Bathroom Lighting Fixtures: Downlights

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Downlights and recessed lights are becoming an increasingly popular choice when it comes to modern bathroom lighting. This is because they are very affordable, generally unobtrusive, provide a high level of illumination, and are very versatile – you can have as little or as many as you like of these bathroom lights, making them an ideal lighting solution for bathrooms of any size. 

Bathroom downlights – typically fixed over a shower or bath – can give a room a modern look, while their subtle appearance helps to create a relaxing bathing atmosphere. These lights come in a variety of finishes including white, glass, aluminum, and polished chrome, so there’s always a style to suit you and your home.

What IP rating do I need for bathroom downlights?

As with any lighting fixtures in or near a wet environment, it is paramount to abide by the safety regulations. Most bathroom lighting is IP rated. IP ratings are used where water is present near a light source. IP stands for Ingress Protection and consists of two digits; the first value is between 0-6, the second 0-8. The first digit represents protection against particles or foreign objects; the second digit represents protection against the ingress of liquids and moisture. Our downlights, here at Dusk Lighting, are either IP65 (jet proof) or IP68 rated (the highest level of moisture protection). This means that any lighting in our downlight range can be fitted to your bathroom or wet room.

What are bathroom lighting zones?

There are currently four zones to every bathroom:

  • Zone 0 = is the area within the area of your bath or shower. The best type of lighting for this zone is one with an IP rating of around x7,  as it has a low voltage. 
  • Zone 1 = is at a height of 2.25m above floor level, this is usually above the bath or shower. 
  • Zone 2 =  0.6m outside of the bath. 
  • Not Zoned = Any area beyond Zone 0, 1, and 2.  There is no specific IP rating for this area, most lighting types can be used unless of course they are labeled as unsuitable for bathrooms.

Please note that zones can vary depending on the size and composition of your bathroom.

How many downlights do I need for my bathroom?

bathroom mirror light

Downlights can make a huge difference to the look and feel of a bathroom. In fact, downlights positioned in the right place can help you save energy and maximise your space. When it comes to fitting downlights in your bathroom, you need to ensure you are highlighting task areas, such as mirrors, this will provide adequate bright lighting when applying make-up, washing your face or shaving. There are no strict rules on how many downlights you should have, this is all down to personal preference, however as a rule of thumb, you could look at spacing them at intervals of between 1200mm and 1500mm. Using these figures, you should now be able to calculate how many fitting will be in a row and how many rows you will need in your bathroom and will create a balanced finished look.

The best downlights for bathrooms

Bathroom lighting

Saxby Shield Echo 500 

Colours: White | Chrome | Satin Nickel

This dimmable LED downlight can fit into a whole host of interiors, creating a relaxing ambience. As well as being IP65 rated,  it’s perfect for those who love to wind down in a bath on an evening.

Astro Lighting Vancouver Round 

The Vancouver round 230v downlight is IP65 rated for use in zones 1 and 2 of your bathroom. Ideal if you’re looking for a subtle, practical lighting solution for your bathroom.

Astro Lighting Obscura Square 

Colours: White | Polished Chrome

Smart and sleek, the Obscura Square is well suited to contemporary bathrooms. It’s IP65 rated and includes a dimmable driver. One of the most versatile options in our downlights range.

How to change a spotlight bulb in bathroom

Although most modern light bulbs are energy efficient or LED, they will need changing from time to time. Changing a spotlight bulb can be a little more tricky than your average lightbulb, so we’ve put together some step by step instructions on how. 

  1. Before you start to replace a bulb, you need to make sure the light is switched off. 
  2. Set up a sturdy ladder or chair so you can reach without stretching. 
  3. Remove the locking ring from the ceiling before attempting to remove the bulb. *some varieties require the full cover removing* 
  4. The light should then drop from the socket. 
  5. Slide the old bulb out of the locking ring. 
  6. Slot the new bulb into the locking rink. 
  7. To refit, push into the socket and twist in the appropriate direction. 

Metal clip fittings: Squeeze the ends of the clip together to release the bulb. 

How to change a downlight bulb in the bathroom

Bathroom rated ceiling spotlights or downlights have been designed so that moisture or wet can’t make their way inside the bulb. Our spotlights and downlights, here at Dusk Lights, take GU10 bulbs. Here’s a rundown of how to change them: 

  1. Turn off the power switch. 
  2. Wait for the light to cool if it has only just burnt out.
  3. Set up a sturdy ladder or chair that allows you to use both hands.
  4. Put on a pair of gloves (this avoids damage to the lightbulb).
  5. Press inwards with both thumbs on the light bulb. 
  6. Keep your pressure constant and slowly turn counter-clockwise. 
  7. Stop pushing when it won’t turn any further (around 90 degrees).
  8. Pull the bulb gently out the socket. 
  9. Press the new bulb into the socket.
  10. Twist inward into the same position you took the old bulb out from.
  11.  Switch the lights back on.
  12. Done! 

How to wire downlights in a bathroom 

If you’re looking how to wire downlights in your bathroom, then please read our guide to fitting downlights for full installation advice. 

If you’re looking for more inspiration, here at Dusk Lights, we have a broad spectrum of bathroom lighting to choose from; whether it’s sleek ceiling mounted lights or semi flush ceiling lights, you may want to check out our bathroom lighting ideas. Remember, all of our bathroom lights are IP rated and suitable for use in humid environments so that you can ensure both safety and style in your home. Additionally, all of our bathroom light fittings are available from trusted brands such as Astro Lights and Saxby Lighting so that you can depend on a high-quality, long-lasting finish.

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