Kitchen Lighting Trends for 2021

The kitchen is the soul of the house, whether you’re cooking for the family, enjoying a glass of wine with friends, or simply relaxing at the end of the day, the kitchen is at the centre of your family’s day to day living. It’s the place of family breakfast mayhem, meal preparation, completing homework and socialising, therefore it is essential that you get your kitchen light layering right in order to make the most of your space. 

A practical, yet aesthetically pleasing kitchen has the ability to pull your family together and draw your guests into the heart of your home. If you’re looking to improve the functionality and overall design of your kitchen there are plenty of ways you can incorporate some modern lighting trends into your interior.

The growing popularity of open plan living, kitchen islands, and breakfast bars have transformed the way we use our kitchens. They are now on a much more multi-functional level and our lighting plans must evolve too. Let us, Dusk Lighting,  take you through ways to uplift your kitchen space and provide you with 2020’s best kitchen lighting trends.

Before we take you through some of our favourite trends, it is important to recognise that lightning comes in an array of forms, meaning different decorative effects can achieve different functional effects too. So before you start planning a relighting design you may need to consider what type of functional lighting you want to achieve first. 

The best way to decide this is by looking at what lighting or illumination is already available in your kitchen. If your kitchen attracts a lot of natural light due to large windows or a conservatory, then you may just need some task lighting for preparing meals on an evening. A kitchen that has embedded ceiling spotlights, for example, may want a decorative element to give the kitchen a homely feel. 

The four basic forms of kitchen lighting are: 

Task lights 

Task lights are one of the most practical lighting elements of the kitchen, they allow you to illuminate a certain area so you can see clearly when completing tasks such as chopping and preparing food. To introduce task lighting into your kitchen you’re going to need a fixture that aims the light downwards, perhaps placed under kitchen cupboards directing light onto your kitchen worktops. 

Ambient lighting 

Ambient lighting lights the whole room or kitchen area, rather than focusing on a certain spot. If you’re wanting to really brighten a room, a larger lighting fixture will not necessarily give off more light than a smaller fixture. Therefore, to achieve brightness, you will need to consider using a row of lights or a fixture with multiple bulbs. It’s also worth thinking about what you use your space for, if you use your kitchen island as a social space, choosing softer or dimmable lighting can help create an intimate mood. 

Accent lighting 

Accent lighting is sometimes overlooked when choosing the design of your interior, but it is the lighting element we believe brings your room together. Accent lighting highlights a design feature such as a piece of art, worktop or material you want to show off. Pinpoint lights are great for bringing out the sparkle in polished metals or flecked stone, wall lights bring attention to your favourite art piece,  while a soft light can really bring out the tones in your wood or stone countertop. 

Decorative lighting 

Decorative light general makes a statement and gives personality to your kitchen space,  it generally projects a sparkle or lighting pattern that is reflective of the design of your lighting choice. If you have sufficient task lights and pendant lights then you can experiment with decorative pendant lights in the centre of the room. If you have an open plan living space  you can be playful with decorative floor lamps. 

Lighting, however, does not always fit into a single category and it can be multi functional. A light can be functional and ambient while still being decorative and engaging. Nevertheless, it is essential that you know in advance what role your lights need to fill. 

  1. Make your lights a Central Feature 

Lighting can make a stunning focal point in the kitchen, and can be used to bring the overall design together, while accentuating certain elements of the room. Pendant lighting over kitchen islands or dining tables can help your create atmosphere and style in an instant. Larger kitchen spaces  require bigger feature pieces, while smaller spaces suit more delicate stylised feature lighting. Breakfast bars and kitchen islands make a much more effective workable space once they are lit up and highlighted with the simple addition of ultra sleek pendant lights, there are a number of styles than can upgrade your kitchen instantly.  

Here at Dusk Lighting, we are a fan of Eglo’s black and copper open cage steel pendant, as it adds a retro style to your kitchen with its unique design. Both black and copper are on trend colours for your kitchen in 2020, where stainless steel once dominated design, warmer metal alternatives are starting to take over. Experimenting with copper kitchen accessories such as pans and utensils is a great way to create an accent colour to match to your copper lighting trend. 

Sometimes, simple is best, here at Dusk Lighting we have an array of block coloured pendant lights that sit elegantly in your kitchen space. Despite their simple design, their block colour style gives a homely feel and can be placed in both traditional and contemporary interiors. If your kitchen is mainly white, a block coloured pendant is the perfect way to add a pop of colour to the room. Matte black is also a huge colour trend which is on the rise, pairing black pendant lights with white interior requires elements of copper or other metallic coppers in accessories such as toasters and kettles, just to break up that black and white. 

If you like to keep your interior modern, you’ll love Searchlight’s chrome 4 light bar pendant, as aforementioned, it really brightens the room. A series of beautiful pendant lights or a single statement pendant can help differentiate between dining space and work zones. This particular fitting not only provides a great source of light, it adds interest, breaking up the austere lines of cabinets.

2. Metallic finishes

Kitchen appliances are now available in a wide variety of colours and finishes, you can find everything from utensils and pans to taps and sinks in metallic metals. What was once seen as a functional element, is now one of the most influential decorative elements that can change the overall look of the room. The metallic trend doesn’t just stop there though,  kitchens are getting a glamourous uplift, whether they’re contemporary or industrial, with the addition of stylish copper, gold, and bronze lighting. The simple addition of metallic breakfast bar lighting over a kitchen island or dining table can get you up to date with this trend.  If you’re looking to embrace an industrial trend, we love Eglo’s copper coloured triple drop bar pendant light, this stunning fitting is dimmable so you can create the right ambience for the occasion,  why not try some copper kitchen accessories to finish off the look?  

3. Pop of colour

Green pendant light

While an all white kitchen can look fresh, clean and bright, it can sometimes lack personality and almost look a little sterile. Adding a bright pop of colour such as red, yellow or orange is becoming increasingly popular, while updating an all white kitchen with a monochrome scheme is a timeless design choice. 

We expect to see more green in 2021 as accent wallpaper in palms and botanicals are becoming increasingly popular. Trusty earthy greens can freshen your space, and the addition of green lighting can really wake up your living space and bring your accent wallpaper to life. Green olive, guacamole and antique moss and are very on trend this season, they are turning heads on the catwalk and there is no reason you can’t introduce them to your home too.

4. Natural materials

LED bar shelf

The ongoing houseplant trend and incorporation of botanical and wood effect accent walls, means natural materials are becoming a luxe addition to our interiors, from chunky wooden worktops to shabby chic accent furniture, the trend focuses on bringing the outside in.  The new natural trend loves tactile materials such as rattan and bamboo and makes us feel more at home with nature in our home. Natural materials and textures help us to create a more holistic,  calming environment that contributes towards improving our well-being. Nature inspired hues such as earthy brown lighting and deep green lighting help to bring a touch of the outdoors in. 

Eglo Tondela LED bar pendant light shelf in wood is an innovative breakfast bar lighting design combining a soft wooden finish with an environmentally efficient LED module, delicately concealed inside. Projecting warm light and extremely practical, this lighting unit not only brightens your home, but is also the answer to storage problems. 

Look for your natural light – it is important to utilise this as much as possible. Look where the light comes in and which direction it faces. Patio and french doors are perfect for letting natural light flood in; it bounces off the contours of your surfaces and brightens the room. Look for the main living elements, if the natural light does not hit there, it could be worth investing in some wall lights or decorative elements such as shelf or feature lights.

So whether it is atmospheric, functional or decorative lighting your kitchen is in need of, altering your breakfast bar lights and kitchen island lighting can completely transform your kitchen. Keep on top of all the latest lighting trends here at Dusk Lighting, where you’ll find pendant lighting, cabinet lights and wall lights to illuminate your kitchen and the rest of your home. 

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