How To Fit Ground Lights and Floor Lights

Ground lights are a fantastic option for any home, adding an extra layer of safety, security and style to your garden or driveway. As the nights grow darker, extra lighting outside the home is extremely beneficial, and with a wide range of options to choose from, it’s easy to illuminate your home in a way that matches your personal style.

In this guide we’re going to look at some of the most popular outdoor lighting options, tips for installation and the benefits of adding them to your home.

LED Ground Lights
LED ground lights are a great choice for lighting up the exterior of your home. They’re unobtrusive, modern and relatively easy to install. These lights are perfect for those looking to add subtle lighting, placing them around driveways and gardens to add character to the outdoors. Make sure you check the weight restrictions of the lights that you want to install outside your home, some are built to withstand a walking weight whereas others will be designed to accommodate driving weight.

fitting ground lights

These LED lights are easy to install, saving you the cost of calling out an electrician. Space out the lights where you want them to be placed and ensure that the cable connections are 100% watertight, otherwise your lights may perish when the winter hits! LED lights have a long lifespan and are relatively maintenance free, making them the perfect choice for an eco friendly home. We love the Astro Terra 90 stainless steel ground lights, suitable for drive over use and fitted with a powerful 2.4W LED bulb. The light sits snugly above the ground and looks fantastic installed on outdoor decking or steps as seen below.

stair ground lights

Another great choice from the Astro collection is the Astro Beam Four, with a silver finish and a powerful 3W LED bulb, this is ideal for outdoor use. All of the Astro Lighting exterior lights are covered by a 3 year guarantee, this also applies to those living by the coast or in a high salt environment as all products are tested for up to 1000 hours in a hot salt spray cabinet. The Beam Four ground light is dimmable if used with a dimmable driver and has a walk over weight of up to 2000kg.

ground lighting

Outdoor Post Lights
Post, or bollard lights offer a contemporary lighting option for your garden and can be placed along pathways to create extra ambience and an illuminated walkway for those late evenings! Like outdoor spotlights, post lights can be placed where they are needed – offering lighting at the right place and the right time. Get creative with different sizes and styles and really bring your garden to life once the sun goes down.

bollard lights

When installing post lights, ensure that the base is deep enough to withstand the light without it leaning. Many post lights come with a concrete anchor and earth spike to make the installation process even easier. Post lights offer added decor to your outdoor space and we’ve put together a collection of our favourite post lights to brighten up your summer. This beautiful Rox pathlight from SLV is finished in brushed aluminium, giving it a modern look that’s ideal for contemporary path lighting. The dimmable lights and 180 degree head tilt ensure you can position this lamp exactly how you need it. We love how they’ve been used here to illuminate this stone staircase, how would you position yours?


Those looking for a more vintage look will love this St Ives Exterior Standing Light by Garden Trading. Perfect for rustic, country gardens, this light is hot dipped galvanised after manufacture for a long lasting finish and vintage appearance. Weatherproof and suitable for coastal locations, it’s set to become a focal point in any garden.

garden lights

We would love to see some of your own creative adventures with ground lighting! Have you created your own illuminated path, or used spotlights to light up your driveway? Share your images with us on Facebook or head to our Pinterest page for more lighting inspiration.

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