How To Light A Modern Kitchen

A modern home deserves a modern lighting system, and here at Dusk Lighting, we’re experts in providing modern lighting solutions for contemporary homes. The kitchen is a space in which the right lighting is crucial. From the style to the function and the placement, your kitchen lighting should be finely tuned to offer you the best possible atmosphere and practical illumination.

If you’re not sure where to start when planning how to light your kitchen, our guide to planning and choosing your kitchen lighting is sure to provide a helping hand. Take a look through our guide to how to light a modern kitchen, and remember you can always contact us if you have any further questions!

When Should I Start Planning My Kitchen Lighting?

If you’re remodelling, you should ideally start thinking about your kitchen lighting right at the beginning of the planning stage. By taking kitchen lighting into consideration at this stage of the process, you’re much more likely to be able to fit lighting that works for your kitchen, rather than having to shoehorn kitchen lighting in after the fact and having to compromise on key functions and styles.

Types of Kitchen Lighting

When you’re shopping for your kitchen lighting, you’ll probably find that there are a few common terms used to describe the different types of kitchen lighting required. These include kitchen lighting that creates atmosphere (ambient lighting), kitchen lighting that serves a particular function (task lighting), and finally kitchen lighting that adds those stylish finishing touches (accent lighting).

Modern Kitchen Lighting Areas

  1. Atmospheric Lighting | Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is responsible for the overall atmosphere of your room. It’s the primary source of lighting your room and should complement any natural light that’s available in your kitchen. This kind of kitchen lighting is typically categorised as ceiling lighting as it should cast light throughout the whole room from a high vantage point.

There are many different kinds of ambient lighting you can use in your kitchen – the most commonly used kind of kitchen lighting is recessed ceiling lighting such as spotlights as these are able to offer the evenest coverage of lighting without taking up any space, but chandelier lighting and even pendant lights may be used to complement your primary ambient lighting source in the kitchen.

  1. Functional Lighting | Task Lighting

In a kitchen, ambient lighting isn’t enough. You’ll find that as soon as you head to an island or a work surface, you cast a shadow – this is impractical when you’re cooking or working at these kitchen surfaces, so it’s important that you include functional lighting in your kitchen lighting plan in order to provide a safe amount of lighting to these spaces.

Functional lighting such as this is called task lighting, and simply put it should be placed in any area of your kitchen where you may carry out a task such as a work surface or even a cabinet. Popular kitchen task lighting options include fittings such as LED strip lighting and under cabinet lighting.

  1. Decorative Lighting | Accent Lighting

Once you have your main sources of kitchen lighting planned, you can think about decorative lighting that will provide the finishing touches to the appearance of your kitchen.

Decorative lighting is often referred to as accent lighting and is placed in areas that you wish to highlight such as open shelves or glass cabinets. Accent lighting may also refer to lighting that is placed purely for decorative purposes, such as pendant breakfast bar lighting, to create a stylistic focus point in a room.

Where Should I Place My Kitchen Lighting?

Aside from understanding which types of kitchen lighting you need to be choosing, you also need to consider where they should be placed. There are three key areas that apply to most kitchens for you to consider…

  1. Kitchen Islands | Task & Ambience

If your kitchen is large enough to feature an island or breakfast bar, you’ll need to think about how best to illuminate this area. Is it placed so that ambient lighting alone will be enough, or do you need to consider some additional task lighting? Most often, we find that people choose breakfast bar lighting such as pendant lighting or ceiling mounted lighting to turn their island into a focal point in the kitchen.

  1. Cabinets | Task & Accent

Kitchen cabinets are a great place to fit lighting as your kitchen lighting is then able to illuminate the worktop below without taking up any additional space. Usually, people fit under cabinet lighting with a task lighting function in mind, but you may also want to consider under cabinet lighting simply for accent lighting purposes. LED strip lighting correctly placed either under or over your cabinets can create an ultra modern effect with tons of atmosphere – perfect for modern kitchens.

  1. Ceiling | Ambience

The ceiling is where you should place your primary lighting source. The key area for ambient lighting, this kitchen lighting dictates the atmosphere of your kitchen when there’s no natural light and no track lighting switched on. It’s the light source you’ll use the most day-to-day, so choose ceiling lights or recessed ceiling lighting that will cast a bright light evenly around your kitchen.

Kitchen Lighting Controls

Day-to-day, you’ll use your ambient lighting the most in the kitchen – so it’s important that you consider how you want to control this lighting. It can be as simple as a standard on/off switch, but if you’d like to be able to adjust the atmosphere of your kitchen without having to turn on your task lighting or accent lighting, you may wish to invest in a light dimmer. You’ll find all kinds of ways to control and customise the function of your kitchen lighting in our collection of light bulbs and accessories at Dusk Lighting.

Kitchen Lighting at Dusk Lighting

Here at Dusk Lighting, we offer modern kitchen lighting solutions in all kinds of functions. From ambience lighting to task lighting and accent lighting for your kitchen, we’re able to provide modern kitchen lighting solutions to meet your needs. Take a look at our contemporary collection of kitchen lighting, or browse some of our best selling kitchen lighting products below:

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