Pendant Lights For Kitchens


The variety of kitchen lighting available continues to increase with the kitchen having now overtaken the dining room as the hub 0f family life

Kitchen pendant lights can enhance any part of a kitchen. Although typically used for kitchen island lighting, they can also be used in other areas such as over a kitchen sink, a pantry area, in front of a kitchen window or over a dining server, to give a few examples.

Such kitchen pendulum fittings work both as style pieces and to provide effective task lighting. There are many different types of pendant lights available varying from functional to decorative to highly innovative. Indeed many are signature creations from international lighting designers such as Josep Patsi, WIS Design and Nahtrang Design.

If you have a relatively small sized kitchen then a few petite pendant lights hanging over an island area will be ideal. Something like the Sun Pendulum – in the small size – would serve this purpose very well.

On the other hand kitchen lighting fixtures such as the Forchini 1 Pendulum are ideal for illuminating large kitchen islands. It’s a bold hanging light that will accentuate large surface areas.

Some kitchen islands are two-tier, have various counter heights or are L-shaped. For such designs pendant lights of varying heights can give a dramatic effect. The Polished Nickel Rise and Fall Light is a classic French-style fixture that’s height can easily be changed in situ to suit a variety of applications. The style is taken from the French designs of the mid 1900s where they were commonly used to light tables in kitchens, cafes and bistros.

If you use your kitchen island to mainly prep food, having brighter task lighting keeps your working area functional. The Medo Pendant has a glass frosted base which produces a beautiful light that’s ideal for preparing meals.

To bring a sense of style to your kitchen there are a number of eye-catching creations from renowned design talents. A popular range from WIS Design is their Blomma Pendant Lights which come in black, grey and red.

Or how about the Adagio De Luxe Pendant Light by Josep Patsi? A stylish four light design that has a chrome finish with tinted anti glare glass.

As ever if you have any queries relating to kitchen lights or specifically kitchen pendant lights, note that we offer a live support service.

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