Under Cabinet Lighting Options: The Ultimate 2022 Guide on How to Style the Latest Lighting Trend

The under cabinet lighting trend has taken contemporary kitchens by storm. A popular addition to fashionable homes, they offer a sleek look of modernity whilst stylishly illuminating their surroundings.

However, with so many under cabinet lighting options to consider, it’s not easy to know how to choose under cabinet lighting to best suit the unique contours of your kitchen. 

Here at Dusk Lighting, we host an excellent selection of under cabinet lights for you to discover, and we have the expertise to help you install and style this trend to make the most of your kitchen. With this in mind, read on for our top lighting tips and tricks, including everything from how to choose under cabinet lights to how to style them in your kitchen.

Table of Contents

  1. What are the benefits of under cabinet lighting?
  2. What kind of lighting is under cabinet lighting?
  3. Things to consider when shopping for under cabinet lighting
  4. The two main types of under cabinet lighting
  5. Where to put under cabinet lighting
  6. Shop under cabinet kitchen lights at Dusk Lighting today

What are the Benefits of Under Cabinet Lighting?

Under cabinet lights add instant style points to any kitchen. A glamorous lighting style, they inject charm, character and elegance to your space and are masters in creating ambience. 

However, this popular lighting style offers more benefits than just aesthetics. Here are the top three benefits of choosing under cabinet lighting.


Under cabinet lights are renowned for the stylishly clean look they lend to interiors; however, they are also considered a functional form of task lighting. They efficiently illuminate the worktops that they are installed above, making it easier for you to safely prepare dinner and carry out tasks without casting a shadow.

Energy Saving

Under cabinet lighting uses less energy than traditional lighting styles. With their smaller bulbs and ability to cast light only where needed, they require less energy consumption, making them a great choice for those looking to install a more planet-friendly lighting style.


If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen on a budget, then under cabinet lighting is an excellent choice. Under cabinet lights are installed directly onto a fixed cupboard or the underside of your kitchen layout, meaning that you don’t have to worry about paying for new fixtures, materials or the cost of installation. 

What Kind of Lighting is Under Cabinet Lighting?

Under cabinet lights are suitable for various places around the house: From fireplaces and stairwells to hallway shelves, they are a popular choice due to their dual ability to create ambience and aid practicality.

Of course, there are various under cabinet lighting options for you to consider, each serving a different purpose. In our guide, How to Light a Modern Kitchen, we talk about the three different types of lighting that can be used in a kitchen: Atmospheric, task and decorative lighting. Under cabinet lighting falls under two main categories: Task and decorative lighting. 

Things to Consider when Shopping for Under Cabinet Lighting

When browsing under cabinet lighting options for your kitchen, it’s vital to consider the surfaces of your kitchen, as the style and material of your countertops can impact the overall efficiency of your under cabinet lights.

Below, we’ve covered the different types of countertops and how to choose under cabinet lighting to best complement them. 

Matte Style Countertops 

Matte surfaces absorb light and produce less glare than those with a glossy finish. With this in mind, you can shop various styles of under cabinet lighting, including natural, cool and warm lighting styles.

Glossy Kitchen Surfaces 

Many modern kitchens are coated with lacquer or acrylic to create a high-gloss finish. If your kitchen cabinet has a high-gloss finish, then you should avoid under cabinet lighting with a brighter lumen, as this will produce an unpleasant glare when positioned directly above this surface. This is also the same with light-coloured countertops, as they easily reflect any light that hits them. 

Black Kitchen Counters

Dark countertops absorb the most light, so you should opt for brighter under cabinet lights to ensure that you receive adequate lighting.

The Two Main Types of Under Cabinet Lighting

There are several under cabinet lighting options for you to shop on today’s market, and which style you choose depends on the look you would like to achieve. Below, we’ve covered the two most popular styles and what they are used for.

Strip Lights

Strip lights, also referred to as tape lights, are a long, slim and sophisticated lighting style, characterised by individual lights lined up in a ‘strip’ formation. The continuous stream of light that they provide makes for a perfect addition to your kitchen cabinets, as they will efficiently illuminate your worktop below. What’s more, you can layer them along the dark corners of your interior to create ambience and add character.


Spotlights, also known as round puck lights, are circular lights that provide a concentrated stream of light over a smaller area. Due to their circular design, they give off more of a spotlight effect than strip lights, making them a great form of task lighting. 

Here at Dusk Lighting, we have a fabulous range of under cabinet lighting for you to discover, with everything from dimmable and LED integrated styles to those with switches and sensors.  

Where to Put Under Cabinet Lighting

Once you have decided what style of under cabinet lighting you’d like, you then have to think about where to install it.

Of course, there are various ways that you can style under cabinet lighting, and factors such as your personal preference, the effect you want and the unique shape and design of your kitchen will impact this. However, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Above the Areas Where you Work

Many people choose to install under cabinet lights as task lighting, which is why we often see this lighting style installed above sinks, cookers and other busy areas of the kitchen. 

Along the Inside of your Kitchen Cupboards

Under cabinet lighting is versatile, meaning that you can almost install it anywhere it fits. Modern homes popularly style cabinet lights inside kitchen cupboards, which allows you to find items easily and creates a glamorous glow every time you open the cabinet.

Around your Kitchen Island

A kitchen island makes for a beautiful focal point in any kitchen, and it deserves lighting to match. Whilst many people choose to draw attention to and illuminate their kitchen island pendant lights or a chandelier, under cabinet kitchen lights are also a great choice. They offer the same stylish effect while illuminating your design and drawing attention.  

Shop Under Cabinet Lights at Dusk Lighting Today

Under cabinet kitchen lights are an excellent form of task lighting, and can also be used to create ambience and instil charm and character into your kitchen design. What’s more, when installed correctly will not only instantly modernise your home but will create a sophisticated, glamorous look that will instantly upgrade your home.

Whilst today’s market is bursting with under cabinet lighting options, choosing the right style to suit your kitchen doesn’t need to be difficult. Our range of under cabinet lights offers a host of modern kitchen lighting options, from strip lights and bendable tape lights to LED spotlights, so whether you’re looking for stylish task lighting or a way to create an atmosphere in your kitchen, we’ve got you covered.  

Shop under cabinet lights at Dusk Lighting today, or for more on-trend lighting styles, including chandeliers, pendant lighting and semi-flush ceiling lights, shop our full range of modern kitchen lights.

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