Know Your Scandi Home Trends

Hygge, Lagom and Umage – oh my! It seems like the Scandi home trend is far from slowing down, instead, we’re getting even more Scandi home designs to try out this year. Following the popularity of Hygge, Lagom emerged with a brand new minimalist style, and now Umage is taking centre stage on the Scandi design scene with its hard working and practical approach.

Whether you’re a Scandi design pro or a total beginner, we want to talk you through exactly how your home lighting can help you achieve some of these distinct Scandi styles in any room of your home.

What Is Traditional Scandinavian Design?

At its heart, traditional Scandinavian design is a minimalist style that focuses on simplicity above all. In Scandi style homes, you’ll find bright white walls, natural wood flooring, cool toned furnishings and brightly coloured, folksy accents. In amongst cool shades and neutrals, pops of yellow, pink and blue add touches of beauty against the practical landscape.

However, as with many interior design styles, there are nuances and trends within the overall Scandinavian interior umbrella. Hygge was the first of these lifestyle trends to become popular with homeowners, with Lagom and now Umage following closely behind.

While the three styles differ in their appearance and wider lifestyle approach, lighting is a central part of inviting them into your home. Choosing Nordic lighting brands such as Belid as a base from which to plan out your Scandi home lighting – designed with Scandinavian style in mind, within our collection of Belid lighting you’ll be able to find Scandi lighting that appeals to Hygge, Lagom and Umage interiors.

What Is Hygge?

Hygge (hoo-ga) is all about creating a cosy feeling. A Scandi home style that truly appeals to self-care and wellbeing, Hygge home interiors should leave you feeling content, charmed and like you’re enjoying a special atmosphere. Hygge can mean anything from drinking hot chocolate when it’s cold outside to snuggling up with a book under soft blankets or simply relaxing in dim and cosy lighting.

How To Hygge Your Lighting

While the gentle glow of candlelight is arguably the most Hygge form of lighting, filament lighting can be a fantastic electric lighting alternative. The warm glow of a filament bulb can create exactly the same Hygge atmosphere – especially when combined with warm copper and brass finishes.

What Is Lagom?

Whereas Hygge is all about the comfy and cosy, Lagom (Lar-gom) is about finding “just the right amount”. Lagom home interiors look to sustainability, moderation and a balanced aesthetic that looks just enough. This plays into a much more minimalist style than Hygge, which can become more cluttered in its pursuit of a cosy look. Lagom is heralded as being more of a full-time look and lifestyle, distinguishing itself from Hygge which is about creating a moment and a feeling – living Lagom can mean anything from getting your finances under control to upping your recycling efforts, to filling bags of clutter to donate to a charity.

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How To Lagom Your Lighting

If Hygge is about excess, Lagom is about keeping it simple. Lagom lighting leans towards function over style with clean shapes and block colours featuring in its design. If you want to Lagom your lighting, choose flush lighting in neutral colours that blend into the scenery that offer practical function rather than flair.

What Is Umage?

A new Scandinavian design trend, Umage (oo-may) simply translates to “make more effort”. You can embrace Umage in all kinds of ways, from taking extra time to make an effort with your wardrobe, to making sure you have time to go to the gym, to going the extra mile with your home decor. Umage is a hard-working lifestyle, and can make your home work hard for you.

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How To Umage Your Lighting

Umage lighting should reflect the idea that greater effort is being put in. There’s a couple of ways you can translate that – firstly, you can choose Umage lighting that works harder for you in a practical sense by being adjustable in some way, or your Umage lighting can show you to be making more of an effort with the style of your home interiors by being more ‘over the top’ in its design and appearance.

Make your lighting work harder for you:

Show off your home interior efforts:

No matter what your Scandinavian decor preference, we’re sure that you’ll find the perfect Nordic lighting solution for you in our Belid lighting collection here at Dusk Lighting.

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