Get The Modern Vintage Look With Dar Lighting

Lighting trends may come and go, but modern vintage lighting continues to shine. Hitting the interior design trends playbook a few years ago, filament lighting with a copper finish became one of the most sought-after lighting looks for interior design lovers everywhere, and Dar Lighting were right there in the thick of it producing vintage-inspired modern lighting solutions for your home.


Winter is a great time to cosy up and create a comforting vintage vibe in your home, so we’re here to help you get the modern vintage look for your home with Dar Lighting.


Who Are Dar Lighting?

Dar Lighting are a designer lighting brand that loves taking a vintage appeal and giving it a modern lighting twist that will work perfectly in your home. Whether you’re looking for a vintage filament bulb in retro shapes and styles, or you’re looking for a complete lamp in a vintage design, Dar Lighting are able to satisfy your modern vintage lighting needs in their collection here at Dusk Lighting.


What Is Modern Vintage Lighting?

The modern vintage aesthetic does what it says on the tin – it marries modern innovation with vintage inspiration to create a modern vintage appeal that works for modern homes with a vintage heart. Modern vintage lighting is often found in the form of old-style filament light bulbs, copper finished lighting, and art deco inspired decoration on the light fittings.


What Is A Modern Filament Light Bulb?

A modern filament light bulb is a modern light bulb that appears to have the old filament mechanism of a vintage light bulb. This means that the filaments are thicker and more visible and will emanate a soft golden glow rather than a harsh white light as modern light bulbs do. Often the point of a modern filament light bulb is that you’ll leave the bulb visible and exposed to enjoy the visual appeal of the vintage filament which will often be shaped into interesting loops and lines. Dar Lighting offer a few vintage filament light bulbs to choose from in their collection.


How Can Dar Lamps Looks Both Modern and Vintage?

Our Dar Lighting collection does span both the modern and the vintage lighting spectrum, but each lamp offers a contemporary feel that can be enjoyed in both modern and traditional homes. The Dar Lighting options that we offer here at Dusk Lighting are typically inspired by an Industrial aesthetic, which means you’ll find minimalist designs that heavily feature metals such as copper and chrome in amongst the more vintage style choices such as filament bulbs, faceted and cross glass and antique finishes.


Where Can I Use Dar Lighting?

Dar Lighting can be placed in all rooms of your home, but particular lighting styles will suit particular spaces. We recommend that you hang their statement lighting pieces including ceiling mounted, chandelier and pendant Dar Lighting options in larger spaces such as kitchens, dining rooms or even hallways, and save Dar Lighting table lamps for rooms such as bedrooms and living rooms.

If you’re not looking to invest in large Dar Lighting pieces, why not add a touch of Dar Lighting to your home using their vintage-style filament bulbs and lamp shades?


Explore our full collection of Dar Lighting here at Dusk Lighting to discover their full range of lighting which spans not only the modern vintage look but a range of ultra-modern contemporary lighting for every room in your home.

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