Updating Your Home On A Budget

At Dusk Lighting we love keeping up to date with the latest home interiors trends, but we also understand that sometimes budgets come into play and can restrict us in our home goals. But have no fear! There are so many ways to update your home on a budget that often includes looking at the smaller items and accessories, or simply adapting themes to fit more readily into interior trends.

The pros of updating your home on a budget
If you wish that there was a big pot of money that you could turn to in order to splurge on expensive pieces of furniture or renovations for your home, but find that more often than not, you’re more likely to buy new tea towels than a brand new kitchen, we have good news for you. There are plenty of good reasons why it’s sensible to update your home on a budget!

1. By updating your home on a budget, you’re more easily able to move between the changing trends. Spending minimal money on updates means that when that trend is no longer popular, you won’t be indebted to the item and feel like you need to keep it. Sure, you can repurpose if you’re precious about a pair of curtains, but sometimes it’s easier to cut your losses.

2. A budget provides more focus. With a smaller amount of money to play with, you’re looking at key trends and pieces rather than added background items or decoration that may not even need to be there to boost the look of a room.

3. Update a room at a time. Rather than updating multiple rooms, bit by bit, all at the same time, focus on updating one room at a time and that way you will be happy with each room equally.

4. Renters can update their place without spending a fortune. Often those who rent their home are restricted with the ways they can update their surroundings. Spending minimal money means that you can enjoy updating your home without investing heavily into a house or flat that you don’t actually own.

Here’s a brief list of the 2017 home interiors trends that are easy to adopt in your current home situation, without breaking the bank:

● Accent colours – This is nothing new in terms of constructing a succinct home interiors look that flows effortlessly, but opting for the popular accent colours such as navy blue, dusky pink, green and teal can work wonders to update a room with minimal effort.

● Copper & polished chrome – Copper and rose gold finishes have been a recent hit with many home interior bloggers and interiors magazines due to their unique look and ability to lighten up a room. We love polished chrome as an alternative which offers that similar sleek and cool finish.

● Natural fibres & materials – Now here is an interior design trend that can be worked into any room on the cheap. Cork, wicker and even rope can be acquired at hardware stores and reworked into additions to the home.

Now we’re armed with the ideas, let’s take a look at ways you can utilise them when updating your home on a budget.

Rethink your lighting design
Here at Dusk Lighting we believe that lights and lampshades can have a great impact on your home, and can even change the look of a room. This is why we suggest utilising various lighting options that we stock at Dusk Lighting to update your home when you don’t wish to spend too much money.

Under £25
The range of Astro lights includes some fantastic lighting options for the lounge, bedroom and bathroom which encompasses style and practicality in one neat, affordable package. Update your existing spotlights with the Astro spotlights and downlights for a contemporary feel to your home.

Eglo lighting is another brand that provides some affordable lighting choices. Embrace the geometric lighting trend with the Eglo pendant lights and table lamps that are a simple solution to updating a lounge light. A cage light with a decorative light bulb can add style to the home with minimal effort or investment! Even simply opting for a light fitting that reflects the polished chrome or copper trend can be subtle ways of updating a lounge or hallway.

Under £50
Modern lighting lovers will love the contemporary lighting range from Dar Lighting which encompasses a couple of the main interior design trends mentioned above – copper and polished chrome! Getting in on the lighting trends and spending less than £50 can seem too good to be true, but we’ve got some Dar Lighting favourites that are bound to appeal to those with an eye for interior design. Choose from pendant lights to wall lights, there’s some awesome lighting updates on offer with the Dar Lighting collection.

Modernise with soft furnishings
Whatever your personal preferences when it comes to soft furnishings, it’s undeniable that they are such easy items to update in the home and can be switched up without overspending. Take the accent colours of 2017 and seek cushions, throws and foot stools that are covered in those shades for a simple injection of on-trend colour. Play with textures to add to the look, for example green velvet cushions for the sofa and a knitted dusky pink blanket for the end of the bed. Simple yet effective, along with stylish designer lighting, your home can be updated on a budget so easily!

We hope that we’ve inspired you with our suggestions on how to update your home on a budget; from investing in some brand new lampshades and lights from Dusk Lighting, to making small changes for big impact, there’s a lot that can be achieved, even on a budget!

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