Buy To Let Renovation Tips – Lighting

Whether you’re well versed in the buy to let property market, or embarking on your first purchase with a view to resell or rent, we’ve put together a collection of helpful home renovation ideas and how to improve the lighting in your new property to ensure it looks in great shape. Choose Dusk Lighting for your buy to let lighting requirements for some excellent lighting solutions that will no doubt positively impact your buy to let (BTL) rental property.

Assess the original lighting

Once you’ve sorted all other tradesman, such as plasterers and joiners, to work on your buy to let property, next you may want to call an electrician to take care of any lighting issues that you’ve encountered in any of the rooms of your BTL, such as:

  • Buzzing or abnormal smells – This could be caused by the wiring overheating or an issues with the electrical circuit.
  • Flickering lights – A possible loose connection at the light switch can be a serious fault that needs addressing, especially if the fixture appears to be loose or broken.
  • Damaged light switches – A job that you may be able to do yourself if it’s superficial damage by replacing the fascia of the light switch.

Rewiring may be key to having efficient lighting in your BLT property, and there will be a cost depending on the size of the job. It may be the case that your property is a new build, where the wiring is relatively new, but older properties may need new wiring installing. Call an electrician to arrange this and you’ll avoid flickering and buzzing lights.

Lighting safety

If you are renovating a buy to let property to rent to tenants, you are taking on the responsibility of maintaining a safe environment for people to live in, therefore there are legal obligations to adhere to when it comes to lighting safety. All electrical installations have to be made safe and maintained to a safe level during the tenancy, with an inspection and test of all electrical fittings to be carried out every five years. A certified electrician will be able to give you an Electrical Safety Certificate to attest that all electrical circuits and appliances in the property are safe to use.

Make sure that your tenants are aware of and have access to the main fuse box and isolator switch which should have a residual current device fitted. Keep up to date with lighting regulations to keep your lighting set up updated alongside general electrical appliance checks or face possible penalties for failing to deliver a safe property for your tenants to live in.

Updating the lighting

For those BTL properties that you’re hoping to renovate with a quick turnaround with minimal costs, it can be relatively simple to upgrade the lighting. When it’s certain all the electrics are safe and sound, the lighting design should be easy to consider. Kitchen lighting can be upgraded from a fluorescent strip light to a contemporary four light bar spotlight in white, black or chrome from Astro. Bar spotlights are a versatile kitchen lighting option that looks visually impressive as well as providing some excellent illumination in such a well used room.

In the lounge and bedrooms, an update of the pendant lights can make a big difference to the look of the rooms. Tap into the latest lighting trends to impress potential buyers or tenants of the property during viewings and embrace bronze, copper, matt black and white lampshades. These lampshades will add a decorative touch if you’ve opted for neutral decoration of the rooms. Even updating the suspension cords with brand new cables in polished chrome or antique chrome can make a decorative impact!  

If you have a longer timescale for your property updates, recessed ceiling lights are a great way to improve the look of any house or apartment. Recessed downlights are an increasingly popular lighting option and successfully improve the look of any room with their sophisticated appearance. Recessed downlights provide an understated lighting solution, and evokes the feeling of a clean, neutral environment – potentially making the room appear larger!

Tips for lighting rented properties

It’s important to install IP rated lights fitted in your property where water is present or near a light source, choose IP65 rated lights as your recessed ceiling lights for the kitchen and bathroom to brighten up the rooms effectively and safety. Take a look at our complete guide on how to fit a ceiling light on our lighting blog for how to fit spotlights yourself.

LED light bulbs are a good option to choose when lighting your buy to let property due to their energy efficiency and long lasting benefits. We stock a wide range of light bulbs which can be used in various light fitting styles and fit the LED light requirement. Use our range of LED drivers to install dimmable lights which are a popular lighting element for bedrooms and lounges alike.   

Dusk Lighting Trade Zone

If you are a property developer looking to renovate multiple properties and update the lighting set up of each, then we recommend opening a trade account with us at Dusk Lighting. We offer exclusive prices for our trade customers, allowing you to get the best affordable lighting designs for your properties. From indoor to outdoor lighting, you can rely on the best products and advice in lighting!

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