Table lamps and desk lamps: Lounge lighting ideas

When talking table lamps and desk lamps… variety appears to be the name of the game.

With numerous lighting designs, shapes, colours, dimensions and lighting abilities, table lamps and desk lamps are a simple yet effective way of altering or enhancing the lighting tone of each room of your home.

Renowned interior designer Ann Myrick says when buying a lamp the following questions need to be asked:

“Is the lamp going to be put in a specific area? Or are you going to buy a great lamp and then move it around?”

“I tend to move everything around. I tend to buy things not just for one area, but that I can put on one table and than move it to another table if I need to.”

Whatever you require from a lamp, with more than 80 very different varieties and many of which are reduced in price, chances are that we’ll have the right one for the room or rooms that you have in mind.

Ranges from lighting designers Tom Raffield, Oriol Llahona and WIS Design include a variety of lamp designs – some ultra-modern, some elegant and some highly creative.

If you’re going for modern then creations by Spanish designer Oriol Llahona are well worth viewing.

His Note Table Lamps are very eye-catching. These block-style creations are highly versatile and come in five different colours.

The designer also has a range of floor lamps. The Madame Big Single Floor Lamp – available with a black or white shade – has a stand that uniquely rests against a wall making it minimalist to the extreme and again highly versatile.

A poetic and playful approach to lamp design is provided by WIS Design (Lisa Widén and Anna Irinarchos). Their Grok Blomma table lamp range looks both stylish and sophisticated. They are also designed to be fitted with three energy saving bulbs.

Creations by noted British designer Tom Raffield can serve to create a sense of wonderment in a home. The Cuboid Table Stand, for example, transforms the light which emanates through its fine doweled cage creating a textured and magical lighting effect.

How about a lamp that creates intricate shadows about a room? The hand-made Tom Raffield Cage Table Lamp contains dramatically lit looping ash within to bring an understated beauty to a room space.

A popular choice of a more traditional lamp is the elegant Riotte Small Table Lamp with its white satin glass shade and chrome body and base. This lamp, along with many others, use energy saving bulbs. (Please see our Light Bulbs section).

If you have any queries relating to table lamps or desk lamps lighting please note that we offer a live lighting support service.