take a look at the ways that you can use inexpensive lighting design to add value to your home.

Kitchen lighting ideas

If you’ve recently had a kitchen remodel or it isn’t a good fit for your finances, then there’s plenty of other things that can be done to boost the impression of your kitchen. With our range of kitchen lighting you’ll find some contemporary lights to help modernise your kitchen and dining area with minimal effort. Not only can kitchen lights be practical, they can also be decorative! Current lighting trends can be perfectly displayed in your kitchen with hanging copper pendant lights from EGLO that can be positioned over a breakfast bar or kitchen island for an impressive decorative touch to the room. Installing spotlights in the kitchen is another way to add value to your house – this lighting style is sleek and modern, which is bound to appeal during house viewings. We stock some excellent recessed ceiling lights that would work well in kitchens, offering plenty of light that will have a great affect on the size perception of the room.

Another way to improve the appeal of your kitchen is to fit under cabinet lighting. Under cabinet lights can provide visual depth to the room, as well as delivering a subtle lighting option. Fit adjustable LED under cabinet lights in a strip or individually underneath cabinets or along the bottom of lower base cabinets for a contemporary addition to your kitchen that will make viewers enjoy the modern look of the kitchen – even if the kitchen hasn’t just been remodelled.

Light up the outdoors

Updating your outdoor areas can really transform the look of your home, and when it comes to driveways and front gardens, first impressions really count. Installing ground lights would be a step in the right direction to improving the appearance of your home. Not only do they provide a security element, but can improve the aesthetic of the outside of your home! At Dusk Lighting we stock some brilliant ground lights that vary from traditional lantern style lights to stylish modern outdoor lights that are bound to have an impressive effect. Install outdoor ground lights along a driveway or pathway and light up the entrance to your home for a warm welcome. Replicate this outdoor lighting by treating your back garden and patio area to the same lighting update! By installing garden lighting, you’re showing off the live-able space that you’ve created with your outdoor area, so fit outdoor wall lights on the side of your house, or fix solar powered exterior lighting that will expertly illuminate your garden.

For a contemporary ground light option, we suggest the solar powered LED exterior bollard lights from Lutec that can be installed along gardens or driveways to an instant home update. It’s a perfectly integrated design that offers a five hour lifespan and a moveable head to allow the light beam to hit the right spot.

Take a look at the excellent designer lighting options here at Dusk Lighting for impressive lights for the home and garden that will improve the look of your house and help with adding value to your home.

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