How To Customise Your Lights With Astro Lighting

As lighting specialists, Astro Lighting want you to get the very best out of all of your home lighting. That’s why, in addition to their ultra-modern range of lighting, they offer a huge range of lighting accessories that can be used to customise your lighting, improving the appearance and function of your chosen light fitting.

It’s not always easy to understand exactly what function each lighting accessory performs, so we’ve put together this straightforward guide to customising your lighting with Astro Lighting accessories.


Changing the appearance of lighting is the top reason that people buy lighting accessories. There are a few ways to do this, but primarily lighting accessories that serve to alter the appearance of lighting, in fact, offer ways to tidy up the appearance rather than change it altogether.

Track Lighting End Caps

Track lighting is notoriously messy in appearance without the right caps connecting the lights themselves. Astro Lighting offer a handy range of track lighting end caps and connectors in a variety of shapes to help you achieve a tidy look with your track lighting.

Cable Looping Block

If you own a pendant lamp, you’ll know that they come with a long cable to ensure that you get the correct drop for your home interior. To save from messy excess cable from showing, cable looping blocks serve to contain any surplus cable so it’s out of sight.

Can Bezel

The first of our lighting accessories that actually serve to change the appearance of lighting, can bezel’s fit around ceiling lights to offer them protection and add style flair to the look of your lighting.


We’re sure you’ve already heard of a lampshade! But, just in case, a lampshade is placed over a light bulb fitting to protect from the glare of the bulb. Lampshades come in a huge range of colours and styles so this is where your lighting appearance customisation really comes into play!


It’s not always the appearance of your lighting that’s the primary concern. Lighting should work for your home, so if you’re wanting to adjust or enhance the performance of your lighting, you’ll want to take a look at lighting accessories that change the function of your lighting.

LED Terminal Block

An essential piece of lighting kit if you’re planning on installing LED lighting, LED terminal blocks allow you to easily connect LED products and drivers. Moisture resistant, LED terminal blocks also improve the safety of your LED fittings.

Wall Box

If you’re installing wall lighting that’s to be embedded in the wall, you’ll need a wall box to be able to do this with a solid wall such as a brick wall. Check which wall box you’ll need to work with your choice of Astro Lighting wall lights.

LED Drivers & Dimmers

LED lighting can be variable in power supply, so you’ll need an LED driver to make sure that a constant level of power is maintained throughout its use. If you’re wanting to dim your lighting, you’ll also need an LED dimmer installed to create this function.

Mirror Adaptor Kit

Connecting lighting to mirrors can be a fantastic design feature, but you’ll need a mirror adaptor kit to do the job properly. A mirror adaptor kit allows you to safely (and neatly!) integrate lighting with your mirror.


Comprised of a backplate with a light bulb fitting, lampholders allow you to mount lightbulbs to the wall to be used with particular lampshades. Astro Lighting lampholders are dimmable and can be bought in either vertical or horizontal styles and can even host two light bulbs at one time.

Fire Hoods

Standard lights can be easily converted from non-fire rated to fire rated lights with the installation of a fire hood. Appropriate for installation with downlights, fire hoods can save you from having to completely replace your lighting to fit in with fire regulations.

Pendant Suspension Kits

Create your own pendant lighting solution with an Astro Lighting pendant suspension kits at Dusk Lighting. Including a lamp holder, cable and ceiling connector, pendant suspension kits can be paired with light bulbs and shades to create your own pendant lighting.

Astro lighting offer one of the most extensive ranges of lighting accessories here at Dusk Lighting, but you can find even more to choose from that offer different appearance and function options in our full collection of light bulbs & accessories.

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