How To Install LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights are a fantastic lighting option that’s energy efficient and incredibly effective in adding accent lighting to areas that require something different. Boasting powerful lighting in an array of settings, LED strip lights are a popular lighting solution in the home and in bars, restaurants and retail spaces. Today at Dusk Lighting we are providing customers with a guide on how to install LED strip lights, no matter the setting, and how they can improve the look of a room instantly.

Why use LED strip lighting?

Firstly, for the uninitiated, what are LED strip lights and why use them? LED strip lights are a versatile lighting option for homes and commercial spaces which are customizable, easy to install and can be used almost anywhere to add extra illumination. They are a circuit board of small LED lights on a flexible strip. Popular places to install LED strip lighting is in kitchens underneath the bottom cupboards, inside cabinets and as workspace lighting. Leaving the LED strip lights on and the main kitchen light off can be a good way to light a kitchen effectively on an evening, or when you wish to showcase a drinks cabinet. Due to the LED technology, this kind of lighting option is energy efficient which makes them ideal lights which can be left switched on in a room that may be used infrequently, such as a hallway or landing area.

For commercial use, LED strip lights are perfect as under counter lighting or installed behind a bar to highlight drinks and glasses. LED strip lights can also be great installed behind mirrors, as outdoor accent lighting and for illuminating walkways. The low profile of LED strip lights means that they are a discreet lighting option which can be easily hidden from view for maximum impact.

Choosing the right lights

It’s important to select the right light colour you wish to have as your LED strip lighting, and how bright you wish the lights to be. We stock warm white, natural white and cool white light colours in our range of LED strip lights from the lighting brand ELD, so take your pick from these to find the right light for where you wish to install them. Create a more ambient aesthetic with the warm white, or opt for the brighter look with cool white. In terms of brightness, we have lights ranging from 300K to 6500K and various lengths of strip lighting from 1 metre to 3 metres, which can easily be installed consecutively for areas that require longer length light strips. It’s also a good idea to check how many LED lights are fitted onto the strip to ensure you’re getting the right amount of illumination that you desire for your project.

How to install LED strip lights

Many LED strip lights have a self-adhesive element to them making them ultra simple to install once you’ve decided on the placement. Where you choose to mount the strip lights must provide a good surface that will dissipate heat and offer a good grip to secure the lighting on to. LED strip lights can also be cut to length to suit your lighting design, and can be bent in order to reach every alcove or crevice.

With LED strip lighting, you will also need a power supply and connectors, if applicable. Dimmer switches are also required if you plan on dimming the lights once installed.

  • Take measurements of where you plan to install the LED strip lights
  • Cut the strip lights to the length using the lines printed on the strip
  • Use a soldering iron to solder the wires to a power supply or connector
  • Test the LED strip light by attaching to the power unit and ensuring each light works
  • Prepare the surface by wiping it make sure that it is dust free and dry for better grip
  • Attach the strip lighting to the place you wish to install, firmly pressing down on the lighting all the way along for it to fully adhere to the surface
  • Turn on the lights!

Get your LED strip lights from Dusk Lighting today and discover the wide selection of various lengths and colours that we offer. From warm white and cool white lights to frost diffusers and end cap sets, we stock everything you need to get your LED strip lighting perfect.

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