Lighting Your Home Office

Working from home

Hundreds of companies around the globe have rolled out mandatory remote work amid the spread of COVID-19. Whether you’re familiar with flexible working or a WFH newbie, you’ll find this guide useful, from staying productive to creating the right working environment, here’s everything you need to know. 

At this point, it is fair to assume that our home offices will become the new normal for many of us. If you find yourself working from home for the first time, it will take time to adjust, especially while you work out how to stay on task. Don’t worry, there are still ways to deliver results, that won’t leave you going stir-crazy during lockdown. 

What is lockdown?

Activities under the health regulations that constitute a ‘reasonable excuse’ for leaving your home. Key workers (NHS staff, Supermarket Staff, Care Workers, etc) attending work, obtaining food and medical supplies, taking exercise (alone or with household members only), seeking medical assistance, or providing care to a vulnerable person. Find the full legislation here. 

How to successfully work from home

Choose the right lighting 

Simply having a desk and a laptop won’t quite suffice when creating an efficient working environment at home. Whether you have a home office or simply working from the living room or kitchen table, here at Dusk Lighting, we are on hand with some tips to uplift your home working space. Having a well planned WTF area can help you get motivated, even on those days where you feel like you have fallen into a slump. 

Firstly, you need to have a light and bright area to work in, a dull or dark room is likely to make you feel sleepy and is counterproductive. Adjust your desk or table so it is situated near a window if possible, as the daily natural light is likely to lift your mood and make you feel less trapped inside. On dark, or dull days it is essential you replace this natural light with table or desk lamps.   

What is the best lamp for a home office?

Working in a home office requires concentration, energy and focus. Choosing the right lighting for your office can go a long way in keeping  you sharp and alert, that’s why you need to take both brightness and functionality into consideration. A bright light (3,000 to 6,000 lumens) has the ability to stimulate your creativity, without creating a glare on your screen and fatigue on your eyes.  

Lamps that can bend, twist, customise and adjust to your preferred level and direction are the best for office spaces; just like office chairs, lighting that can move around to suit you is best. We particularly love our Elstead Lighting Provence table lamp, with three adjustable points, it makes the perfect choice for a variety of spaces. It also produces similar light to natural outside light, giving you the same energetic feeling that you would out in sunlight,  preparing you the working day ahead. Perfect for modern and contemporary spaces, this lamp can be matched to a number of interiors due to it’s sleek and simplistic style.  

A wonderful timeless desk lamp, like our Astro Lights Joel adjustable switched table light,  makes a great option for a fully functional, yet aesthetically pleasing space. The simple design and adjustable arm makes the classic desk lamps from a perfect fit alongside notebooks, stationery and a laptop. If you’re looking to add a bit of character into your office space, you’ll love our Steletti lamps that add that much needed charm and personality to your home. 

It can sometimes be easy to get engrossed in work, especially in a home office,  but remember, lighting from your computer screen can contribute to tired eyes, so it is important to take regular eye breaks every 20 minutes or so. 

Encourage positive thinking with colours

Colours can play a vital role in our mood. Colours such as green, blue, orange and yellow are said to be stimulants that encourage positive feelings. When creating your home work space it’s important you bear this in mind. The simple addition of a green house plant, or colourful desk lamp could encourage creative thinking. You could even experiment with colourful stationary or add some quirky artwork to your wall. The more we like the appearance of our space, the more inclined we are to use it. 

Free your space from clutter 

If you’re wanting a productive day, free your space from clutter. A clean and clear workspace is essential for clearing your head and avoiding distractions. Start by ensuring your space is clear of old coffee cups, wrappers, unnecessary paperwork or anything else that may be taking over your essential space. Be sure to continue this practice as the day progresses, and remember if you’re taking a break for lunch, eat elsewhere. You need to take this time to switch off.

Top tips for home working

Communication is key 

It’s natural to feel isolated from your team during times like this, that’s why it is essential you keep communication flowing. Communicate with your boss, whether this is over the phone or via an instant message, so you know exactly what is expected of you – that way you will have really clear-set expectations and goals for the day. Have a 10 minute call or chat to kick off the day. Why not organise a skype call with the rest of your team, even if it’s just once a week. 

Even if you’re used to working from home, it can still feel unstructured and isolating, which can make people feel less motivated and less productive. Video calls, Skype, Facetime and Zoom are all great tools for keeping up with face-to-face contact. 

Treat it like a real job 

  • While you could be tempted to roll out of bed and into your home office, you really shouldn’t. Get out of your pajamas, take a shower and get dressed. 
  • Create boundaries with your family members. Distractions are easy,  so be sure they know when the door is closed – you don’t want to be disturbed. 
  • Take breaks, create a ‘close down time’ and stretch those legs. 
  • Laundry and housework can wait – whatever you wouldn’t complete in a normal working day – don’t. 

Still have fun 

Prolonged isolation can impact on morale and productivity. It’s important to still inject a sense of normality in unconventional ways; virtual pizza parties, quizzes, birthday celebrations and public praise for goals reached are all good ways to bring a touch of happiness and lighthearted fun to a difficult environment.  

While this is a stressful time for many, particularly with negative headlines, worries for family members, social restraints and fighting the urge to go and panic buy,  it could potentially put work on the back burner. However, by putting  effort into communicating with colleagues, the more chance you have of avoiding feelings of isolation. 

Creating the right environment is paramount to a healthy WFH. A dedicated workspace where you can concentrate can vastly improve your productivity. Lighting has a direct correlation with productivity. You’ll find it difficult to concentrate in a dark or dingy room, while the right lighting will not only keep you alert and focussed, it can get those creative juices flowing. Reduce the chances of eye-strain and headaches, by checking out an extensive collection of reading lights and table lamps, here at Dusk Lighting, and create an optimal WFH set up today. 

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