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We’re all guilty of envying another person’s home, whether it’s a friend’s living room design or through a screen when scrolling through an interior design blog. However, it’s so easy to use this interest in interior design to your advantage and turn your envy into positive changes in your own home! Here at Dusk Lighting we think getting some creative inspiration from home interiors websites and interior design blogs can be the perfect place to begin when looking to update your home. If you can’t afford to swap your one bed flat in North London to a mansion in Marrakech, why not simply take aspects of that interior design and blend it with your own?

We thought that we’d share with you our favourite interior design blogs and bloggers in order to trigger that creative spark when it comes to updating, refreshing or simply beginning the journey of decorating your home. Not all of our top picks are trained interior designers; some of our blogger suggestions are just lovers of interior design who have found an outlet for their passion or hobby!

For eclectic and funky inspiration
Kimberly, of interior design blog Swoonworthy, manages to tick all of the creative boxes when it comes to injecting some personality into the four walls around you. Her award-winning blog speaks for itself in terms of eclecticism and statement making design – and her beautiful dog Quito and cat Meisha also make much-welcomed appearances in her house tours! As well as displaying the current trends, the blog posts at Swoonworthy also remain unique and interesting. A definite must-read for those who want to put their own stamp on the interior design trends of the moment.


Interiors advice from the Swoonworthy blog:

● Don’t worry about mixing old and new pieces together; the juxtaposition of the two realms can work surprisingly well when done right, as Kimberly demonstrates

● Clash patterns – leopard print, geometric, art prints, there’s no modern monochrome themes here!

● DIY and upcycle whenever you can for a personal touch, whether it’s reupholstering or painting furniture for a fresh look

Another interiors trick we can learn from Kimberly is to opt for statement lighting for a big impression. We love the golden pineapple lamp on the bedside table which creates a welcome focal point for the side of the bed, whilst also being a decorative feature in the room. After a scroll through her blog you’ll find more lighting inspiration in the form of bold, golden lampshades and glam pendant lights – definitely not for the faint hearted!

For cool and colourful home style
If anyone executes the accent colour trend perfectly, then it’s US blogger Will at Bright Bazaar who showcases his exquisite taste in home interiors with vibrant images that are all about bright pops of colour against a plain canvas of a room. For those looking to incorporate more colour into their bedrooms, lounges or kitchens, Bright Bazaar is the blog to check out. Will has just purchased his first home so has been focusing his blog on his move from rental to homeowner in typical Bright Bazaar style by sharing interior design inspiration images on his blog that reflect his preferred colourful themes.


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Interior design tips from Bright Bazaar:

● Use accessories and lampshades to brighten and add personality to a room
● Different hues of the same colour as they can make the same impact as several colours – Will favours hues of blue and yellow
● ‘Beige is boring!’ is the phrase that defines this interior design blog and is a great motto to adapt in your own home!
● Combine design themes like Will does with the dark wooden beams in his beach house inspired home with strip lighting spotlights installed along the beam

For on-trend home interiors
Hailed, first and foremost, as a top beauty blogger Kate La Vie has also become a major influencer in the home interiors world due to her finger-on-the-pulse interior design choices. Not to mention her stunning imagery of her home, Kate offer home tours, homeware guides and decor tips with her information packed blog that all immaculate the need to spend some time on a Sunday morning drooling over. Repping the classic 2017 home interiors trends, such as ‘millennial’ blush pink accessories and vast white walls with cacti dotted about every room, this is the perfect home interiors blog for those wishing to explore the latest trends and want to see them in practice.


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Home style tips from Kate La Vie:

● White, pink and mint green are key colours to focus on, whilst marble and white metal are materials to look for in furniture for all rooms of the home
● Organise bookshelves to look like decorative focal points in a lounge – add ornaments and trinkets alongside books to jazz up the usual bookshelf
● Faux fur soft furnishings against a white bed spread or grey sofa is peak home interiors style, and don’t forget the fluffy rugs on chic wooden floors
● Gold or antique bronze light fittings, mirrors and frames pull the look of a room together and adds a luxurious touch

Blog-worthy lights at Dusk Lighting
We’ve got such a vast range of stylish lights that would fit right into your favourite interior design bloggers recommendations. Our collection of bathroom lighting features sleek wall lights with polished chrome and a frosted glass finish from Dar Lighting, and cube wall lights with white opal glass diffusers from Astro which would be perfect for mounting either side of a vanity mirror.

Our stellar range of lounge lighting works perfectly with the statement lighting tip, as showcased by the Swoonworthy blog, and can become excellent focal points for any room. Make an impression with your lounge lighting by going for a unique wooden star light shade from David Hunt Lighting or taking it to the next level with the white glass globe pendant lights from Eglo.

If, like Will at Bright Bazaar, you’re yearning for a pop of colour in your kitchen, we recommend the Searchlight aluminium lampshades in vibrant colours available in our range of kitchen lighting. Perfect as breakfast bar lighting options, choose from glorious green, bright red, decadent gold or contemporary copper lights shades for an instant room update.

At Dusk Lighting there’s so many ways you can appease your interior design goals by copying your favourite blogger’s lighting ideas and choosing a brand new light for your home from our many ranges of designer lights.

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