Our Top 11 Most Popular Breakfast Bar Lights

Photo by Naomi Hébert on Unsplash

Breakfast bars make a wonderful addition to any kitchen and have become increasingly popular in recent years. A functional and unique alternative to a traditional table, breakfast bars come in a range of styles, from kitchen islands to unit extensions.

The finishing touch to creating a functional and stylish dining area is the right kind of breakfast bar lighting. Whether you’re looking for something that is going to light up your entire space, or a more relaxing, subdued lighting, there’s something out there for everyone.

Here at Dusk Lighting, we stock a wide and varied range of breakfast bar lights, so you’re sure to find your perfect match. Here is a list of our top 11 most popular breakfast bar lights that should hopefully assist you in making a decision.

All listed prices are correct as of 14/06/2019.

1. Truro 2 Black & Copper 370 Pendant Light | £44.64

Give your kitchen a vintage feel with this pendant light from our Eglo lighting range. Pendant lights are wonderful for providing extra lighting to tailored areas of the room and are sturdy and reliable. The matte black provides a stylish edge, while the copper adds a classic, rustic feel. Also available in antique silver or copper and white finish. The shade of this lamp is adjustable upon installation and compatible with dimmable lights, making it a versatile asset to your kitchen.

2. Tarbes Black Cage Pendant Light | £33.84

Another popular item from our Eglo lighting range, this pendant light combines an industrial aesthetic with style and functionality. Its geometric design gives it a modern but timeless edge. Combine with an antique vintage style filament lamp to create a truly classic aesthetic.

3. Cafe Pendant in Copper | £63.50

This unusual tear-drop shaped pendant from our Firstlight collection is sure to brighten up your kitchen. Not only is this item available in a warm copper colour, but we also stock it in a beautiful brushed steel with a variety of bright inner colours, including blue, orange and green. Whatever your decor, this pendant light is sure to give your room that finishing touch.

4. Empire Pendant in Fluted Glass with Antique Brass | £49.14

For a touch of antique class, why not try the Empire Pendant from the Firstlight range. Built with a fluted glass shade and antique brass fitting, this retro design is suitable for both modern and traditional kitchens.

5. Rondo Opal White Glass Globe Pendant Light | £27.36 – £51.12

This light from our Eglo range is both minimalistic and modern. Available in small, medium and large, you can install it as a solo light source or install multiple lamps of different sizes to provide extra brightness and create a more personalised space.

6. Ponzano Smoked Glass and Black Nickel Single Pendant | £36.72

This gorgeous smoked glass pendant light from our Eglo range makes a beautiful addition to any breakfast bar. Smart and stylish, this piece looks fantastic in any kitchen. Create a cool, urban vibe and combine with a vintage filament LED light for a classic, eco friendly finish.

7. Pascoa Five Drop Spiral Opal Glass Pendant | £165.12

Quirky and modern, this piece from the distinctive Eglo Stars of Light collection is sure to make a statement in your kitchen. Each lamp is uniquely shaped and hangs at a different level to evenly distribute light in the areas where you need it most.

8. Costa Pendant Light in Rough Sand Concrete Effect | £67.28

If texture is your thing, check out the Costa Pendant Light from our Firstlight lighting range. Its smooth domed design is offset by a rough concrete-style sand effect that creates a softer appearance in any room. The muted colour and soft edges of this piece are sure to bring a sense of zen relaxation to any kitchen.

9. Academy 5 Light Pendant in Black | £256.65

This 5 light pendant from our luxury Dar lighting range adds a beautiful, industrial vibe to your kitchen. Framed in glossy black and finished with glass panels, this light has a smart but modern edge. With 5 fittings, it provides plenty of lighting when you need it. Also available in stainless steel.

10. Century Rise and Fall Pendant in Antique Brass | £111.13

This antique brass pendant light is wonderful if you’re looking for a light that’s versatile and functional. Unlike many lights that can only be adjusted during installation, this quirky light works on a pulley system, meaning that you can adjust its height whenever you please.

11. Net Matt White Oblong LED Pendant Light | £557.81

This LED pendant light from our Grok range is perfect for the environmentally conscious. Fitted with a 43w LED, this minimalistic light is great for illuminating a large space while also saving on energy. Constructed of aluminium with an inner polystyrene diffuser. Also available in a dimmable option.


As you can see, there are a multitude of options to choose from when selecting lighting for your kitchen. Whether you’re looking for something with a retro, vintage vibe, a functional fitting or an eco friendly option, the possibilities are endless. These are only some of the beautiful breakfast bar lights that we stock here at Dusk Lighting, browse our full breakfast bar lighting range to find the perfect piece to light up your kitchen!

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