Ground lights have the power to transform your outdoor space. 

Whether installed along your driveway, decking, or garden path, they add an extra layer of security and can be elegantly placed to draw attention to the unique features of your property.  

However, whilst ground lights are renowned for their simple and sleek design, their installation process can be tricky – so it’s important to always seek guidance and support from a professional.

At Dusk Lighting, we’ve covered everything you need to know about installing ground lights. So, whether you’re looking to enhance the front of your home with driveway lights or take your garden’s alfresco dining experience to the next level, read on!

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Table of Contents

  1. What are recessed ground lights?
  2. Why choose ground lights?
  3. Are ground lights easy to maintain?
  4. How to install ground lights: Top Tips
  5. How to install ground lights in 8 easy steps
  6. Outdoor post lights
  7. Light up your driveway with Dusk Lighting!

What are recessed ground lights?

Recessed ground lights, also known as inground lights or spotlights, are a contemporary lighting style installed directly into the ground. 

They are renowned for their circle-shaped design and are popularly used to light up dark walkways, driveways, and gardens. They can also be installed under outside seating areas to create a bespoke, ambient setting for social gatherings!

Though ground lights are small in size and subtle in appearance, they have a large impact on their surroundings and can stylishly enhance the unique features of your outdoor space. Our collection has a style to suit every theme, including those in brass, stainless steel, and aluminium finishes!

Why choose recessed ground lights?

Due to their contemporary design, recessed ground lights are a popular addition to modern homes. However, this isn’t the only reason people opt for this lighting style.

Their unobtrusive, subtle style makes them a great choice for small outdoor spaces and discourages theft.

Installing ground lights may appear tricky and invasive, however, with the help and guidance from a professional, you can enjoy this stylish lighting style for many years to come!

Wooden outdoor stairs featuring recessed ground lights at edges

Are ground lights easy to maintain?

Ground lights are relatively maintenance-free, making them the perfect choice for an eco-friendly home. 

Our Astro recessed ground lights range is filled with sustainable fixtures that are easy to maintain and even easier to style. You will also find a fantastic selection of dimmable designs, which allow you to create a truly unique ambience in your garden to suit any occasion. 

To maintain your ground lights, we’d recommend regularly checking them to remove any mud, dirt or debris. This will maintain the efficiency of your lighting fixtures, ensure that they are performing at their best, and prolong their lifespan. 

After installation, you should also regularly spot check for any exposed or damaged cables or lenses. Many modern designs are designed to be upgradable and allow you to repair damaged aspects of your lights rather than replace them, making ground lights a fantastic choice for sustainable homes.

Looking for more sustainable lighting? We also stock outdoor solar-powered lights, which are the perfect choice for those looking for low maintenance outdoor lights. 

How to install recessed ground lights: Top tips

Before your ground lights are installed, there are a few vital things you need to consider. Below, we’ve listed the most important ones. 

Turn off the power

You should always switch off the power at the mains before touching any circuits or wires or carrying out any electrical work for health and safety purposes. 

Keep the area clear

Keeping the area clear will allow everyone to work clearly and confidently and will help the electrician working to install your ground lights to safely set up their equipment. 

 It will also allow you to keep the lens of your ground lights free from any dirt, debris, and material that may prevent your light from operating at its best. 

Keep the fixture away from water

Whilst recessed ground lights are designed to withstand outdoor elements, including rain and moisture, they are not designed to be submerged underwater. This will irreversibly damage your ground lights.

The weight of the fixture

Before your recessed ground lights are installed, you must check their weight restrictions. Some ground lights are built to withstand a walking weight, whilst others can accommodate the weight of vehicles and other heavier items. It’s important to take this into account when selecting your ground lights to ensure you choose appropriate fixtures. 

How to install recessed ground lights in 8 Easy Steps

Installing ground lights doesn’t need to be tricky. However, you should always consult a professional for the necessary support and guidance. Below, we’ve broken down the process into 8 easy to follow steps. 

Step 1: Find an appropriate place to fit your ground light

The first step to installing ground lights is deciding where you plan to fit them. 

Recessed ground lights look great in several places. You can strategically plant them along your garden path, install them as driveway lights, or place them along your decking for the ultimate outdoor setting.

Wherever you choose to install your ground lights, it’s important to scope out the power supply and consider how they will reach your fixtures. Some lighting fixtures also have additional control units that need to be considered. For example, lights with colour-changing features may have extra wires to consider.

Step 2: Plan the positioning of your ground lights

There is no one-size-fits-all option for the perfect positioning of ground lights. However, we’d recommend installing them around six to eight feet apart to ensure that your pathway or driveway remains well-lit. 

If you’d prefer a brighter walkway, you can position your ground lights closer together! This is also a great way to make a statement and highlight unique focal points in your outdoor space.

Step 3: Consider the ground in which you will fit your ground lights

Once you have scoped out your power source and the placement of your recessed ground lights, you will have to consider the ground material in which you will fit your light. 

If you plan to install your ground lights in soil or decking, you must ensure that you buy watertight wires. This will protect your fixtures from moisture and damp weather conditions.

If you are planning to install ground lights in stone or concrete, you might need to think about hiring a professional digger. It will also be more difficult to access the cables, so you must ensure that you are properly prepared to combat this. 

Different materials will require different tools and preparation, so it’s essential to think about this ahead of time. 

Step 4: Dig the holes for your recessed ground lights

The diameter of the hole should be 6 inches larger than the diameter of your lighting fixture, whilst the depth should be around 8 inches deeper than its height. 

Once you have dug the hole, you must also ensure that you will be able to run the wire through that will connect the lighting fixture to the power supply. 

Step 5: Install ground lights cable

Once you have created the spot where your ground light will reside, the cable from the power source needs to be connected. 

To successfully install the cable, you will first need to install some conduit underground. Conduit is a tube popularly used to protect electrical wiring and will allow you to thread the lighting fixture’s wire underground whilst protecting it from other materials.

If you install ground lights in stone or concrete, you will also need an installation tube. The tube can be directly set into concrete; however, if you fit your lights into stone material, you’ll first need to cut a hole into the stone using a special saw. Then, you can fit the tube into the hole and firmly secure its placement using cement when you’re ready.

After the tube is in place, you will find that you can easily insert and pull out the ground lights, which will make the installation process and future maintenance easier. The conduit tubing can then be fed in and out of the installation tube using the holes provided.

Step 6: Waterproof your connections.

Once everything is in place, it is vital to waterproof your connections to prevent future water damage. We’d recommend using mastic putty or tape around the threads of the conduit connector and power supply to create a protective barrier. 

Step 7: Backfill holes with 8 inches of pea gravel for drainage

Once the recessed ground light has been fitted, fill the remaining volume of the hole with gravel to ensure a secure fit and encourage proper drainage to protect your fixture from water ingress.  

If you are installing ground lights in concrete, you can instead fill the hole with concrete if you’d prefer to.

Step 8: Turn on power to your circuit

Once your recessed ground lights are successfully installed, all that’s left to do is check your wires, switch on the power, and enjoy your new lighting!

Working with electricity can be dangerous – especially if you do not have the right expertise and safety knowledge. So, as with any electrical work, you should always consult a professional to ensure a safe and successful installation. 

Outdoor bollard lights and pedestal lights

Like recessed ground lights, bollard lights and pedestal lights are popular outdoor lighting styles. They can be placed along dark pathways to create extra ambience and provide much-needed illumination during dark evenings! 

Tips for installing outdoor post lights

Bollard lights are taller than spotlights, so it’s important to ensure that their base is fitted deep enough to prevent the fixture from leaning. Many post lights come with a concrete anchor and earth spike to make the installation process easier. 

Our range has bollard lights to suit every aesthetic. Shop everything from anthracite and black bollard lights to those in bronze and stainless steel finishes and stylishly enhance your garden!

Light up your driveway with Dusk Lighting!

Whether installed along your garden path, driveway, or outside the confines of your home, recessed ground lights are a fantastic way to illuminate your outdoor space stylishly. 

They are perfect for brightening dark corners and pathways and will add an instant layer of security wherever they are installed.

Installing ground lights might seem like a tricky process; however, our step-by-step guide makes the process easy. And with the help of a professional, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying this popular lighting style for many years to come!

Looking for more contemporary outdoor lighting options? At Dusk Lighting, we have a fantastic variety of lighting styles. Shop our fantastic collection of ground spike lights, which offer a versatile lighting style that can be installed and rearranged as you please! We also offer security and CCTV lighting for all your home security needs. 

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