Lighting Trends 2022: The leading designs set to illuminate our homes

Lighting has the power to transform, elevate and inspire any room, which can make choosing the right fixtures for your living space a monumental decision. As well as brightening dim corners and countertops, the right choice of lighting will revamp your home into a stylish hub and incite a tranquil ambience to relax, unwind and entertain guests in.

With the new year looming, many of us are looking to shake off the dust of 2021 and give our homes a new lease of life – and unique jewellery for your ceiling is the on-trend way to do it.

From rustic themes and industrial designs to tranquil pendants and brilliant neon numbers, the lighting trends of 2022 will break the ceiling of style as we currently know it. We will see lighting become a point of decoration in modern homes, used to inject life, sophistication and excitement into the landscape of our interiors.

Here at Dusk Lighting, we’ve explored the in’s and out’s of 2022’s biggest trends to help inspire your home and brighten your interior. So let’s dive in!

Dining Room Lighting Trends 2022: Colours, finishes and materials

The dining room is often considered the hub of a home: A place to entertain guests, socialise and unwind from the day in. Here are our top three predicted dining room lighting trends for 2022. 

Black and gold finishes

The black and gold design trend has proven a popular choice in 2021 – so much so that it’s here to stay. This sleek and versatile colour combination complements various base colours, making it an apt choice for dining room themes and interiors. Whether you choose an elegant array of black wall lights or a statement duo of gold table lamps, black and gold lighting can make your dining room look and feel luxurious.

Matt and brass finishes 

A matt and brass finish adds a magnificent element to any lighting fixture, making it unsurprising that this lighting style will become a key trend in 2022. 

With their antique-inspired character and simplistic finish, brass lighting fixtures can be effortlessly woven into the interior of your dining space, and we will see this style become particularly popular in contemporary rooms with an industrial-style setting. Combine this lighting with dark blue or green walls for a decadent designer touch, or instil a retro charm into your kitchen by pairing this style with gold fixtures and fittings. 

What’s more, this style of lighting is as versatile as it is trendy and can be paired with a variety of materials, such as wood, concrete or glass, for a stylish industrial finish. 

Wood and Wicker 

Whether you choose a subtle fixture with wooden accents or a more prominent statement piece, wooden lights and wicker designs will be big, bold and bright next season. 

These organic materials inspire a tranquil setting and create a weekend getaway feel, making them the perfect addition to a rustic themed dining area. What’s more, wood and wicker designs are as easy to style as they are trendy: An eye-catching centrepiece, such as one of our wooden chandeliers, is an effortless way to enjoy this trend whilst creating a cosy, rustic feel in your home.

Leading Lighting Themes of 2022


Born in the midst of lockdown, cottagecore boasts a sense of escapism most often encountered in fairytales, and 2022 lighting trends will see this theme become more and more prominent. 

Characterised by botanical prints, vintage rugs and dried flowers, cottagecore is a quirky romanticisation of English countryside living. In 2022, cottagecore will be a popular pursuit for those looking to create a rustic warmth in their homes and we will see a stylish shift towards this aesthetic, with people opting for delicate table lamps, whimsical string lights and sustainable furnishings in pursuit of simpler times…

Art Nouveau

The most stylish amongst us will be favouring the bold next season, making the resurgence of art nouveau styles less than surprising. Daringly unique, this trend will challenge the boundaries of your interior design with daring colours and brilliant textures. We will see the elegant shapes, soft lines, and bright colours of art nouveau take centre stage in homes à la mode and a return to eccentric styles and ideas.

Though ‘art nouveau’ often brings to mind all-encompassing themes and powerful landscapes, you can incorporate this trend as much or as little as you desire.  

Our tiffany lights are an easy way to enjoy this style. Grab the attention of your guests with a textured glass floor lamp in your living room, or add a subtle yet brilliantly coloured dragonfly mosaic design to your ceiling for a romantic glow that bursts with character. 

Pendant Lighting Trends 2022

Pendant lighting garnered particular attention in 2021 and will be seen more and more in contemporary homes in the future. For the best ways to enjoy this lighting trend and what styles to consider, look no further.

A Trio of Three

Whether installed in your dining space, bedroom or living area, pendant lighting can instantly create a statement of sophistication and is quickly becoming a favourite lighting fixture in fashionable homes. Whilst there are various ways to style pendant lighting, the new season’s trends will see the trio of three format become more and more popular. 

Install three pendants in line with your dining room table or position the lights as a decorative centrepiece in your living room. However you style it, this format instils symmetry and balance into your home in an elegant manner.

Geometric Designs 

Geometric designs will continue to remain prominent in 2022, particularly open cage-style lights with exposed bulbs. Boasting bold lines and angular shapes, this lighting style goes hand in hand with industrial themed interiors and will be popularly enjoyed in matt black, chrome, gold and white shades. 

Both unique and contemporary, geometric pendant lighting will instantly modernise your kitchen and become the artistic focal point of your room. 

Smoked Glass 

The perfect blend of lighting and atmosphere, smoked glass pendant lighting can be used to create a romantic, dusky sanctuary to relax and unwind in. In 2022, there will be a stylish shift towards this form of intimate lighting, with many people looking to transform their homes into charming landscapes and dream-like getaways. 

Here at Dusk Lighting,  our collection of smoked glass pendant lighting has garnered lots of attention, which features chrome globe pendants and transparent droplet designs. Our smoked glass designs will also complement homes with industrial themes and can be stylishly paired with concrete and wooden materials to provide a contemporary look. 

Back with a bang: Neon Lighting

Bring your home to life with neon lighting, the exciting trend set to take our homes by storm in 2022. Neon lighting creates a bustling, nighttime glow in any room and bursts with decadent style and stimulating tones. Characterised by bright colours and contemporary shapes, neon lighting allows you to enjoy the experience of art in your home with a flick of a switch.

2022 will see lighting become the decorative focal point in our homes, and nothing steals attention quite like the daring glow of a neon light. Choose a playful phrase or symbol style design and instantly add a dash of modernity to your interior.

New year, new lights: Lighting Trends 2022

Start next year bold and bright with the lighting trends of 2022. Here at Dusk Lighting, we’ve got lights to suit all themes and interiors, from pendant lights to floor lamps and everything in between. 

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