How To Decorate A Rented Property

Moving into your own space, whether it’s for the very first time or just another move in your life, can be an exciting time. It’s a clean canvas to begin your home life all over again! However, when it comes to decorating, there are often restrictions set in place by the landlord to ensure that the flat or house is maintained at a similar standard to when you first moved in. With these restrictions or rules in place, it can be difficult to know how to decorate a rented property to your taste, so at Dusk Lighting we’ve put together a simple guide that will hopefully inspire renters. 

Whatever your budget, there are bound to be several semi permanent ways to add a personal touch to your home that will suit your decor tastes and most importantly, can be removed easily.

Affordable ways to update your rented home

There are many cheap ways to decorate your rented property to make it feel more homely. These projects don’t have to be time consuming or a permanent fixture that could mean dipping into your deposit at the end of your tenancy. Here are our top three cheap ways to decorate your rented property:

  • Update curtains & blinds – If the current window dressing situation is the same as what was there previously, you might want to simply change the curtains or blinds to something of your choice. It’s a great way to bring some colour into a room that you’re unable to fully redecorate! A top tip is to install extra length curtains a few more inches above the window so that it gives the impression of a bigger window.
  • Hang artwork on the walls – Another easy way to update your rented home without paint or wallpaper is to hang up some framed prints or framed photographs. If you’re unable to put nails in the wall, there are several picture hanging tools on the market that won’t leave a mark.
  • Install shelves – Shelving can be a practical and decorative addition to a room! Use them as a way to display your favourite books, prints and plants as a way to bring some life to blank walls. It can also be a good move if you’re struggling for storage space. Add shelves to the living room or hallway – they can be left there when your tenancy agreement is up, or taken down before filling in the holes to smooth the wall.

Change the lights

An unexpected and inexpensive way to get your rented home feeling more like your own is to replace the lights or lampshades in each room, or perhaps just the living room and bedroom, for a more personal touch.


Lights are very often the focal point of a room, so by investing in a beautiful pendant light you’re personalising the look of the room effortlessly! The range of pendant lights here at Dusk Lighting offer plenty of decorative options that will help to modernise the look of any room and keep your home decor on trend while staying in the realms of your rental restrictions. Embrace the metallic lighting trend with a polished chrome, copper or brass pendant light to bring some style to your living room. Open pendant lights in geometric designs are also in line with current lighting trends, especially with a decorative light bulb that is created to be seen and admired. We love the lighting brand EGLO for stylish pendant lighting that will improve the look of a room with minimal commitment.

Recessed ceiling lights

If your rented property already has recessed ceiling lights installed, it might be a good idea to ask permission to update the light surroundings to bring them more in line with your own decor style. Our selection of recessed ceiling lights and downlights provide plenty of options to improve the look of existing downlights in kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms alike. Astro have some popular adjustable downlights in sleek brushed nickel and polished chrome that look perfect in a modern setting. Downlights are a great lighting option that instantly deliver a contemporary look to the home, so if you can’t have them installed yourself, changing the outer look of each light can feel like a home improvement. Perhaps a more time intensive lighting option, but the rewards will make it worth it. Browse the selection of Astro recessed ceiling lights for further lighting inspiration!

Floor lamps

Another lighting option that can transform the look and feel of a room is a floor lamp. The beauty of floor lamps is that they are easy to move around the home to suit your needs! There are a wide variety of different lighting styles in our floor lamps range that include various stand finishes and lampshade options. Tripod floor lamps are very in touch with current trends, whilst the adjustable mother and child lamp style is a timeless lighting choice and ideal for lounges due to the multiple lights.

There are so many lighting collections at Dusk Lighting to help you decorate your rented home, so take a look today and take advantage of our free UK delivery policy for orders over £39!

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