Organisation Tips and Storage Ideas

Keeping on top of the ever increasing amount of possessions our household gains each year can be an arduous task. It can be a constant game of Jenga, balancing routine daily life with keeping our homes looking well organised, and knowing where everything is! Today we’re taking a look at some useful organisation tips and storage ideas to help keep your home running efficiently and looking great at the same time using storage ideas and clever lighting designs from Dusk Lighting.

Perhaps a New Year’s resolution for you and your family is to be better organised? If so, read ahead for some handy storage advice!

Kitchen storage ideas

The majority of us spend a lot of time in the kitchen on a daily basis and we accumulate a whole multitude of appliances, tools and accessories in the kitchen and dining areas, so creative storage is key. No matter the size of your kitchen, it makes sense to utilise the best storage ideas possible. There are some obvious kitchen storage solutions such as keeping an organised cutlery drawer with a plastic insert that will keep pieces of cutlery separate, metal dish drying racks to keep plates stacked neatly, and tea and coffee caddies next to the kettle. But how about more creative kitchen storage solutions?

Here are our top six favourite kitchen organisation tips that could work well for you:

  • Install kitchen cabinets with glass or frosted glass doors – Not only will this keep your glassware and serveware organised to perfection, but it will look aesthetically pleasing if you also install cabinet lighting to illuminate and act as a backlight.
  • Consider a kitchen island – This will obviously depend upon the size of your kitchen, but a kitchen island offers so much extra storage and can be a great focal point with pendant lighting.
  • Use clear boxes to store food and kitchen utensils – Not only will this keep things suitably visible to help making cooking easier, it looks much more organised!  
  • Utilise the space above the kitchen window – Smaller kitchens require you to think outside of the box when it comes to clever storage and we suggest installing a shelf above the window to keep extra bits such as herbs and spices.
  • Make use of tension rods – This bit of kit is perfect for attaching curtain rail hooks and storing mugs and other kitchen items, either on show or inside of cupboards.
  • Pull out pantry – Many new kitchen suites include storage convenient storage cubby holes and neat organisation solutions, such as in built wine racks and pull out pantry drawers.

Once you’ve decluttered and reorganised the kitchen, lighting can be your next focus. Our kitchen lighting range is a good place to begin searching for under cabinet lighting and pendant lighting to hang above a kitchen island or breakfast bar. LED cabinet lighting in a striplight or multiple light sets from EGLO is an inexpensive way to light up inside or underneath cabinets that can have a real impact on the look of the kitchen. Get on board with current lighting trends such as copper or other coloured metals with our range of pendant lighting suitable for kitchens.  

Bathroom organisation tips

Keeping the bathroom well organised is important as it will help keep things clean and tidy. Having things easily accessible, like in the kitchen, is a key element to consider when it comes to bathroom storage solutions. For those who like to have towels hidden away, invest in a bathroom storage unit which doesn’t have to take up much room at all. Choosing a mirrored storage option will also reflect light wonderfully to give the illusion of a bigger, lighter bathroom. Opting for a matching set of bathroom accessories with coordinating toothbrush holder, beaker and soap dispenser will go a long way to ensuring things look well put together too. Take things such as cotton pads and cotton buds out of original packaging and store in pretty containers for a practical yet decorative addition to your bathroom.

Sometimes all it takes is highlighting certain areas of a room and cleverly disguising other areas to give a sense of tidiness and organisation! A really clean, fuss-free lighting option for bathrooms that give the impression of a greater area of space is recessed wall lights and spotlights which can be found in our bathroom lighting department. There are many sleek spotlights options in polished chrome or white to add a modern edge to your bathroom. Our selection of wall lights are also ideal for installing either side of a vanity or sink to highlight the area perfectly. Wall lights around a mirror is a classic bathroom lighting situation, and if you’re highlighting this part of the bathroom, it’s important to keep things organised.

Step into 2018 with well-lit rooms and a brilliantly organised home. Take a look at our complete designer lighting collections here at Dusk Lighting for some further lighting inspiration.

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