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How To Choose Outdoor Garden Lighting

Summer is finally upon us and we’ve already experienced some fantastic sunshine-filled days that will no doubt have seen many of us getting out the garden furniture and making the most of the warm weather. Enjoying your outdoor space after dark can be made even more pleasant by opting for stylish garden lights that can illuminate patios and offer a decorative touch to your garden. Not only does outdoor lighting have the power to transform the look of your garden, it can also provide an additional all important security function... Read More


Scandi Design Inspiration

If we take the time to consider some of the most memorable home decor trends of the 21st century so far, we can safely say that the Scandinavian trend of neutral colour palettes, natural materials and minimalism will top the list. The cool Scandinavian influence on interior design trends has been difficult to ignore, and many of the designer lighting brands that we stock here at Dusk Lighting are infusing their lighting designs with a little Scandi inspiration. Today we are embracing this trend and showing you our favourite lights... Read More


How To Create The Right Atmosphere In Your Home

Our home is often described as a sanctuary; a place where we can relax, be ourselves and work on creating our favourite environment. For many, their home is a place to switch off and unwind, though for those who work at home it may also act as an inspiring and motivating place to live. There are many ways that we can create the right atmosphere in our homes for certain situations, and today at Dusk Lighting we’re discussing how lighting can play an important role in facilitating a calming, peaceful... Read More


Organisation and Storage Ideas

Keeping on top of the ever increasing amount of possessions our household gains each year can be an arduous task. It can be a constant game of Jenga, balancing routine daily life with keeping our homes looking well organised, and knowing where everything is! Today we’re taking a look at some useful organisation and storage ideas to help keep your home running efficiently and looking great at the same time using storage ideas and clever lighting designs from Dusk Lighting. Perhaps a New Year’s resolution for you and your family... Read More


How To Clean Your Light Fittings

How much attention do you pay to your light fittings when you’re carrying out your weekly (or daily!) house clean? Understandably, it may not be on the top of your chores list. Similar to shelves that might receive a regular dusting, light fittings can actually house dust and dirt but often get overlooked. It’s not only the lampshades and fittings that can get dirty, light bulbs themselves can also collect dust! So, read ahead for the Dusk Lighting tips and tricks on how to get your light fixtures looking spotless... Read More


How To Decorate A Rented Property

Moving into your own space, whether it’s for the very first time or just another move in your life, can be an exciting time. It’s a clean canvas to begin your home life all over again! However, when it comes to decorating, there are often restrictions set in place by the landlord to ensure that the flat or house is maintained at a similar standard to when you first moved in. With these restrictions or rules in place, it can be difficult to know how to decorate a rented property... Read More


How To Add Value To Your Home

If you’ve outgrown your home, plan to relocate or simply feel that as a family you’d like to move house in the New Year, your thoughts as a homeowner may be turning to how to add value to your home in order to get the most out of your initial investment. Depending on your budget, there are inexpensive ways to add value to your house to increase its appeal to potential buyers. According to TV property expert Phil Spencer, prospective buyers like plenty of natural light, with well-planned out kitchens,... Read More


How To Save Energy In Winter

Have you ever wondered how much energy your home uses? It’s most probably not the most considered element of owning or renting a home, but energy efficiency is key to running an environmentally (and financially) sound home. There are some actions that we as consumers can take control of in order to monitor our individual energy consumption, and we’re able to see the impact and benefits of those decisions. At Dusk Lighting we’re taking a look at the reasons why we should all be more aware of our energy efficiency... Read More


How To Light A Stairway

A stairway is such a versatile space to decorate, and a part of a home that often gets overlooked, despite its frequent daily use. If you’re looking for ways to update your hallway and staircase, there’s so many things you can do that can be as inexpensive and effortless as you like! Here are just a few simple ways to update your stairway: Give the walls a lick of paint – Smarten up tired walls with a fresh layer of paint – lighter colours will brighten a small staircase. Or... Read More


Lighting Guide: Party Season Prep

Opening your home to family and friends during the upcoming party season can be a wonderful time to make new memories and reaffirm existing bonds, but as a host it can also bring with it a number of potential issues! Getting your house ready for visitors, whether it’s redecorating or simply carrying out a deep clean, can benefit your home as a whole, long after the party ends. From laidback get togethers, to carefully crafted dinner parties, take the stress out of party season prep with the Dusk Lighting guide... Read More