6 Reasons why your lights flicker 09/03/2021

6 Reasons why your lights flicker

If the lights in your house are suddenly flickering, you’re not in a Stephen King’s horror movie set – you’re experiencing some electrical issues. Occasional flickers are normal, especially in houses with old electrical appliances that are not designed to run many digital devices simultaneously.   There are many factors why your lights might start flickering, but generally, this is a sign that your electrical appliance is not safe. In extreme cases, flickering lights can be the cause of home accidents, like fires and electric shocks and can even cause health... Read More


Plastic pollution: Our Commitment To Supplying Plastic-Free Packaging

Why is plastic a problem? Plastic pollution has created a global crisis, and this problem is continuing to grow.  As plastic doesn’t biodegrade (i.e it doesn’t rot) larger pieces of plastic take at least 400 years to break down into fragments, commonly known as microplastics. These and other small pieces of plastic litter our oceans with an estimated 50 trillion pieces currently in the ocean; birds,  fish and other small animals often mistake these microplastics for food. Unfortunately, 100,000 animals a year are being killed by plastic, whether this is... Read More

Pendant Lighting 30/01/2019

Your Top 5 Questions About Pendant Lighting Answered

An increasingly popular lighting style in modern homes, pendant lighting can be a fantastic way to illuminate your room while also creating an interesting focal point. However, hanging pendant lighting isn’t as simple as placing a floor light or a table lamp, for example. Pendant lighting requires much more thought and consideration, which means that many of the most popular queries we receive here at Dusk Lighting are about pendant lighting. In order to help you get started with your pendant lighting journey as smoothly as possible, we’ve answered the... Read More