Garden Design Ideas For Summer

At Dusk Lighting we have some exceptional outdoor lighting options available to help transform your outdoor space ready for summer. If you’re looking to update your current outdoor lighting arrangement, or wanting to add some new exterior lights, we’ve got you covered with our practical yet stylish designer outdoor lights. Here we will share some of our favourite garden design ideas and outdoor lighting options to give you some summertime inspiration.

Creatively lighting your garden for summer
With summer just around the corner it’s time to get your garden space ready to see much more use from you and your family. Whether it’s trimming back shrubs or hedges which have been left to their own devices over the winter months, or simply taking a look at redesigning your garden layout, there’s so many things that you can do to refresh your outdoor space. At Dusk Lighting we strongly believe that there are ways to use lights to upgrade a space, whether indoors or outdoors. By creatively lighting your garden for summer, you’re able to highlight specific zones of your garden, such as ponds or water features, and provide ambient lighting around a patio area, perfect for summer evenings spent outdoors.

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Our tips for creatively lighting your garden include:
● Keeping it subtle to begin with, then building upon areas that deserve more light – garish garden lighting has the opposite of a calming effect!
● Seating areas should have softer outdoor lighting fixtures, such as downlights, for an appealing glow that won’t be overpowering or too dazzling to spend time around
● Highlight certain areas or features – for example, positioning spotlights around a large tree can be visually striking, or alternatively opt for fairy lights in the branches for a softer, more magical look
● Illuminate steps with recessed wall lights for optimum safety
● Consider your location – here at Dusk Lighting we stock a range of coastal lighting which is ideal for coastal areas due to their protective finishes against salt exposure, winds and water temperature

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Outdoor lighting at Dusk Lighting
If you’re looking for some stylish outdoor lighting solutions, look no further than our range of outdoor and garden lighting at Dusk Lighting. These outdoor lights are on hand to provide a modern look to your garden in the form of stylish downlights or ground spotlights, plus classic exterior wall lights. Our outdoor lights can fit seamlessly into your garden design ideas for the upcoming summer season.

The collection of outdoor wall lights here at Dusk Lighting include some excellently designed exterior lights which can be mounted to the wall of your house or garage. The outdoor wall lights from designer lighting brand EGLO feature some absolutely classic wall light designs which can bring a touch of retro or a coastal vibe to your garden. For a wall mounted lantern light, we suggest the Melgoa Galvanised Steel Exterior Light which is constructed of coast-friendly galvanised steel with a black finish. The clear glass inner shade with cage detail is a timeless lighting design and would work perfectly mounted on the wall next to a back door leading into the garden as a means to lighting up the doorway or the side of your home.

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To create a dramatic look and draw attention to certain areas of the garden, we recommend the impeccable SLV Nautilus Silver Grey Spike Garden Spotlights which can be positioned around a garden feature or a tree accordingly. These adjustable garden spotlights are simply installed by pushing the spike into the ground and come pre-wired with 1.5m cable, making them so easy to remove and reposition.

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