Optimal Lighting Solutions For A Small Office Space

Whether you’re working from home or commuting to small office space, old dingy fluorescents could be stealing your energy, leaving you with a nasty headache, and even eye strain at the end of a long day. While the stresses of deadlines, meetings, and long periods of screen time are enough to make anyone feel exhausted, creating an optimal comfortable working environment is key to success and ultimately, your well-being.

Office lighting

Good lighting has the potential to boost your mood, enhance your energy levels and, in turn, improve productivity. If you’re feeling a little lackluster, and are in need of a motivational boost, then here at Dusk Lighting, we’ve put together a guide exploring modern layering and the best lighting solutions to benefit you throughout your working day.

Light layering

The best solution for your office lighting is using a combination of different lighting styles. Desk lamps, wall lights, ceiling lights, spotlights, floor lamps, and downlights can all serve different purposes in your office lighting plan. These lights are available in a variety of styles, finishes, and designs, so if you’re working from home, you can ensure they blend with the rest of the interior of your living space. Alternatively, if you’re looking to light a small office or business, then choosing a collection of complimentary lighting can create a chic modern, more inviting space for employees to work from.

Getting the balance just right is key to light layering. You need sufficient lighting to work at your laptop or computer without glare, but you also need enough to read documents, make notes, or complete paperwork at your desk.

This is when you need to consider: 

  • Task Lights.
  • Ambient Lights. 
  • Accent Lights.
  • Decorative Lighting.

Task lighting

Task lighting means you have specific lights to perform particular tasks, making it one of the most essential lighting choices to consider. Working in an office requires energy, concentration, and focus. Choosing the right task lighting can bring your functional space to life and ultimately stimulate your creativity.

Ambient lighting 

Ambient lighting lights the full office rather than focusing on one spot, as a desk lamp would, for example. Ambient lighting is what makes a space inviting, comfortable, and a pleasure to sit in. When it comes to ambient lighting for your office, you need to consider what space is mainly used for and whether dimmable features or softer lighting would be appropriate.

Accent lighting 

Often overlooked, accent lighting can bring your room together. While you may think of your office as a functional space, it’s important to think about just how much time you spend there. Accent lighting can be used to highlight design features such as artwork on a wall. These are particularly great for business office spaces,  as they not only make it a more aesthetically pleasing place to work, they can boost creativity and productivity. 

Decorative lighting 

Decorative lighting makes a statement and provides a little more character and personality to your space. Again, not to be overlooked when designing your office space as you still want your working space to be engaging and ultimately, nice to look at for 8 hours a day. 

Desk lamps 

Desk lamps that can bend, twist, customise, and adjust to your preferred level and direction are the best for offices; just like office chairs, lighting that can move around to suit you is best. We particularly love our Elstead Lighting Provence table lamp, with three adjustable points, it makes the perfect choice for a variety of spaces. Due to its sleek and sophisticated look, this lamp is perfect for modern and contemporary spaces and can be matched to a number of interior styles.

Desk lamp

A wonderful timeless desk lamp like our Folgate desk lamp makes a great option for a fully functional, yet aesthetically pleasing space. The simple design and adjustable arm make the classic desk lamps a perfect fit alongside notebooks, stationery, and a laptop. Whether you need an additional light through the day, or you’re working late into the evening, you can rely on this lamp to provide a warm motivational, yet functional, glow to get you through. Keep things neutral with Ink or Lily White, or add a splash of colour with Lulworth blue or sage.

If you’re looking to add a bit of character into your office space, you’ll love our Steletti lamps that add that much-needed charm and personality to your home or office. 

It can sometimes be easy to get engrossed in work, especially in a home office. However, as lighting from your computer screen can contribute to tired eyes, it’s important to take regular eye breaks every 20 minutes or so. Colours can also play a vital role in our mood. Colours such as green, blue, orange and yellow are said to be stimulants that encourage positive feelings, so when creating your home workspace, it’s important you bear this in mind. The simple addition of a green house plant or colourful desk lamp could encourage creative thinking. You could even experiment with colourful stationery or add some quirky artwork to your wall. The more we like the appearance of our space, the more inclined we are to use it.

Recessed Lighting

recessed office lighting

Recessed lighting is great if you’ve got a small business and you’re looking for even overhead lighting to fill the space. They are a perfect, sleek, and discreet way to light up your working space and provide the means to highlight specific zones while maintaining a contemporary look. They are available in a range of designs, finishes, and styles so you can create the look you desire. We would recommend Astro Lighting Trimless square LED adjustable recessed downlights as they can be dimmed and adjusted to suit your working space.

Indirect Lighting

indirect office lighting

A particularly great addition for a small business, indirect lighting provides a unique lighting display for hallways of common areas. They provide a little bit of added brightness, and add an interesting focal point, without creating shadows in the office. They are great for illuminating logos, or communal areas with something a little unique and eye-catching.

Pendant Lighting

pendant office lighting

Pendant lights make a decorative, but functional addition to your office, they provide a lot of direct light while still offering visual interest. They are best situated over desks or large conference tables. As they can hang quite low, depending on the design you choose, they could cause obstruction when placed in other areas. If you’re looking to create an industrial theme, then you’ll love our Eglo black cage pendant light. If you prefer something more traditional, our Astro Lighting Joel 170 pendant light in black will offer the simple, sophisticated look you desire.

Wall lighting

wall lighting for office

Wall lighting can be mounted directly onto the walls to provide direct or supplemental light. These are so many versatile options available and are best suited to a home office or small business spaces. You can even find contemporary wall lights that extend out from the wall to provide light to dark desk spaces. Our modern wall lights offer an array of stylish designs that reflect both popular and timeless interior design trends. Whether it’s sophisticated, polished chrome wall lighting or antique-inspired brass wall lighting, you can enjoy styling your office space your way.

Floor lamps

floor lamp in office

Floor lamps can provide light to target areas such as a desk or sitting area, as well as offering a unique decor element for the room. Well suited to small places, they add an extra focal point to a room as well as an additional light dimension for practical working. Our Dar Lighting Ashworth floor lamp features not just one, but three, adjustable heads that radiate sharp, clean lines for an optimal working light condition. If you’re looking for a floor lamp to double up as a desk lamp then our Dusk Collection Modbury Adjustable floor lamp would be an ideal choice as it can pour light directly onto your work station from above.

Under-cabinet lighting

under cabinet lighting

Under-cabinet lighting is often seen in modern home kitchens but can be a brilliant addition to office kitchens or shelf spaces in working areas. Great for supplementing overhead lighting or providing some targeted illumination where you need it. Our LED cabinet lights produce an appealing warm light and can be easily mounted underneath cabinets and cupboards for a seamless finish. Under-cupboard lighting is a discreet and sleek way to light your office and highlight your bookshelves, cabinets, and desk space.

Natural light

natural light in office

As well as incredible lighting solutions, optimising natural light in an office can significantly improve health and wellness, which can lead to massive gains in productivity. Placing your home office desk, or small business workstations in the view of natural light is vital. 

Of course, in office environments, this can be tricky where natural light is not in abundance. This is why creating optimal working space is so important – after all, it’s where we spend the majority of our time.

Lighting has a direct correlation with productivity. You’ll find it difficult to concentrate in a dark or dingy room, a well-lit room will not only keep you alert and focussed, but it will also get those creative juices flowing and decrease your drowsiness. Reduce the chances of eye-strain, headaches, and blurred vision by checking out an extensive range of desk lamps, wall lights, ceiling lights, spotlights, floor lamps, and downlights here at Dusk Lighting, and create a motivating office space for a successful, mood-boosting day.

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