How to Host the Perfect Outdoor Summer Party

With the warmer weather finally upon us and the summer holidays swiftly approaching, it’s the perfect time to start organising summer parties. From cocktails with friends to playdates for the kids, you’ll never be short of ideas for a potential soiree. Whether you hope to host a family BBQ or a relaxing outdoor get-together, here at Dusk Lighting we have all the advice you need to wow your guests with the perfect summer party.


Whatever cuisine you decide to thrill your guests with, you can guarantee that food will be one of the main attractions at your party. It is important to always be mindful of your guests when preparing food; confirm any allergies or intolerances in advance and make sure to cater to any vegan or vegetarian guests that may be attending. 

BBQs are a great option for outdoor parties. They are easy to prepare and consume, universally appreciated and most importantly, leave next to no washing up. Meats such as burgers, sausages and chicken are firm BBQ favourites and are great when combined with corn on the cob or incorporated into a kebab. 

Always make sure that meat is cooked right through before serving it to your guests to avoid any upset stomachs. If you do have vegetarian guests attending your party, make sure to prepare food on a separate grill; disposable BBQs are ideal for this. Halloumi is a great meat alternative for vegetarians and grilled vegetables and/or mushrooms are fantastic for vegans.  


Hydrated guests are happy guests! From beers for the adults to cola for the kids, there is a plethora of choice when it comes to party drinks. 

Cocktails are a great way to impress if you have a bit of creative flair and enjoy trying new things. If you’re not a connoisseur when it comes to mixology, some firm favourites include the Cosmopolitan, Mojito, Passion Fruit Martini and Woo Woo. Cold beers or ciders are also a great accompaniment for a BBQ or if you’re looking to bring a touch of class to your get together, why not opt for a chilled white or rosé wine?

For those who don’t drink, Elderflower Pressé is an extremely refreshing summer drink or if you prefer to keep things simple, opt for soft drinks such as cola or lemonade. Mocktails make for a great alternative to alcohol and are also suitable for children and teenagers, so there’s no way anyone will feel left out.


Lighting is an extremely important addition to any outdoor summer party, particularly if you plan for your celebration to continue long into the night! Not only is outdoor and garden lighting practical, but it also helps to set the mood and create a fun and relaxing atmosphere. 

For widespread lighting, why not incorporate a selection wall lights around the exterior of your home? Not only are these perfect for a summer party, but they’re also extremely useful all year round. 

This Finsbury Exterior Wall Lamp from our Garden Trading collection makes a wonderful addition to any garden. The charcoal wire design is modern yet rustic and looks wonderful when mounted on lighter coloured or stone and concrete walls. 

You could also incorporate some garden spike lights. This type of lighting looks wonderful when lining the edge of your lawn or path and can also be utilised to draw focus to a specific area of your garden. Whether you want to bring attention to a stunning water feature or your beautiful prized plants, adding a couple of spike lights is an ideal way to do this. 

These garden spike lights from our Astro lighting range are modern and stylish. Available in black and grey, these lights will tone in with any garden decor and are also adjustable, meaning that they can be positioned however and wherever you see fit.

If don’t have a lawn or prefer not to affect your grass in any way, our Terra ground and wall lights from Astro are a spectacular alternative. Suitable for floor and wall use, they are versatile and can be incorporated into your outdoor decking to provide a welcoming glow.

Another alternative to altering the landscape of your garden is to incorporate hanging lights. The Bolleke Hanging IP55 LED USB Lantern makes a perfect addition to any garden; USB-rechargeable with three different light settings, it’s a fantastic alternative to traditional outdoor lighting. One full charge will give you up to 24 hours of beautiful lighting, so the Bolleke is guaranteed to keep going for as long as you do!

All of our garden lights are safe for outdoor use and are water-resistant, so you can guarantee they’ll be stylish and functional all year round. 

Decor & Seating

Don’t forget the decor! Additions such as bunting, ornaments and outdoor cushions can provide the perfect finishing touch to any outdoor party. Adequate and comfortable seating is also essential, no matter how many guests you plan to entertain. 

A small coffee table with sofas and benches or an outdoor dining table with a selection of chairs is an ideal accompaniment to your garden party, as it provides a central point for guests to sit and relax around. If the seats in your garden are on the harder side, provide additional cushions for comfort. Another useful tip for evening and night-time parties is to provide several throw blankets for guests. Although it’s summer, it can still get quite chilly of an evening!


It’s not a party if there’s no music. Whether you’re a fan of 80s hits or the latest chart music, a high-quality Bluetooth speaker can really make all the difference and is the perfect finishing touch to your party. 

The Colors LED The Mini Speaker Light from our Halo Design collection is ideal for summer nights. With the added bonus of having a built-in light, not only can you treat your guests to the best music but you can also set the mood with relaxing, soft lighting. For larger speakers and other gadgets, take a look at our full range of products from our innovative Halo Design and Mantra collections. 


Why not take a look at our full range of outdoor and garden lighting to really brighten up your summer evenings?

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