Dining Room Lighting Ideas

No dining room is ever complete without the perfect lighting. When you’re designing a space for enjoying your meals, it’s important that you choose light fittings that create the right atmosphere. Whether you are wanting an intimate dining experience for you and your partner or a family area where everyone can get together and break bread at the end of the day, lights can help pull together the perfect look and feel for your dining room.

Below we have detailed some dining room lighting ideas for you to take inspiration from.

Consider Your Space

If you have a small dining area, it may be worth choosing small light fixtures. A large light fitting may over power the space you have, so a smaller design may be best for your lighting needs. When lighting a small dining room, stick to overhead or ceiling lights, rather than lamps which may take up floor space. Even if you don’t have a seperate dining room, you can still create a space for enjoying your meals with a bar in your kitchen. For this style of dining, consider breakfast bar lights to create a casual dining area in your home.

If you are lucky enough to own a large dining room, then you can experiment a little with multiple light sources. A combination of pendants and lamps is a great way to light up a dining area and create the perfect atmosphere. Table lamps placed on sideboards or side tables are also worth trying if you have the luxury of space in your dining room.

Use More Than One Ceiling Light

When lighting a lengthy dining room, most people tend to opt for one long ceiling light, but an alternative to this is multiple pendants. Instead of just purchasing one ceiling light, it might be worth installing two or three of the same design above your table. If you have a large table and want to create a high end feel, select a multiple of ceiling lights in the same design for a luxurious dining area.

Pro Tip – Remember to hang your over-table ceiling lights as low as you can to create a more luxurious feel in your dining room.

Statement or Subtle

When choosing lighting for a dining room, first consider whether you want your light to make a statement or whether you want it to blend seamlessly into the rest of your room. Once you have decided upon this, you can then look for either bold designs or subtle styles of light fittings. If you want your lighting to be the focal point of a room, then make sure the rest of your dining area isn’t overpowering. A bold ceiling light and a scene stealing dining table may be a little too much, so it might be worth choosing just one key feature for your space.

Spotlights for Focused Lighting

When searching for dining room lighting ideas, remember to think about where you want to direct the light. If you want to focus light on a specific area of your dining room, then opt for spotlights or downlights. Recessed ceiling lights are a great way of directing light precisely where you want it. Adjustable downlights are also ideal for directional lighting, particularly if you want to change the direction of the light as and when needed.

Add Dimmable Lighting

Dimmable lighting will allow you to control the mood and atmosphere of your room, giving you the ability to choose how much light is spread across your dining space. A dimmable light is worth adding if you are going to be using your dining room for multiple purposes. With the ability to switch between bright, high wattage lighting to low, romantic lighting, a dimmer may be more what you are looking for when lighting your dining room.

Match Your Decor

When choosing a style of lighting, remember to look for designs that compliment your chosen decor. If you have opted for a modern look in your dining area, then search for sleek contemporary styles of fittings. If you have gone for a more retro feel in your room, then add a fixture that lends a nostalgic vibe. Choosing lights that match your current decor will help to bring together your dining room, helping to complete and create the perfect atmosphere.

We hope that our dining room lighting ideas help you to choose the right fittings for your home. If you do happen to choose one of our stunning light fixtures for your dining area, be sure to share the finished look with us on our social channels. We love showcasing our customer’s purchases on our Instagram feed, so be sure to tag us in your Insta pics!

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