How To Choose Hallway Lighting

The hallway is the first impression that people have of the inside of your home and is also one of the most frequented spaces in your home – so it’s important that you get the lighting right for both practical and aesthetic purposes. Whether you feel that your hallway is suffering from a lack of light all day long or you simply want the lighting to be just right after dark, we’ve got some great recommendations to help you understand how to choose hallway lighting.

Ambient Hallway Lighting

When we talk about ambient lighting, we mean the primary lighting source for that room. Ambient hallway lighting can, therefore, be fitted in one or two different styles depending on the room you have available. Ambient hallway lighting should improve the warmth of your hallway and properly illuminate the space without causing too much glare. While you may choose to combine your ambient lighting with accent hallway lighting, ambient lighting should be able to illuminate your hallway by itself.

Hallway Pendant Lighting

If your hallway has a high ceiling, you may wish to choose a hallway pendant light. Pendant lighting is a great source of ambient lighting and can offer additional style benefits when designing your hallway. Hanging high above the hallway, one or two pendant lights set at intervals should be able to provide enough ambient light for your hallway.

Hallway Ceiling Lighting

If you don’t have the ceiling room to spare, a ceiling light that’s either recessed into the ceiling or sitting close to the ceiling could be the perfect choice for you. You’ll likely need to install several recessed ceiling lights to provide enough ambient lighting, or you can choose one or two ceiling lights at intervals for your hallway instead.

Accent Hallway Lighting

While ambient lighting is primarily functional, accent lighting is primarily decorative. Accent lighting is placed to illuminate particular areas of your hallway such as a console table or a piece of artwork. It’s not purely decorative, but accent hallway lighting should be to complement your primary light source rather than replace it.

Hallway Table Lamps

If you have a console table or side table, consider adding a touch of personality with a table lamp for your hallway. A hallway table lamp can either be a statement piece of lighting that services a primarily decorative purpose or a classic table lamp that lights your console table for practical purposes.

Hallway Wall Lighting

If you don’t have the room to spare in your hallway for a table and table lamp, you might wish to consider wall lighting for your hallway. Often people will mistake wall lighting as ambient lighting, but the reach of wall lighting can be limited. By adding wall lighting at even intervals along your hallway, you can highlight areas of the hallway such as shelves or artwork, or create a cosier atmosphere when the hallway isn’t in use by switching off your ambient lighting.

Minimalist Hallway Lighting

Since hallway lighting is the first impression of your home, what better time to set the style tone of your home? If you’re looking to create an ultra-modern minimalist style, hallway lighting from lighting designers such as Grok are sure to set the right tone. Simple, minimalist and undeniably stylish, modern lighting from Grok can work with Scandi design and minimalist Industrial home interiors.

  • Grok Pendant Light

Vintage Hallway Lighting

Homes that are inspired by vintage or vintage industrial trends are sure to benefit from lighting designed with exposed filament bulbs like those in our collection of Tala Lighting. Tala’s lighting is designed to span both vintage and industrial interiors and is sure to make an interesting choice of statement lighting that will set the tone for the rest of your home interiors.

  • Tala Dimmable Lamp

Still looking for the perfect light for your hallway? Browse our collection of hallway lighting here at Dusk Lighting for even more inspiration.

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