How To Save Energy In Winter

Have you ever wondered how much energy your home uses? It’s most probably not the most considered element of owning or renting a home, but energy efficiency is key to running an environmentally (and financially) sound home. There are some actions that we as consumers can take control of in order to monitor our individual energy consumption, and we’re able to see the impact and benefits of those decisions. At Dusk Lighting we’re taking a look at the reasons why we should all be more aware of our energy efficiency and exploring different ways on how to save energy at home this winter as we creep ever closer to the colder season.

Reasons to save energy
Actively aiming to save energy in the home is not a new concept by any means! From campaigns shown on television, to leaflets received in the post, from all angles we’re being encouraged to save energy – but what does this mean for you, and why do it?

● Using less energy is better for the environment – Your energy saving actions at home can have a positive impact on the environment by decreasing the power plant emissions. The more energy needed and used, the more non-renewable fuels are being used to power the electricity to our homes. Reduce your impact by cutting down your energy consumption!
● It saves you money in the long-term – Being more mindful of your energy consumption can mean more money in your wallet! It makes sense that switching off lights and other appliances that aren’t in use will save you money on your electricity bills. A great incentive indeed.

LED lighting
A great way to light your home the energy efficient way is to switch to LED lightbulbs which are on the whole a better option for regularly used lights due to their durability and ability to use less energy during use. You can easily put an LED light bulb into an existing light fixture providing the LED bulb uses less wattage than your fixture. Another plus of LED lighting is that the LED light bulb does not emit the same high heat levels as a normal light bulb, whilst also emitting the same bright light. LED lights are a great option for lights that will be left on for a long amount of time due to the two factors of using less energy and not reaching high heat levels. Examples of where LED lights can be used include cabinet lighting, picture wall lights and hallway lights, all of which we stock here at Dusk Lighting!

We stock a wide range of LED integrated lights in our selection of lounge lighting that features stylish lights for your living room and hallway areas in the form of popular spotlights, downlights and wall lights in various finishes. If you’re looking for some sleek LED spotlights then look no further than the spotlights and downlights available from Astro for the choice of square or circle spotlight fixtures in finishes such as classic white, brushed stainless steel and on trend polished chrome.

Not only can you switch to LED light bulbs indoors, use LED lighting as an outdoor lighting solution and reap the same benefits! Add some designer lighting to your garden with the range of LED outdoor lighting from brands such as Lutec who offer modern wall lights that are ideal for lighting up your outdoor space. Opt for LED lights as part of your garden lighting for security and decorative benefits!

The range of LED drivers in the light bulbs and accessories department at Dusk Lighting provides numerous power drivers and LED constant current drivers from brands such as Deltech that can be used to provide power to LED integrated lights.

Top 5 simple ways to save energy at home
Alongside switching to energy efficient light bulbs and turning off unused lights, there are so many ways to save energy at home during winter, including:

1. Choose a lower temperature on your washing machine – Aim for a 40° wash rather than 60° wash, and select a washing option that will allow for the shortest cycle time as ways to save energy doing your laundry.

2. Install the correct insulation – Loft insulation and cavity wall insulation (often offered for free by energy companies) will help eliminate heat loss through the roof and walls of your home, meaning your home will be warmer without reaching for the ‘On’ button on the central heating system quite so often.

3. Limit your shower and bath time – Consider the amount of energy it takes to heat up a bath full of water or a 20 minute shower, once or twice a day depending on the size of your family. Not only will limiting your shower usage time and opting for quick showers over baths save you money on your water bills, it’s also better for your energy consumption.

4. Turn down the thermostat – Try turning down the thermostat by a degree for an average saving of £50 a year – put a jumper on and layer up if you start to feel a chill!

5. Draw the curtains and use draught excluders – Hang heavy curtains over draught emitting doorways and windows to keep the heat right where you want it. By containing the heat more effectively, you’re reducing the need to have the central heating on high.

So after considering our guide on how to save energy at home during the winter (or any time of year), swap your lights for LED lights with Dusk Lighting to improve your energy consumption.

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