How To Install Garden Lighting

Installing garden lighting doesn’t have to be a chore when you’ve got all of the basic information you need to install your outdoor lighting safely and effectively. Garden lighting can turn your outdoor space into a relaxing, safe haven and transform the feel of a patio or decking area by providing ambient lighting. Take a look at the helpful guide from Dusk Lighting on how to install outdoor lighting to begin your garden transformation in time for summer.

Some top tips to remember before you start installing garden lighting:

● Not all exterior lights are ideal coastal lights – for example, mounting stainless steel wall lights externally in a coastal area will result in metal corrosion and stains due to the difference in water temperature, winds and salt exposure, so take note of whether your location will suit the type of outdoor lighting you’re after
● Turn off power before installing your outdoor lights, and invest in a socket tester or voltage tester for lighting circuits – an important one to avoid nasty shocks
● Have your kit ready, including pliers and screwdriver
● Read instructions for outdoor lighting installation carefully
● When complete, it is vital to ensure that your outdoor light is waterproof and sealed correctly

If you’re wanting to rewire and replace existing exterior lights, we’ve got some further rewiring tips to help you do the job yourself, without the need of an electrician:

● As before, ensure power is turned off and read the light instructions
● Remove existing light from it’s mount by either unscrewing or unclipping from it’s base
● Unscrew any plastic caps covering the black, white and copper wires
● Follow instructions for screwing the new light mount on – this will probably just cover where the previous one was over a hole in the wall where the wires come out
● Match the coloured wires and twist them together clockwise (black with black, copper with copper, and so on) and screw the caps on the ends
● Simply trim some of the plastic casing that is covering the wires if there isn’t enough exposed wire to wrap with
● Try to fit these newly attached wires behind the light fixture base and secure it to the wall
● Finally, attach your bulb(s) and turn the power back on to test the connection!

lighting cables

Outdoor and garden lighting accessories
We have some outdoor lighting accessories from EGLO to help your installation of your external lights run smoothly. The EGLO Connector Box has one supply line and five distribution lines which will cut down on the need for unsightly cables running through your garden. The connector box can simply be buried with the attached cables. The EGLO Park 4 Garden Pillar Power Points in black is a convenient way of plugging in all of your electrical wares outside. With four power points you’re able to plug in your outdoor lights permanently, and lawnmowers or strimmers whenever needed.

Garden Lighting available at Dusk Lighting
The impressive range of outdoor and garden lighting at Dusk Lighting encompasses practical security lights, traditional lantern wall lights and stylish downlights to suit all requirements for your outdoor spaces. With functional and stylish designs on offer, you’re free to update your garden lighting arrangement with the designer lighting brands at Dusk Lighting.

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The designer homeware and lighting brand Garden Trading offer some fantastic lights suitable for gardens and patios. We love the Garden Trading wall lights for adding some much needed light to doorways, that not only provide a practical purpose in terms of safety, but also look visually attractive in their designs. The stunning St Ives Swan Neck Exterior Wall Lights from Garden Trading are the perfect fusion of modern and classic design, and are available in galvanised metal, flint or charcoal shades. For coastal lighting, opt for the weatherproof hot dipped galvanised finish with it’s rustic aesthetic and oversized glass shade. All outdoor lights from Garden Trading are easy to install by following the tips mentioned above, whether you’re replacing old exterior lighting fixtures or installing them as new lights.

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For period properties with a traditional design ethos, we recommend the collection of outdoor lighting from Elstead Lighting. The outdoor pedestal lights from Elstead Lighting are superb and a great way to light a walkway path in your landscape garden or can be placed to highlight the edges of a flowerbed. Pedestal lights are commonly installed on top of brick walls, steps or paving stones and are usually teamed in pairs for a coordinated look. To connect this style of outdoor light, run an electrical line or cable into the garden to reach the lighting source. A bigger job for this may be to create an underground link between the power source from your home to the outdoor lights, but this will take considerably more effort and cost than to simply run a weatherproof cable between sources.

We hope you’ve found our guide to installing garden lighting useful and that you feel confident enough to give it a go yourself! Remember, we are on hand to offer professional help and advice via our Dusk Lighting contact number (01392 873085), so don’t hesitate to contact us.

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