How To Brighten Your Kitchen With Breakfast Bar Lighting

The kitchen is at the heart of a home, whether you’re entertaining guests, catching up with friends, or simply relaxing with your family, the right lighting can make all the difference in creating the desired ambience. The growing popularity of open plan living, kitchen islands, and breakfast bars have transformed the way we use our kitchens. They are now on a much more multi-functional level and our lighting plans must evolve too. Let us take you through ways to uplift your kitchen space, compensate for lack of natural light and prepare for the dark nights with improved breakfast bar lights and kitchen island lighting.

Breakfast bar pendant lights 

pendant lights

Breakfast bars and kitchen islands can be lit up and highlighted with the simple addition of ultra sleek pendant lights, there are a number of styles than can upgrade your kitchen instantly.  Eglo Tarbes copper coloured triple drop cluster pendant light has a contemporary cage design, the sharp copper colour compliments both light and dark interiors. The asymmetric cluster design creates direction in your kitchen and makes a stylish paring with vintage filament lamps.

Spotlight effect 

Statement stand-alone pendant lights create a spotlight of warmth and draw you to the most important room in the house. Ball lighting embodies a glass globe and comes in a variety of designs and finishes, meaning there is one to suit every interior. Searchlight balls 1 large amber glass and antique brass globe pendant is a perfect addition above a kitchen breakfast bar this autumn; the brass coloured rustic breakfast bar light creates a warm ambient snug feeling as the dark nights are starting to close in.  

Kitchen island lighting

Kitchen lighting functionality 

kitchen lighting

Kitchen lighting requires planning and thinking. You’ll need to make sure that you’re installing atmospheric lighting, functional lighting and decorative lighting in order to properly light your kitchen. The key to effective kitchen lighting is knowing your spaces. Food preparation and cooking zones require task lighting; Astro lights work as downlights, the white finish makes them an excellent functional light. Install these lights under kitchen cupboards focusing on chopping boards, the sink and the hob. Ensure the lights are close to the edge in order to ensure optimal lighting conditions. 

Kitchen island ambience

Kitchen islands are great for entertaining, you need kitchen island lighting to match. While you’re cooking, your guests need space to relax, leaving them to chat over a glass of wine requires softer, relaxing kitchen island lighting. Dimmer switches are great for creating a duller ambient glow.  Kichler silver coral oval island light in classic pewter is  inspired by natural coral. This lighting has delicate,  unique and dimmable features which would look particularly elegant as kitchen island lighting. 

LED Kitchen Island lighting 

kitchen island lighting

LED lighting is great if you want style and sustainability. LED lights are energy efficient, in fact they are 80% more efficient than traditional lighting sources. Franklite vibe chrome spiral dimmable LED pendant looks effective at every angle and works over breakfast bars, island units, kitchen and dining tables. The reduced demand from power plants means you can do your bit for the environment and enjoy a fresh and modern kitchen while helping reduce greenhouse gases.

Contemporary kitchen lighting ideas 

Modernise your kitchen island lighting and create a focal point. New Ghery GU10 Triple bar pendant was created using an innovative and contemporary design; moulded from cement, this durable lighting can complement any kitchen. An optional dimming feature can create the right ambiance for candle-lit dinners or dinner parties. If you’re buying online, always employ a qualified electrician to ensure a safe and well-fitted installation. 

Natural lighting 

Natural kitchen lighting

Look for your natural light – it is important to utilise this as much as possible. Look where the light comes in and which direction it faces. Patio and french doors are perfect for letting natural light flood in; it bounces off the contours of your surfaces and brightens the room. Look for the main living elements, if the natural light does not hit there, it could be worth investing in some wall lights or decorative elements such as shelf or feature lights.

Eglo Tondela LED bar pendant light shelf in wood is an innovative breakfast bar lighting design combining a soft wooden finish with an environmentally efficient LED module, delicately concealed inside. Projecting warm light and extremely practical, this lighting unit not only brightens your home, but is also the answer to storage problems. 

So whether it is atmospheric, functional or decorative lighting your kitchen is in need of, transforming your breakfast bar lights and kitchen island lighting can completely transform your kitchen from something quite ordinary to something quite spectacular. 

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