How To Choose Outdoor Garden Lighting

Summer is finally upon us and we’ve already experienced some fantastic sunshine-filled days that will no doubt have seen many of us getting out the garden furniture and making the most of the warm weather. Enjoying your outdoor space after dark can be made even more pleasant by opting for stylish garden lights that can illuminate patios and offer a decorative touch to your garden. Not only does outdoor lighting have the power to transform the look of your garden, it can also provide an additional all important security function all year round!

Expertly designed garden lighting which serves a purpose as well as helping to improve the look of your garden can be easily achieved by following our helpful Dusk Lighting guide on how to choose outdoor lighting to suit your exterior design preferences.

Garden Lighting Ideas

When it comes to choosing garden lighting or lights for the exterior of your home, there are certain issues to keep in mind in order to get the most out of your lighting set up.

The two key functions of outdoor lighting, decoration and security, can work together easily no matter your preferred lighting style. Create different zones in your garden to highlight specific areas or stick to lighting up patio and decking spaces where you’re most likely to need the light for socialising.

Another thing to consider is if you’d like your garden lights to be connected and controlled by the main electricity supply, or if solar powered lights will be more appropriate to your needs. If you’re seeking a complicated circuit of outdoor lighting, this should be well thought out and designed to get the maximum benefit. Our guide on how to fit ground lights and floor lights outdoors should be able to give you some idea of what to expect.


Coastal lighting and LED lights

When it comes to the type of outdoor lighting you need, look for coastal lights or lights that are specifically designed for outdoor use as this ensures the lights are suitable for regularly withstanding the elements, such as wind and rain. Finding the best outdoor lights for your patio and garden spaces involves seeking designs that will also look fantastic all year round so that they bring additional decoration to your garden.

LED lights are another great, easy to install energy saving lighting format that utilises energy efficiently, without compromising on the brightness of the bulb. Solar powered lights are an excellent energy efficient outdoor lighting option, with them using energy gained from the summer sun to power them into the night. There’s no switching on or off, and they can come in a wide range of lovely designs which can be installed in the ground or on a wall.


Up your home security using wall lights

Decorative garden wall lights can really bring your outdoor area to life! Whether you love the traditional look of classic outdoor lantern wall lights or enjoy the sleek appearance of modern outdoor downlights, we have some fantastic lights that will appeal to your tastes. Using exterior wall lights to add to the layout of your garden can also work in the favour of the overall security of your home; by providing extra lighting around decking, doorways, patio and alleyways, you’re looking out for the safety of you and your family.


Highlight areas with ground lights

This type of outdoor light is a good option for boosting the security of your home, plus the safety of your family. Ground lights can be installed along walkways, paths and driveways to keep everyone safe, but they also add that decorative touch to the exterior of your home. LED bollards, pedestal lights, and larger pillar lights will really elevate the appearance of the exterior of your home, whilst delivering top functionality.

Ground lights are ideal for highlighting specific areas of the garden or driveway as they provide a pleasing illumination without an overpowering glare. If you have a certain feature or flowerbed area that you’re delighted with, use a few carefully situated solar powered ground lights to draw attention to this space.

So whether you’re searching for the perfect garden feature light or wanting some extra security lights for peace of mind, be sure to browse through the range of outdoor lights available here at Dusk Lighting to get your garden and outdoor areas ready for those late summer nights!

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