Creating The Perfect Home Office

Whether you’re a student, professional freelancer or simply in need of a space to do some extra work from home, the perfect home office is crucial to creating the right environment to help you perform well. At Dusk Lighting, we understand that it can be difficult to separate home life from work, especially if the two seem to overlap, so we’ve come up with some excellent ideas and how to design the perfect home office or study.

A home office can be a place suitable for all of the family; youngsters completing their homework away from distractions and parents working on their accounts or professional assignments. For those who are lucky enough to have a ready-made area or room available for an office, you’re halfway there to having the perfect study!

How to create a home office with minimal space
Sometimes it’s not possible to dedicate an entire room to an office space – a spare bedroom or an extra downstairs room may not be given up for this cause when kids or utility items such as washing machines also need places to be. But it isn’t completely out of reach! With a little imagination, know-how and perhaps some DIY, you’ll be able to set up a functioning work station for yourself in places you would never have previously considered.

Under the stairs – Take inspiration from Harry Potter by utilising the space underneath your staircase to create a home office in a small space! If possible remove the door to the cupboard and make room for a desk, or build a shelf that can act as a desk, and use a fold-up chair to save space. You’ll be surprised how well this can work, just look for examples on Pinterest.

Hallways or landings – There’s often a lot of space wasted in hallways and landings, with many people not knowing how to use the area to their advantage. If you’re stuck for a place to work, try looking for a way to fit in a desk and a chair in these areas of your home – all you need is a powerpoint to plug in your electricals.

A closet space – If you can afford to give up precious closet space or an alcove that would ordinarily house a wardrobe, fit a small desk in there and hey presto, you’re ready to work from home! Remove the full size door from a shallow cupboard area and install shelves and a desk to utilise the space further.

Lighting ideas for a study
Here at Dusk Lighting there’s so many table lamps and desk lamps available which will fit right into your preferred interior design style. When it comes to lighting your home office it’s all about having a clear, bright ceiling light, and a smaller table lamp which can be used as you wish, throughout the day or night.

We stock some wonderful traditional desk lamp options that are highly functional and also look aesthetically pleasing. The simple design and adjustable arm makes the classic desk lamps from Firstlight and Dar Lighting work perfectly on desks alongside notebooks, stationery and laptops. The brushed steel Harvard table lamp from Firstlight is a versatile light that would suit any office. For a contemporary lighting option, we love the Dar Lighting Bond Task Lamp with it’s cool finishes of matte black and burnished copper detailing. Or brighten up the desk space with the Dar Lighting Hollywood table lamp in matte white that has a flexible swan neck in a polished brass finish.

Bring your home office right up to date and get on board with the tripod lighting trend that has been perfectly executed by lighting brand EGLO. The tripod lights can be easily positioned and offers a unique lighting look for the room, providing a focused light that is a new take on the traditional desk lamp. We are huge fans of the EGLO Upstreet table lamp in sophisticated dark wood and chrome which gives a classic Hollywood vibe with it’s movie light inspiration. This desk lamp would be the perfect addition to any hardworking movie lover’s work space!

Wall lights are also excellent lighting options for home offices, especially if you’re pushed for space on your desk. A carefully installed and positioned wall light can work well when working late into the night is required but you don’t want to turn on the ceiling light. Subtle wall lights and spotlights from Astro are available in an array of different finishes, from stylish matte nickel to polished chrome. Adjustable spotlights are incredibly versatile and easy to position to focus on just where you need the light. Browse through our range of Astro lights to elevate the look of your home office!

Working from home: tips on how to be productive
Without having the structure of an organised work day that would be afforded working in an actual office environment with others, it’s easy to get distracted and not work to your utmost capability when working from home on your own. We’ve discovered some helpful tips on how to be productive and make the most of your work day, even when you’re in your home study.

  • Figure out when you are most productive – Are you a night owl or do you come up with your best ideas first thing in the morning? The beauty of working from home is that you’re able to set your own work hours to suit when you’re at you’re most productive. Those early birds could create some brilliant work from 7am to 1pm, whilst slow-risers might prefer to take it easy and begin their professional pursuits after dinner.
  • Stick to a daily routine – It may help some people to adhere to the traditional 9-5 working hours in order to develop a routine of working from home. These set working hours will keep you on task and focused, knowing that outside of these hours, the time is your own.
  • Take a break or two – The above point being said, it’s also important that you take regular breaks, just like you would in an external office. Try not to eat lunch at your desk or work in solid blocks. Re-energise with a mid-morning coffee or a dog walk in the afternoon and come back to your task refreshed and ready to get going again!

We hope that you’ve taken some inspiration from our tips on how to create the perfect home office, from utilising space appropriately to lighting ideas, there’s so many ways to make or update a study for your home.

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