Lighting Trends For A Cosy Autumn Feel

The time has come; we are starting to feel crisp temperatures in the air,  before long the trees will be turning blazing colours of red and copper. If, like us, you absolutely love autumn and are ready for pumpkin, spice and everything nice, autumn’s key colour trends can warm up your home with the incorporation of some innovative lighting solutions. 

We love nothing more than cosying up on the sofa with a warm toasty mug of hot chocolate on blustery day and with the darkest times of the year on the horizon, there has never been a better time to reinvigorate your lighting colour scheme. 

Red lighting 

red lamp

The crisp seasonal falling foliage scatters our paths with vibrant colours and deep hues. Deep auburns, zesty reds, pale yellows and rustic coppers create a sea of warmth that can be transferred to the interior of our home. Ditch the harsh bright tones and bring earthy red lighting to your living space and watch gold, red and burnt orange hues bring a cosy autumn feel.  The addition of a Searchlight fitting can create a vibrant stunning centerpiece for any room. We love how this Searchlight Crackle Pendant Finished in Red Mosaic glass mimics the textures we associate with autumn; crackling fires and crunchy leaves. The oval shaping pendant light creates a beautiful lighting effect when illuminated.

Red lighting for the bedroom 

red lamp

The simple addition of a zesty red lamp can bring warmth and comfort through the autumnal season. Radiating with vibrant colour, adding red lighting to your bedside or desk complements both autumn and winter vibes. We adore the shape and striking colour of Franklin Bureau Desk Lamp in Traffic Red. This Elstead lamp has a stunning glossy finish and features classic retro industrial fittings reminiscent of the 50’s Americana diner style. 

Autumnal Hues 

autumn light

The Eglo Jadida Single Drop Pendant Light from their Vintage Trend collection is finished in an antique copper. The light shines through stunning autumnal hues boasted through an intricate array of coloured beads that gives it a classical North African design. Warm copper and brass tones complement the red lighting and add a flair of creativity, while the green lighting balances with your living spaces. Golden and copper earthy tones are always hot favourites for Autumn, this season we are loving the vintage, old worldly style.  

Green Lighting 

green lamp

Trusty earthy greens can be seen every autumn, and the addition of green lighting can really wake up your living space. Green olive, guacamole and antique moss and are very on trend this season, they are turning heads on the catwalk and there is no reason you can’t introduce them to your home too. Dar Lighting introduces you to a timeless and elegant Dillon Table Lamp in Green Glass and Green Faux Silk. This stunning table lamp designed with green transparent glass and a green faux silk shade can stand elegantly tall in both bedrooms and living rooms.

Searchlight Vibrant Five Light Coloured Multi Drop Pendant hangs elegantly at divergent levels from the ceiling, this lighting copies the flow of leaves falling from a tree, the rich brown and pale yellow complement the green and red lighting. 

Lighting and House Plants 


House plants are on trend and making a major comeback in homes around the UK. Create your own indoor nature woodland and highlight your plants with rich auburn paint and amber interiors. Make a statement with Dar lighting Achates 9 Light Pendant in Gold and Agate featuring unique pieces of agate which have been polished to a high shine. The olive green lighting brightens the room through dark seasons, while the rich gold and cool blue balance the room. 

Pumpkin, oak and chestnut candles fill your room with cosy autumnal fragrances and are perfect for Halloween and firework night, and pairing these with gold holders can would really complement any pendant lighting. Mullan Ardle Pendant Light in Powder Coated Racing Green for example gives a modern industrial vibe which is designed to warm the home and create a unique point of interest with its floral shaping. This exquisite green lighting complements entryways, living rooms, kitchens and dining rooms.   

If you’re ready to snuggle down and hibernate this approaching season, treat your home to some warmth and comfort with these top green and red lighting trends. Watch your home transform with a touch of autumn magic.

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