Energy Saving LED Lamps and Bulbs

LED lights & bulbs are very much the talk of the lighting industry at the moment – in fact they have been for quite a while now. After all, these lights are extremely energy efficient and can shine for up to 50,000 hours. (For more on the benefits of LEDs see our technical introduction to LEDs page) The good news is, because of their popularity they are dropping in price and becoming more and more affordable. Replacement LED lights and bulbs can be retrofitted into existing fittings using 10% of the energy of incandescent lights. Perfect for an energy efficient retrofit – we’re able to supply a variety of LED lights and bulbs direct to the customer.

How Do LED Lights Save Energy?

Conventional incandescent bulbs and lamps, for example, generate a lot of heat when they light up (the filament must be warmed). So a high portion of the available electricity isn’t going on producing visible light. LEDs however, generate much less heat which noticeably cuts down the electricity demands. LEDs are driven by direct current, and the amount of current determines the brightness. The brightness of the LED is proportional to the current flowing through the LED and more current equals more light. So LEDs are energy saving lights.

The surge in popularity of LED lights has met with a dramatic increase in the variety of lamps and bulbs available – as you can see by our variety of products.

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