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Bedroom Lighting Ideas

If there’s something currently missing from your bedroom setup that you simply cannot put your finger on, it may actually be the down to the lighting that you choose to light up the space. Do you rely on one basic pendant light to provide illumination for the entire room? What about the style of your existing bedside table lamps? No matter your budget, simply updating your bedroom lighting can be an effective way to transform your bedroom. Here at Dusk Lighting we offer a diverse range of lighting options that are perfect for bedrooms. Whether you’d love to invest in a statement light to add a luxurious look to your bedroom, or would like your bedroom lighting to provide some much needed end of the day ambience, we’ve got you covered! Bring your bedroom right up to date with our bedroom lighting ideas. 

Bedroom Pendants

Take style inspiration from boutique hotels and their bedroom lighting ideas. Many boutique hotels have tapped into the trend of having hanging pendant lights instead of bedside table lamps, and it really is an impressive look that we would encourage you to embrace. Not only do pendant lights either side of the bed look uber modern, they are also wonderfully space saving; giving you more space on your nightstand for your daily essentials, or alternatively giving you the option to keep your bedside table clear from clutter. Revamp your bedroom with the hotel inspired pendant lights with a long cable suspension kit to ensure that the light is focused, and opt for lampshades that will match the tone or colour palette of the room.

Dar Lighting has some exceptional pendant lights that play into various home interior design trends that could work well translated in bedroom lighting styles. Go for copper, glass or open metal cage pendant lights for on trend lighting design. Elongate the cable with a suspension kit and you’ve got yourself a pair of impressive hotel inspired lights!

Bedroom Lights
Bedroom Lighting
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Bedroom Reading Lights

Sticking with the bedside lighting theme, we’re considering installing wall lights or reading lights as the ideal night time reading companion. Again, taking inspiration from hotels, dedicated bedside wall lights with individual switches allow a couple to have the option of having one light switched on without disturbing the other, with the plus side of keeping nightstands free for books and other essentials.

We love the Eglo wall lights which can be installed either side of the bed to provide a decorative look to the room alongside a functional element. LED wall lights are great bedside lighting options, and the inclusion of polished chrome in the Eglo wall lights really bring the lights right up to date in terms of style.

Bedroom Spotlights

Not necessarily a new trend when it comes to bedroom lighting ideas, but if you have recessed spotlights in the kitchen and bathroom, why not extend this by introducing it to the bedrooms of your home for a sense of design consistency? The recessed spotlights we stock from brands such as Astro will inspire you with the great variety of downlight designs available. The Astro downlights come in fixed square or circle fittings, plus the option for adjustable spotlights, coming in a multitude of finishes.

White spotlights are easy to blend into the ceiling for a subtle look, whereas polished chrome recessed downlights definitely make an impact if chosen for bedroom lighting. Install dimmable recessed spotlights so you have the option to control the mood of the room easily. Recessed downlights also give a smooth finish to the room, ideal for those of us who love minimalism.

Romantic Chandeliers

Ever considered a chandelier for your bedroom lighting ideas? Create a charming boudoir feel in your bedroom with a statement chandelier as your choice of bedroom lighting. Working well with deep purples and reds, a stunning chandelier can be easily incorporated into this romantic bedroom trend to give a welcoming atmosphere to your room. The beauty of the chandelier light is that they can be as elaborate or simple as you like, with the inclusion of colourful glass droplets or classic crystal.

Lighting brands have definitely broadened the image of the typical chandelier by introducing unique and alternative chandelier designs to their lighting collections. Look for large circular, two tier chandelier style lights for something a little different and luxurious, or opt for the unmistakable look of a traditional chandelier with three or five arms for a beautiful finish to your bedroom.

Update your bedroom lighting or introduce completely brand new light sources to your room in order to create a relaxing environment with the various bedroom lighting options we offer at Dusk Lighting. Whether ambience is key or you simply would like a visually pleasing bedroom lighting solution, you can rely on our wide range of designer lighting brands to provide you with the perfect bedroom light!