Our Best Hallway Lighting Ideas

While many choose to focus on how to light key rooms in your home, the truth is that your hallway lighting can have the biggest impact on how your home looks and functions. The hallway is an area that needs good lighting in order to function properly (think about how you’d find your keys, put your shoes and coat on and check your appearance in the mirror without any light in your hallway!) but also to give the best possible first impression of your home to visitors.

Regardless of what size hallway you have, investing in the right lighting can make the space work for you. We’ve put together this guide to lighting your hallway that’s full of hallway lighting tips to help you get the most out of one of the most overlooked spaces in your home. 

Create a Focal Point

When designing your hallway lighting, the one thing you want to make sure you do is create a focal point. The focal point will usually be in the form of a hanging ceiling light so that you draw the eye upward – this helps to create the illusion of greater space. This is a great opportunity to choose a statement lighting piece, and one of our favourite kinds is a pendant ceiling light. 

Pendant ceiling lights make a great choice for hallways as they not only draw the eye up but give you a chance to set the design tone of your hallway as soon as someone enters your home. In our collection of pendant lighting, you’ll be able to find hallway lighting to suit all kinds of aesthetics from modern industrial to retro, modern minimalist and more. 

Choose Functional Lighting

The hallway is an area that’s highly function-focused. Without realising, you do many important jobs in your hallway, often around preparing to leave the house. Tasks such as finding the keys you need, tying shoelaces, choosing the right coat to wear and checking your appearance in the mirror are all done in the hallway before leaving the house, so having lighting that makes each of these tasks easier to complete is a must. When we look to light other highly functional rooms such as a kitchen, we look at grouping the lighting into three categories; atmospheric, functional and decorative. 

Atmospheric lighting (otherwise known as Ambient lighting) is responsible for the overall atmosphere of your room. This is where your focal point lighting will come into play, so pendant lighting is a good place to start to get your ambient lighting sorted. 

Functional lighting (otherwise known as task lighting) is for areas where you need clearer lighting in order to be able to complete tasks without the area you’re working at being in shadow. In the hallway, this could apply to areas such as key hooks or additional lighting around a mirror. One of the most popular choices of functional lighting is under cabinet lighting which can work well under any lipped areas such as shelves.

Decorative lighting (otherwise known as accent lighting) is used to add the finishing touches to your hallway. You place decorative lighting in any area of the hallway that you wish to highlight, which leads us onto our fourth tip…

Illuminate Areas of Interest

Once you have lighting that illuminates your hallway at large and sets the tone of your decor, and you’ve installed functional lighting in any area where you may benefit from the practical benefits of additional lighting, it’s time to look around for areas of interest. 

Areas of interest in a hallway can range from the practical, such as mirrors or coat pegs, to the simply decorative such as paintings, pictures and ornaments. If you have shelves that display decorative items of any kind, using accent lighting such as wall lighting to highlight these areas can ensure that they are noticed and appreciated.

Small Hallway Lighting Ideas

For smaller hallways, all of the above can still be implemented, but you may wish to consider lighting options that don’t intrude on any precious space. For example, you could create a focal point with recessed ceiling lighting or semi-flush ceiling lighting to draw the eye upwards without giving the appearance of a lower ceiling.

Instead of investing in decorative lighting, try to keep walls in a smaller hallway clear of clutter and instead save this space for functional purposes. In a smaller area, choosing recessed wall lighting is a wiser choice than trying to fit under cabinet lighting or intrusive wall lighting designs into the space. This means that you can enter your hallway, find exactly what you need and leave again with minimal fuss. 

LED Hallway Lighting

Whether you’re choosing pendant hallway lighting, wall hallway lighting or something completely different, choosing LED lighting is always a smart choice for any area in your home. LED hallway lighting is sure to be the most cost-effective choice for your home, as hallway lights are the key piece of lighting that tends to be left on throughout the evening. 

LED lights last far longer than other alternatives and, among other benefits, are extremely energy-efficient. The majority of our lighting here at Dusk Lighting is compatible with LED bulbs, so it’s well worth investing in LED hallway lighting that meets your other requirements. 

For more fantastic hallway lighting ideas, browse our full collection of hallway lighting here at Dusk Lighting.

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