New Year, New Kitchen

The start of a brand new year can often bring thoughts of change, and if a new kitchen is on your to-do list for 2021,  then you’re starting in the right place. Here at Dusk Lighting, we are at hand to take you through everything you need to know about creating an illuminated kitchen environment that is completely on-trend.

If you’re remodelling, you should ideally start thinking about your kitchen lighting right at the beginning of the planning stage. By taking kitchen lighting into consideration at this stage of the process, you’re much more likely to be able to fit lighting that works for your kitchen, rather than having to shoehorn kitchen lighting in after the fact and having to compromise on key functions and styles.

If you can’t afford to remodel your kitchen,  the simple addition of some kitchen or breakfast bar lighting can completely uplift and revamp both the functionality and overall aesthetic of your cooking and socialising space.  

The kitchen is a great area to experiment with various lighting styles, from minimalistic to statement kitchen lights that will provide excellent illumination whilst delivering a great appearance. You want highly functional lights that will highlight areas such as display cabinets and task areas for food preparation to get the most out of your lighting design. 

This is a space where a clinical, clean feel will be highly impactful, so opt for sleek lighting in polished finishes, a strip light of adjustable spotlights, or again, recessed ceiling lights. Adjustable spotlights are ideal for kitchen lighting as they can be positioned to suit the needs of the kitchen itself; for example, lights pointed towards the sink, countertop and work surfaces that will act as task lights. 

Where Should I Place My Kitchen Lighting?

Aside from understanding which types of kitchen lighting you need to be choosing, you also need to consider where they should be placed. There are three key areas that apply to most kitchens for you to consider…

  1. Kitchen Islands | Task & Ambience

If your kitchen is large enough to feature an island or breakfast bar, you’ll need to think about how best to illuminate this area. Is it placed so that ambient lighting alone will be enough, or do you need to consider some additional task lighting? 

Most often, we find that people choose breakfast bar lighting such as pendant lighting or ceiling mounted lighting to turn their island into a focal point in the kitchen. Kitchen islands are great for entertaining, you need kitchen island lighting to match. While you’re cooking, your guests need space to relax, leaving them to chat over a glass of wine requires softer, relaxing kitchen island lighting. Dimmer switches are great for creating a duller ambient glow. Here at some of our favourite styles from our breakfast bar lighting collection:

A modern kitchen 

The academy by Dar is a stunning box pendant finished in stainless steel that looks perfectly placed above a breakfast bar or dining table. This sleek light fitting adds a contemporary touch to your kitchen, working in both modern and industrial interiors.

A retro kitchen 

The Dynamo Three Light pendant by Dar is a vintage inspired metal ceiling light. Available in three different finishes, this light fitting makes a gorgeous retro addition to your kitchen island, breakfast bar or dining room table. Finish off this look by picking out your chosen finish colour with some matching utensils.

A classic kitchen 

classic kitchen

The Linden from Dar features white gloss shades combined with chrome detailing for a soft classic look. Complementing natural colour palettes, this beautiful fitting sits perfectly above a table or breakfast bar. Also, the telescopic central stem allows you to adjust the height of your light.

How many pendant lights go over a kitchen island? 

When you’re choosing a pendant light for your kitchen, you’ll find that three pendant lights create a more balanced lighting effect, in contrast to two or four. However,  if your kitchen island is small, one oversized pendant light or two smaller pendants would provide enough illumination, as something bigger is likely to overwhelm the space. 

  1. Cabinets | Task & Accent

Kitchen cabinets are a great place to fit lighting as your kitchen lighting is then able to illuminate the worktop below without taking up any additional space. Usually, people fit under cabinet lighting with a task lighting function in mind, but you may also want to consider under cabinet lighting simply for accent lighting purposes. LED strip lighting correctly placed either under or over your cabinets can create an ultra modern effect with tons of atmosphere – perfect for modern kitchens.

How many recessed lights go in a kitchen? 

We would recommend that you use one recessed light for every 4 to 6 square feet of ceiling space. This provides an even and effective illumination. The diameter of the bulb plays a part, for example 4 inch bulbs should be 4 feet apart,  while 5 inch bulbs should be 5 feet apart and so on. 

  1. Ceiling | Ambience

The ceiling is where you should place your primary lighting source. The key area for ambient lighting, this kitchen lighting dictates the atmosphere of your kitchen when there’s no natural light and no track lighting switched on. It’s the light source you’ll use the most day-to-day, so choose ceiling lights or recessed ceiling lighting that will cast a bright light evenly around your kitchen.

Ceiling light for a vintage look

The Polka is a fabulous rise and fall fitting from Endon Lighting. The fitting can be adjusted after installation, creating a fabulous authentic vintage look. Fitted with a dimmable lamp,  you can alter your lighting to create the right ambience for different events or occasions.

Ceiling light for a contemporary kitchen 

contemporary kitchen light

The Vilnius Pendant Light will add a touch of modern sophistication wherever you choose to hang it. This industrial ceiling fixture will look great over a large dining table or kitchen table. Additionally, It can be hung individually or together for a modern look in your kitchen.

Ceiling light for an industrial kitchen 

This Mullan Paris pendant light hangs elegantly with its beautiful yet simple design. Ideal for industrial interiors, this fixture is the perfect accent above a counter or breakfast table. Finished in rustic antique brass, this light fitting will complement an array of coloured interiors and adds a modern industrial look to any space. 

The kitchen is the room in the house that requires a bit more forward planning when it comes to lighting. Kitchen lighting in particular needs planning because you need to ensure you are installing functional lighting, atmospheric lighting and decorative lighting in order to properly light your kitchen. 

Whether you’re looking to add more layers, or completely revamp your kitchen, you’ll find high performance lighting with a decorative touch here. Our kitchen lights bring style to any kitchen,  whether your house boasts open plan living or a separate dining room, our kitchen lights are available from designer lighting brands that specialise in high quality lighting. Check out kitchen lighting and breakfast bar lighting from a vast array of designer brands such as Dar Lighting, Franklite and Mantra here at Dusk Lighting

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