What Is Hygge?

A major trend in the home interiors world which arose in 2016 was the Danish concept of ‘hygge’. With blog posts and books written on how to achieve it, this new way of life was suddenly everywhere and it shows no sign of leaving. So, what is Hygge?

Hygge is happiness

You can feel it, see it, touch it. Pronounced ‘hue-gah’, this buzzword was devised by the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen to describe the feeling of ultimate happiness.

Hygge is sitting by an open fire with a loved one, enjoying a glass of wine with snow falling outside, or reading a great book with a bar of your favourite chocolate on a Sunday afternoon, or simply devouring a delicious meal you’ve made from scratch. It is accomplishment and contentment. Our surroundings also play a big part in whether we are experiencing ultimate hygge, which has resulted in the concept evolving into an influence in contemporary home interior trends. By choosing items and accessories for your home which create the perfect ambience and atmosphere, you can experience the hygge life the way our Danish friends do.

home lighting

Create your own hygge with Dusk Lighting

A great place to start with making your home hygge-friendly is the lounge. Our range of lounge lighting allows you to explore dimmable light options for a soft, welcoming glow, as well as table lamps and wall lights. Illuminate your favourite framed artwork or photographs with our range of wall mounted spotlights, or opt for the decorative look with the Rawley living room wall lights in brushed aluminium or matt brushed copper from Dar Lighting. Visually pleasing interiors can also evoke happiness and contentment in our home life. Explore the modern design details of Eglo lighting with contemporary geometric light fittings with exposed bulbs for an on-trend look perfect for a stylish living room. Whether you seek pendant ceiling lights for a main lounge light, or want a softer light to enjoy your evenings with, we’ll have something for you.


Hygge is all about cosiness and creating an invitingly snug space, so specially placed living room wall lights can really add to this feeling with pops of warm light. All you need is some scented candles and faux fur throws to heighten the relaxing experience.

So now you know what hygge is, why not incorporate the trend into your home? Discover the selection of stylish lounge lighting available at Dusk Lighting for more inspiration.


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