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led kitchen lighting 23/05/2016

Saving Energy in the Kitchen With Stylish Lighting

LED Lighting Kitchen Ideas LEDs are becoming more and more popular in modern kitchen lighting. After all they’re extremely energy efficient, durable and long lasting. Now all styles of kitchen lights include LED options; from breakfast bar lights and kitchen spotlights to pendulum fittings and kitchen cabinet lighting. And the really good news is that due to their popularity LED lights are becoming more and more affordable. LED kitchen pendulum fittings The Nordlux Nexus 10 Ceiling Pendant Light is a stylish fitting that’s perfect for illuminating a modern kitchen. This... Read More


Energy Saving LED Lamps and Bulbs

LED lights & bulbs are very much the talk of the lighting industry at the moment – in fact they have been for quite a while now. After all, these lights are extremely energy efficient and can shine for up to 50,000 hours. (For more on the benefits of LEDs see our technical introduction to LEDs page) The good news is, because of their popularity they are dropping in price and becoming more and more affordable. Replacement LED lights and bulbs can be retrofitted into existing fittings using 10% of the energy... Read More


Astro Lights – What’s Available?

Founded in 1997, UK-based Astro Lighting has quickly grown into a household name in the lights industry. The innovative and high quality lighting products designed and created by Astro Lighting are enjoyed by people all over the world. In fact, the company boasts probably the largest range of bathroom lighting anywhere in Europe. Although especially renowned for their bathroom lights the British firm also produce exciting products for other rooms in the home as well as outdoor lights. We at Dusk Lights are big Astro Lighting fans. So much so that we... Read More


Bathroom Lighting Fixtures: Downlights

Bathroom Downlight Fixtures Downlights and recessed lights are becoming more and more popular in modern bathroom lighting. This is because they are very affordable, generally unobtrusive, can give a high level of illumination and are very versatile – you can have as little of these bathroom lights or as many as you like. Bathroom downlights – typically fixed over a shower or bath – can give a room a modern look, while remaining subtle and helping to create a relaxing bathing atmosphere. These lights come in a variety of finishes including... Read More