Lighting Trends 2021: Designs to Brighten Your Home Next Year

Lighting trends

Lighting is a vital part of any inspiring home design. As well as being functional, lighting can transform our home into a cosy, attractive space to relax, cook, entertain, and wind down in. Whether it’s rustic hygge interiors to recreate a country escape feel, or bold, luxury coloured shades to uplift a dark room, 2021 lighting trends are ready to alight our new year with positivity and style. 

2020 has been a challenging year for all of us, with extended periods of isolation, and time away from our friends and family. It’s been a year for staying safe and staying inside. Our focus has been drawn to our homes, we’ve had time to discover where we spend most of our time, and how we function within it. Most importantly, we’ve had the opportunity to discover what makes us happy. 

As the new year looms, many of us are considering revamping our homes for a fresh start, so let’s discover what is set to brighten our lives this upcoming year…

Warm metals 

Warm interior lighting

Warm metals will continue to stay prominent throughout 2021, particular brass and copper lighting. These warmer, contemporary tones of brushed and polished metals will be seen more regularly. Whether high shine or matt, these warm metals pair perfectly with natural materials such as wood, or marble, for a refined and elegant feel. They even complement manmade materials, such as concrete, for a contemporary effect.

Bringing the outside in 

Wooden lighting

A continuing trend from 2020,  more people will be bringing the outside in with natural materials, house plants, and garden-inspired accessories. Not everyone has a garden or balcony, so this trend gives people the option to add a touch of nature into their living space, regardless. Whether it’s concrete lighting for a contemporary look, or wooden lighting for a touch of calm and serenity, this trend provides an escape from our busy, and sometimes chaotic lives. Our beautiful Graypants collection showcases creations styled out of corrugated cardboard into various shapes, to make an interesting focal point that blends into natural interiors of any home.

Sculptural table and floor lamps

Floor lamps

The perfect fusion of lighting, and creativity, sculptural table and floor lamps will be turning your lighting into a piece of fine art in 2021, thus still piquing interest when turned off. Pairs of lamps can be used to bring a console table or sideboard to life, and frame large pieces of furniture, such as your bed or sofa, perfectly. Floor lamps make a great reading light in the living room, so are ideally placed next to an armchair or sofa. Sculptural lamps, such as our Karman Ali & Baba rough Ceramic Wall Lamp, are great for making a statement in your hallway, or relighting a forgotten corner of a room. These sculptural shapes can range from bubbles to clouds, to artistic images and silhouettes.  

Arts and Crafts

The Arts and Crafts Movement will see a peak in 2021, with popular naturalistic wallpapers, fabrics, rustic furniture, and pared-back interiors drawing their roots from this style. 

The Arts and Crafts Movement, spanning 1860 to 1920, was a celebration of simple, honest craftsmanship. Showcasing contemporary industrial design, eye-catching colours, and elegant simplicity. Here at Dusk Lighting, we have seen a rise in popularity in our stunning Tiffany range, which features elegant Art Nouveau styles with shimmering translucent glass. These artful ceiling lights, or lamps, help you create a cosy sanctuary for you to really feel at home in. 

Bold statement pieces

Statement lights

2021 will see bold statement pieces, becoming the focus of rooms, rather than just being functional pieces. These bold statements will be elegant, yet extravagant and will push the boundaries you are used to. 

Lighting will start to become the starting point of the design, rather than being an afterthought. The trend will feature interesting textures, coloured glass, sculptural shapes and complex designs. 

Even if you’ve got a small space to work with, don’t be afraid to go big and bold. Smaller spaces can still take large bold pieces, all that’s required is rein in some of your other design elements, so you don’t over crowd your space. 

Horizontal lights, like our Dar Lighting Alana Six Light Pendants, are set to be a big hit in 2021; protruding lights in a horizontal arrangement will fit well with the industrial style. 

Geometric shapes are also at the peak of popularity, however lighting devices of regular shapes still remain: spherical structures, clusters of balls, honeycomb compositions, lampshades-cones, cubic shapes, polyhedra, as well as spiral chandeliers.

Colour and pattern

Colours and patterns speak to us on both an aesthetic and emotional level. Some colours have the ability to completely lift our mood, while others make us feel warm, and at home. 2021 will see us reevaluating our homes, looking to see where we can swap our all grey accessories, for something a little more engaging, and exciting. 

colourful shades

To infuse this trend into your home,  you need to be looking for fun, playful and vibrant light shades, that still maintain their classic silhouettes to ensure their timelessness, as interiors change. Lampshades are the accessories to our outfit, they need to make a statement, yet still complementary to the rest of the look. Instead of opting for one main lighting source, illuminate a few lamps around the room for a more interesting, and flattering lighting scheme. 

Home office lighting with personality 

Home office lighting

More of us than ever are working from home. This has given us thought as to how we light our home offices and workspaces. While home office lighting must be functional, there’s an ever-growing need for something with a little more pizazz. 

Working from your living space can be a challenge, so revamping the area you work in with some quirky on-trend desk lamps can help give us the motivational uplift we need to tackle our workload. 

Check out ‘Optimal lighting solutions for small office space’ for inspiration and advice regarding the lighting layers required for a productive working day.   

Minimalist bathroom lighting 

Bathroom downlight

When it comes to lighting your bathroom in 2021, it’s all about simple and slender. This trend can be brought to life in any size bathroom and provides an ideal opportunity to accent the ceiling, floor, mirror and bath. Light strings or spotlights on the ceiling or floor give your bathroom a modern, yet minimalistic look. Opt for a glossy finish for a high-end modern look. 

Downlights and recessed lights are becoming an increasingly popular choice when it comes to modern bathroom lighting. Get the latest advice by discovering ‘Bathroom lighting fixtures: Downlights’ today.

Retro kitchen pendants 

The retro kitchen pendant light trend is set to take off in 2021, and it’s much simpler to incorporate into your home than you may think. It can be as easy as plating natural-material based lighting into your living space. Retro lighting boasts straightforward finishes, neutral hues and are usually accentuated on metal. You don’t have to stick with tradition though, opt for smoother metals, that are more affluent and available in more diverse shades. This Eglo Hapton Polished Copper Pendant showcases both the retro and warm metal trend, making it the ideal choice for 2021.  

Chandeliers for the bedroom

Bedroom chandelier

The COVID-19 pandemic has elevated the importance of spaces to relax and unwind. This highlights an on-going trend for chandeliers for the bedroom. Chandelier lighting plays a crucial role in setting the mood and atmosphere of your relaxing space. Even when unlit, they create an eye-catching central role in the layout, and design of the room. 

Shapely bedside lamps, with dimmable or low-lit bulbs, will be making a complementary addition to this bold style, too. 

The comfort living and Cottagecore

Following the 2020 restrictions, next year will see more people recreating country escape style in their own homes, by incorporating rustic, homey interiors that composition in the form of wooden wheels, lanterns, and iron candlesticks.  Basically anything that mimics the wholesome fairytale cottage design. Cottagecore has seen an 1,075% increase in popularity since the beginning of the year, beloved for its return to simpler, more comforting times, and a greater connection to nature. After this year, it comes as no surprise this comfortable living style is proving so popular. 

To feel more comfortable in their environment, there will be a move towards more ‘warm dim’ and ‘warm glow’ light bulbs on the market. Popular for a few reasons; they mimic the temperature of an incandescent bulb when dimmed, and switch the mood of a space from bright and ambient to more comforting, soft and romantic. 

Environmentally friendly  

2021 will see us being more sustainable with our choices, opting for more environmentally friendly brands, and cutting down on our plastic waste. Here at Dusk Lighting, we are committed to making a difference. We are always looking for ways to sustain the planet’s resources and as a company, be as green as possible. Check out what we do, by exploring ‘Plastic pollution: Our commitment to supplying plastic-free packaging’ today. 

If you’re ready to leave 2020 in the dark, then incorporate some of these upcoming, and comforting, 2021 lighting trends into your living space. Here at Dusk Lighting, we’ve got designs to suit all interiors, whether it’s pendant lighting, wall lights or table and desk lamps you desire. 

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