Decorating The Student Digs

Whether you’re staying in student halls or moving into a house share, moving away to university is a time of self-discovery, but you also want to be able to put your own stamp on your environment. In this post we’re looking at ways to personalise student digs and how to create an office area for students. If you’re returning to uni next month or beginning a new chapter by starting the first year of your course, read ahead for some helpful tips from Dusk Lighting.

Ways to personalise your student digs
The bare walls and stark furnishings can be a frightening first sight for many new students, so why not go prepared and spend some time personalising your student accommodation?

Plenty of Blu-Tack and photographs – Decorate your wall with memories from back home and add anything you collect from your time at uni along the way to create a wonderful collage. Add pictures of your pets, friends and loved ones to guarantee a smile every day.

Soft furnishings – Make your room more welcoming with an abundance of blankets and cushions in various materials, such as faux fur or fleece, to add different textures and warmth to your bed. Often, the bed will also act as a sofa so it’s important to up the comfort levels for daytime use! We also recommend investing in small rug that can brighten up dull flooring.

Your favourite mug from home – Enjoy your morning cup of coffee and have a sweet reminder of home by drinking from your favourite mug. It’s a little thing that can make a big difference if you tend to get homesick now and then.

Lighting ideas for a student room
The ceiling light in your room may be non-negotiable due to restrictions but taking your own lights to add to the room is a great idea.

Floor lamps
This style of lamp is perfect for saving-space; they are minimalistic yet provide a high performing functional and can be positioned anywhere in the room! Our range of floor lamps will provide everything you need when considering how to light your bedroom in student halls.
The EGLO Troy 3 White Satinated Glass Floor Light offers a simple style that will fit in with any type of decor and it’s slimline shape means it can be placed anywhere in the house with ease.

For an on-trend lighting option we love the EGLO Boleigh Antique Silver Steel Floor Light. This unique design is perfect for creating a modern living space. With a foot switch for ease of accessibility too, it’s a simple way to inject a bit of style into your digs.

Light shades for ceiling lights
If it’s possible to swap light shades on the ceiling light in your student digs, do it! It’ll make your room feel brand new and can be a subtle way to put your mark on the place. In our selection of light shades there are so many lampshade options to choose from, whether you’re after a statement light or something neutral to offset the other plans you have to personalise your room. There’s plain fabric in drum or square lampshades that will give an ideal glow to the room, or we have stylish metal lampshades that will fit right in with any plans to bring the room up to date with current interior design trends. Make a statement with the Dar Lighting Jodi pendant shade with beautiful coloured glass for stunning reflections on the walls, or embrace two trends in one with their copper geometric cage pendant shade.

Whether you want a plain new lampshade or something attention grabbing, there will be something for you in our collection of light shades.

How to create an office space in your dorm room
If you don’t do too well studying in a library or it’s simply easier for you to move from bed to desk in order to write up that assignment, then a good study area in your room is crucial. Thankfully, many student accommodation places will have a desk situated in each room.

If you don’t do too well studying in a library or it’s simply easier for you to move from bed to desk in order to write up that assignment, then a good study area in your room is crucial. Thankfully, many student accommodation places will have a desk situated in each room. However, this standard table set up will be far from your ideal working setup and you may be looking for ways to spruce it up – and actually be a place you want to study!

  • Utilise the space above the desk – Stick motivational postcards, posters or photographs directly above the desk for something to look at when you need a fresh hit of inspiration. If you’re able to, install some shelves and decorate them with books, ornaments and LED fairy lights.
  • Add a fluffy throw and cushion to your desk chair – As with everything, comfort is key! Get ready to settle down to some serious studying with a chunky blanket on your desk chair, which can also be left as a decorative throw on the chair when not being used.
  • Include a cactus or indoor plant – According to studies, having plants in an office area will boost productivity! Opt for a low maintenance option such as a cactus and pop it in a stylish plant pot and enjoy having it on your desk for those moments where you need help out of your writer’s block.
  • Invest in a stylish desk lamp – Our range of table and desk lamps is the perfect place to begin your search for a stylish desk lamp for your work space. There’s some excellent classic desk lamps from Firstlight and EGLO that offer a contemporary design take on the traditional table lamp. Opt for a light blue tripod light or a stylish brushed steel desk lamp for a chic finish.

We hope that you’re full of ideas for decorating and personalising your student digs come September from our desk and lighting suggestions. Browse our lighting departments here at Dusk Lighting for a new desk lamp or floor lamp to get you started on your way to a fresh term.

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