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Home Inspo: Interior Design Bloggers We Love

We’re all guilty of envying another person’s home, whether it’s a friend’s living room design or through a screen when scrolling through an interior design blog. However, it’s so easy to use this interest in interior design to your advantage and turn your envy into positive changes in your own home! Here at Dusk Lighting we think getting some creative inspiration from home interiors websites and interior design blogs can be the perfect place to begin when looking to update your home. If you can’t afford to swap your one... Read More


Updating Your Home On A Budget

At Dusk Lighting we love keeping up to date with the latest home interiors trends, but we also understand that sometimes budgets come into play and can restrict us in our home goals. But have no fear! There are so many ways to update your home on a budget that often includes looking at the smaller items and accessories, or simply adapting themes to fit more readily into interior trends. The pros of updating your home on a budget If you wish that there was a big pot of money... Read More


Children’s Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Stuck on lighting options for your child’s bedroom? It’s an understandable issue as you want optimum lighting for your busy bees, but also the right suitability and look to work well in their room. Read ahead for our children’s lighting suggestions that reflect playfulness and charm. Our selection of children’s lights at Dusk Lighting are suitable for children’s bedrooms from newborns right through to teenage years, depending on design. So they can enjoy their lamps and lights for years to come! Where To Start? LED lights are ideal for children’s bedrooms... Read More


How To Fit A Ceiling Light In Your Home

A ceiling light is often the main light source in each room, so it’s important to pick one that’s right for your needs, and one that you can install with ease. Whether you’re simply replacing a light fixture or you’re installing a brand new wall light, read on for our advice on how to fit a ceiling light in your home. You’re spoilt for choice with our ranges of ceiling lights and recessed ceiling lights, such as spotlights, here at Dusk. We’ve recommended some of our favourite lights that are... Read More


Choosing The Right Type of Light Bulb

Choosing the right type of lightbulb can have a great impact on the look of the finished light and it’s performance. At Dusk Lighting we’re dedicated to helping our customers by providing them with electrical and lighting advice, so we’ve put together a helpful guide to demonstrate the various types of light bulbs and how to choose the right kind of light bulb for your requirements. Types of Light Bulb There really are so many different types of light bulb on the market, and they all serve various purposes. It’s... Read More


Kitchen Lighting Inspiration

For many, the kitchen is the heart of a home. It’s where we catch up with loved ones about their day, the place where we nourish ourselves and somewhere we can enjoy creating delicious feasts for friends. Kitchens are quite often the room that receives the most financial investment when it comes to revamping a current home interior look. In this post we are exploring the latest kitchen trends and offering kitchen lighting options available at Dusk Lighting. We aim to provide the low-down on how to replicate certain kitchen... Read More

hallway lights 26/04/2017

Hallway Lighting Ideas

As the entrance to your home, the hallway can make a lasting impression on those who are visiting, and because you will see it every day, importance should be placed on the decoration and lighting of this area. Create a welcoming environment in your hallway by using stylish hallway lighting from Dusk Lighting and change the feel of your home from the start. A spotlight on your entrance Downlights and spotlights are a fantastic way to light up any room; they’re sleek, modern and subtle. Opting for a white finish... Read More


How To Fit Ground Lights and Floor Lights

Ground lights are a fantastic option for any home, adding an extra layer of safety, security and style to your garden or driveway. As the nights grow darker, extra lighting outside the home is extremely beneficial, and with a wide range of options to choose from, it’s easy to illuminate your home in a way that matches your personal style. In this guide we’re going to look at some of the most popular outdoor lighting options, tips for installation and the benefits of adding them to your home. LED Ground... Read More

outdoor lighting 29/03/2017

Garden Design Ideas For Summer

At Dusk Lighting we have some exceptional outdoor lighting options available to help transform your outdoor space ready for summer. If you’re looking to update your current outdoor lighting arrangement, or wanting to add some new exterior lights, we’ve got you covered with our practical yet stylish designer outdoor lights. Here we will share some of our favourite garden design ideas and outdoor lighting options to give you some summertime inspiration. Creatively lighting your garden for summer With summer just around the corner it’s time to get your garden space... Read More

outdoor lighting 15/03/2017

How To Install Garden Lighting

Installing garden lighting doesn’t have to be a chore when you’ve got all of the basic information you need to install your outdoor lighting safely and effectively. Garden lighting can turn your outdoor space into a relaxing, safe haven and transform the feel of a patio or decking area by providing ambient lighting. Take a look at the helpful guide from Dusk Lighting on how to install outdoor lighting to begin your garden transformation in time for summer. Some top tips to remember before you start installing garden lighting: ●... Read More