Your Top 5 Questions About Pendant Lighting Answered

An increasingly popular lighting style in modern homes, pendant lighting can be a fantastic way to illuminate your room while also creating an interesting focal point. However, hanging pendant lighting isn’t as simple as placing a floor light or a table lamp, for example. Pendant lighting requires much more thought and consideration, which means that many of the most popular queries we receive here at Dusk Lighting are about pendant lighting.

In order to help you get started with your pendant lighting journey as smoothly as possible, we’ve answered the top 5 questions about pendant lighting for you right here. Use this guide when you’re considering placing pendant lighting in your home, and don’t forget you can still contact us if you have any further queries about this popular lighting trend.

  1. Where Can I Hang Pendant Lighting?
    Pendant lighting was once reserved for stairways and grand hallways, but this lighting trend is finding its way into all kinds of interior spaces. Pendant lighting can be placed in almost any room in your home. While it still works well in stairways and hallways, the kitchen is the most popular place to hang pendant lighting of late and has even appeared in living rooms and bedrooms.As long as you have enough height in a room, or a short enough pendant lighting drop, pendant lighting can be placed wherever you like in your home.
  2. Can I Adjust The Drop of Pendant Lighting?
    Yes! Before you hang your pendant light, you’ll need to release the set screw and pull the cord through until it’s at the length you require. Once you’ve got the lighting at the right height for your space, you can either cut the excess cord, or hide the excess cord behind the cover once the pendant lighting has been mounted.
  3. How Do I Install Pendant Lighting?
    We always recommend that you have a professional electrician help you install your lighting. As with most lighting installations, this process requires fitting power wires and ground wires and should be carried out by someone confident with electronics.Once this has been done, you can adjust the drop of your pendant lighting, then the base of the lighting can be attached to the ceiling bracket. Choose a light bulb for your pendant lighting, screw the bulb into the fixture, and you’re done!
  4. How Far Apart Should Pendant Lights Be?
    There are a few schools of thought on how far apart your pendant lights should be spaced, but ultimately it comes down to the space available and where you’re hanging the pendant lights. If you’re hanging pendant lighting in a space that’s not above an island or counter, you should space the lights 30 inches apart – measured from the bulbs rather than the fixture edges.If you are placing them above an island or counter, all you’ll need to consider is how long the counter is in relation to your spacing. However much space you decide to leave between your pendant lights, make sure it’s an even amount!
  5. What Is The Proper Height to Hang Pendant Lights?
    The height of your pendant light is dependent on the height of your ceiling, and the height of the surface below your lighting.
  • Standard rooms are built with an 8-foot ceiling, so this is the starting point for working out the correct height for your pendant lights. With an 8-foot ceiling, pendants should hang 12-20 inches below. Add 3 inches for each additional foot of ceiling height.
  • If hanging a pendant light above a surface, you can measure up from the surface. It’s best to provide a 30-36 inch clearance above any surfaces, whether you’re placing task or ambience lighting.

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