Renovating Your Home

When you’re ready financially and mentally to embark on a renovating or remodelling journey for your home, it’s helpful to gain all of the useful information you can to ensure a smooth operation of change. Upheaval is temporary, so just keep in mind the end goal – a beautiful home transformation! Here at Dusk Lighting we’d like to share with you our tips on how to renovate your home and offer some remodelling inspiration for you to be prepared with the know-how when it comes to changing your home, inside and out.

Transforming a kitchen
A kitchen can be tricky when it comes to continuing an interior design theme; perhaps it’s an open plan dining-kitchen area that you’d like to breathe some life into, or make it a more homely environment.

Focus on feature walls –
The tried and tested way to brighten up a room and create a focal point, but not necessarily adopted in a kitchen, the feature wall can be a clever way to transform the feel of the heart of the home. Instead of a standard wallpaper with a safe pattern, go for bold or unique prints. We love the watercolour effect of the wallpaper in the image below with calming blue and green hues that work perfectly with the white dining set and grey curtains.


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Install an island or breakfast bar –
If you have the space available then a sure-fire way of updating a kitchen is to install an island or breakfast bar. Not only do these additions give you more space of storage and food preparation, they elevate the feel of a kitchen and make it a much more sociable space! The range of breakfast bar lighting here at Dusk Lighting is bound to inspire you when it comes to lighting your kitchen with your new breakfast bar incorporated into the lighting design.

We recommend multiple breakfast bar lights from designer lighting brand EGLO for a modern look that will not only be practical enough to provide light during food prep, but will also look contemporary and stylish in your kitchen. Opt for copper lights or polished chrome to reflect the popular interior design trends.

Updating a bathroom
Short of ripping out the entire bathroom suite and installing a brand new one, there are plenty of ways to renovate your bathroom without breaking the bank.

Retile for a refresh –
A simple way to update a bathroom is to treat the walls to some new tiles. Not only can tiles add decoration to a bathroom, they can also brighten and open up the space, especially if it’s on the smaller side. We like the white brick tiles against a white painted wall with the striking black grouting in between, but you could easily go for contrasting colours.


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Add vanity mirror lighting –
Every bathroom needs quality lighting and our range of bathroom lighting is just waiting to be explored! We have some excellent bathroom lighting options that are perfect for installing around a bathroom mirror, providing optimum lighting for daily grooming and beauty routines. Stunning wall lights from Dar Lighting in polished chrome are contemporary light fittings that would sit perfectly in a modern bathroom.

Love your lounge again
More often than not, it’s the lounge that becomes tired and in need of renovation, but it is possible to reinvigorate your main chill zone area!

Strip it back –
Exposed brick is an interior design trend that has become a firm favourite in many homes. If you’re able to, strip back a chimney breast to reveal some fabulous brick work, or fake it with some brick print wall paper. Take the rustic vibe further by changing white painted doors to classic wood to bring the room theme together. We also love the new feel that taking up carpets to show the floorboards can have on a room. With a good sand and paint, wooden floorboards can transform a lounge and be a versatile base for all kinds of furniture and rugs you choose to complete the look with.


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Install spotlights –
Instantly bring your lounge up to date with modern spotlights available from our lounge and hallway lighting range. The selection of Astro spotlights and downlights are the perfect lighting solution for a living room with the choice of square or circular adjustable lights. Spotlights can also create various zones of a room; it’s possible to install spotlights underneath an alcove to illuminate shelving, for example, and have them as extra living room lighting options. Lounge spotlights are also straightforward to install, take a look at our how to fit a ceiling light in your home guide for tips.

Smaller, affordable ways to update your home
Sometimes even temporary updates can work wonders for your sense of happiness in your home environment. We’ve considered just a few small and affordable changes you can make to update the look of your home, with none of the commitment or cost of full renovation!

● Flowers & plants – A fortnightly update of flowers placed in a beautiful vase or a visually appealing house plant can brighten up any room! Orchids and peace lilies, or even the humble cactus, can make bringing the outside indoors a pleasure.

● Switch up the colour of your towels & bathmats – This is a simple update that has a big impact on the look of a bathroom, and can be changed weekly.

● Invest in storage – This can be expensive when it comes to purchasing side tables or dressers in order to hide away the clutter every home accumulates, but there are so many decorative storage solutions that provide the practical and visual elements. Striped, colourful cardboard boxes to felt or rattan storage baskets for texture, you’re bound to find affordable storage solutions that can work for you.

At Dusk Lighting we understand what a large task renovating a home can be, whether you’re aiming to complete one room at a time, or have multiple spaces updated at once. We hope that our advice and suggestions on renovating the home have inspired you before you embark on your home renovation journey!

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