Lighting Your First Home

Whether you’re moving straight out of the family home or you’re exiting the rental market to a more permanent home base, buying your first home is a huge step forward and an important investment. Expressing your personality and preferred interior design scheme whilst sticking to optimum functionality can be a daunting task for any new homeowner. Here at Dusk Lighting, we’ve created a guide to lighting your first home and how to get the most out of your home lighting setup depending on lighting types and rooms.

Lighting type

As we all know, there can be a whole host of different light capabilities within a home, with certain types dedicated to specific rooms or uses. There are generally two lighting types in the home, the main lighting source and smaller lights that offer ambience and atmosphere.

Main light

Main room lighting usually comes in the form of a pendant light that provides a central light source to the room. Recessed ceiling lights are a modern alternative which delivers excellent lighting and full illumination for a room. If you’re renovating a house as part of your move, consider installing recessed ceiling lights or spotlights in your home for that popular modern lighting look!

Ambient lighting

Sometimes a low light is required to suit the mood of the time of day, which is where ambient lighting can work wonders in almost any room of the home. This type of relaxing light can come in the form of table lamps, wall lights and even decorative lights such as fairy lights, which create a different atmosphere to the room than the main light source would.

Lighting by room

What works for one room, may not work as well in another, so it’s important to find the sweet spot with which light works best for each room in your new home.


As previously mentioned, a popular lounge lighting option is to install recessed ceiling lights or spotlights at regular spaces in the ceiling for a light, bright lounge. We have some fantastic recessed downlights in our lounge lighting department in various finishes and sizes, from circular to square and finished in white or polished chrome. Designer lighting brand Astro offer a great range of spotlights and downlights that would be ideal for all rooms of the home, where consistency in the main lighting source speaks volumes in terms of the overall feel of the property.

Lounge lighting is where you can really experiment with ambient lighting as it tends to be the place where you spend a lot of downtime. Table lamps on console tables or wall lights highlighting certain areas of the room are good atmospheric lighting solutions that can also give an effortless decorative touch to the room.



Kitchen lighting is a great area to experiment with various lighting styles, from minimalistic to statement lights that will provide excellent illumination whilst delivering a great appearance. You want highly functional lights that will highlight areas such as display cabinets and task areas for food preparation to get the most out of your lighting design. This is a space where a clinical, clean feel will be highly impactful, so opt for sleek lighting in polished finishes, a strip light of adjustable spotlights, or again, recessed ceiling lights. Adjustable spotlights are ideal for kitchen lighting as they can be positioned to suit the needs of the kitchen itself; for example, lights pointed towards the sink, countertop and work surfaces that will act as task lights. 

If your new home has a breakfast bar or an island in the kitchen, why not considering specifically designed breakfast bar lighting? This creates a wonderful focal point to the kitchen and is a simple way of featuring designer style by incorporating it into your everyday lighting needs.


Depending on the layout and size of your bathroom, it’s possible to adopt more than one bathroom lighting style. The main lighting source may be a large flush ceiling light that highlights the clean, and bright area of the bathroom perfectly, whilst small lights such as wall lights on either side of a mirror. A dedicated switch for the wall lights can offer a low light option when the maximum bathroom light isn’t required. Similar to the kitchen lighting we suggested, adjustable spotlights can be brilliant bathroom lighting solutions where you can position the spotlights to the shower and sink areas respectively.

As for finishes, frosted glass in a favourite bathroom lighting style, as is the sophisticated reflective polished chrome lighting look. A mix of materials can look fabulous in any room, but the use of frosted and clear glass combined in one bathroom light gives a luxurious edge befitting for any modern bathroom. We love the unique appearance of the Astro glass bathroom ceiling light for an effective, dimmable bathroom lighting option.

When you’re moving into your first home, be sure to have all of your lighting design ideas ready to go with the ranges of kitchen lighting, bathroom lighting and lounge lighting here at Dusk Lighting.

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