Are There Outdoor Lights That Don’t Attract Bugs?

Outdoor Bug Lights

If there’s one thing that can ruin your enjoyment of sitting in the garden, it’s bugs. While it’s bad enough that they’re attracted to any food you might be eating, it’s even worse when they’re constantly being attracted to your outdoor lights looking unsightly and spoiling the atmosphere you’ve worked so hard to create.

Well, for those of you that are desperate to know if there’s a way to reduce the number of bugs attracted to your garden lighting, we have great news. Only a few years ago, two behavioural ecologists from the University of North Carolina set out to work out exactly which outdoor lights were most likely to attract the most bugs.

The Experiment

Mike & Teresa Justice’s experiment took place over a full summer, during which they measured results every single night. They set up a bug trap with a single light bulb inside, then each night, the pair changed the type of bulb used and ensured consistent conditions by carefully scheduling their experiments according to the weather forecast and moon cycle.

At the end of the summer-long experiment, the pair had captured a grand total of 8,887 bugs with their makeshift bug trap and had a clear set of results which actually surprised them.

The Results

Listed in order of which light bulbs attracted the least bugs to the light bulbs that attracted the most bugs, we can see that warm LED light bulbs had attracted the least bugs over the experiment, even outshining the bug lights expressly invented for the purpose of not attracting bugs!


1             Warm LED Bulbs
2 Bug Lights
3 Cool LED Bulbs
4 Halogen Globes
6 Incandescent Lightbulbs          


So, Are There Outdoor Lights That Don’t Attract Bugs?

It looks like you won’t be lucky enough to attract no bugs at all, but as the experiment shows, the warm-coloured LED bulb is the best way to prevent your garden lighting from becoming a bug magnet! You’ll find all kinds of LED lighting in our outdoor & garden lighting collection, including top LED lighting brands such as LEDS4, Lutec, Fumagalli and more – each offering unique designer lighting solutions to suit your outdoor space.

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