Lighting Guide: Party Season Prep

Opening your home to family and friends during the upcoming party season can be a wonderful time to make new memories and reaffirm existing bonds, but as a host it can also bring with it a number of potential issues! Getting your house ready for visitors, whether it’s redecorating or simply carrying out a deep clean, can benefit your home as a whole, long after the party ends. From laidback get togethers, to carefully crafted dinner parties, take the stress out of party season prep with the Dusk Lighting guide to making your home as welcoming as can be for your guests.

Lighting up the party space

Many a party takes place in the kitchen or dining room, as most of the action occurs around the food and drink. This is why it’s worth considering ways to light your kitchen so that it becomes an inviting area, that also allows you to do your hosting.

Our range of breakfast bar lighting offers a wide selection of lights suitable for installing in the kitchen over breakfast bars or kitchen islands. With many modern elements and on-trend finishes, you’re sure to find the right light or multiple lights for your kitchen which will add to the look of the room perfectly. At Dusk Lighting we’re big fans of the multiple pendant lighting trend and designer lighting from EGLO have some ideal products. Cluster pendants offer a unique lighting option with lights fitted at different heights – this light will certainly become a focal point in itself! Dar Lighting has also created a bar pendant light which looks sophisticated and impressive with it’s exceptional polished copper lamp holders and matt black open metal work frame. The multiple pendant light design would work brilliantly installed above a breakfast bar, and can look fantastic as the main kitchen light source during a party.

Put a spotlight on your hosting skills

Another excellent kitchen lighting option that will illuminate your party are spotlights which can be adjusted to light up certain areas of the room. Any modern kitchen will truly benefit from having spotlights or downlights installed as the overall look is one that displays a contemporary finish. This kitchen lighting style is perfect for an open plan kitchen-dining room as the lighting is consistent and follows the theme of the room perfectly. Even better is when the dimmable spotlights can be turned down to create a more intimate setting. Adjust the spotlights or downlights to face a dining table or food prep areas to highlight the most important part of any party – the delicious food!

The look of recessed downlights is sleek and subtle, without compromising on the light’s brightness. At Dusk Lighting we stock a great range of stylish spotlights and downlights so that you can buy as many as you need to suit the size of your kitchen or dining room. From white square downlights to satin nickel spotlights, you’re bound to find the right kitchen lighting for all of your home entertaining needs.

4 ways to use lighting for a party at home

Never underestimate the power that lighting can have! Here’s a few more ways we’d suggest utilising lighting to transform your home for a special event:


  • Create a beautiful entrance with a well-lit driveway or path – It’s a great first impression for guests when they see an expertly lit path to your front door. Our range of outdoor and garden lighting has plenty of exterior lighting options, from wall lights to pedestal lights.


  • Decorate with candles – Use classic pillar candles in glass holders, or get some LED wax candles, and enjoy the glow from several of them dotted about a room. Get creative and pop a candle in a Mason jar or waxed paper bag for something different.


  • Embrace a decadent look – Greeting guests in your hallway with a glorious chandelier above you is bound to impress and set the tone for the night. Discover the selection of chandeliers at Dusk Lighting for beautiful crystal glass chandeliers or dual light pendant lights for something a little different for your hallway and landing.


  • Use lights to decorate your garden – If you’re planning on taking this party outside, perhaps to a heated decking area, then why not make use of the garden to create something spectacular? Wrap fairy lights around a tree trunk or throw them up in the branches for a sparkling display.


So if you’re looking for ways to get your house ready for a party, we’ve hopefully covered all bases in this helpful party season prep guide. At Dusk Lighting we believe that lighting can play an important part in creating atmosphere in your home, so browse our extensive ranges of lights in various modern or traditional finishes to improve the look and feel of your current lighting situation in time for your seasonal events!

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